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Do you even care II ?

May 30, 2010 11 comments

This is a continuation of  Do you even care? (featured in the bottom of this entry)

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Have a little dignity

Everybody has fantasies. We all fantasize sometimes about winning the lottery and then buying a big house or a brand new car or maybe a 2nd house abroad, we are fantasizing about a big bank account or about someone you like very much. There is nothing wrong with that, we all do it.

But fantasizing about someone and keeping it to yourself or to write stories about it, making videos and putting them on You Tube is a whole different story. I think it is very disturbing that there are so many videos out there about Michael’s sexuality explicit.
A lot of these videos are made by girls, who are only 13, 14 years old (young). And those who watch these videos aren’t much older than that, or are even younger. Most of the time the video title says it all, you don’t need to watch the videos to know what they are about. Read more…

Tough love

May 23, 2010 15 comments

Respect is what we owe
Love is what we give
Privacy is what we need

I started my video “Privacy” with those words, and they are, at least to me, true.

Love is the strongest feeling we have. Love conquers all, we humans believe. There are numerous of love quotes created by man, and most music and even films and books are about love. We humans also like to say that everybody deserves to be loved. Read more…

Finally some justice?

May 21, 2010 19 comments

This video has been sent to me a numerous times the last day.. And then I finally found time to listen to it. I think you should listen too.
It seems like Tom Sneddon [further presentation not necessary] falsified some evidence, during the Michael Jackson Trial. Now this is serious allegations, so if it is true, maybe some justice would finally be under way for Michael. What do you think?
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The moonwalk

May 20, 2010 4 comments

Ask anyone on this planet; “Do you know The Moonwalk?” and I’m sure that they will answer “Ohh Yeahh!”‘
That’s the most famous move in dance history and created by the legendary Michael Jackson. Michael performed this move the very first time in a performance of “Billie Jean”  at the Motown 25th Anniversary. First Michael and his brothers were together on stage and after that Michael went on stage to do Billie Jean, and when he did The Moonwalk the crowd went balistic!  Read more…

Friends.. The real ones

May 17, 2010 16 comments

See I want to write something about friendship.. Good friends are really important.. But is good friends those who surround you almost everyday? Or is it possible to have good friends you might never see and still be good friends? What are good friends?

Well good friends are those who support you and stands up for you no matter what.. Good friends are those who are willing to fight for you, be there for you through hard and tough times and the one you can cry your heart out to… They are also the ones sharing your joy and happiness..They are listing to you and you are listening to them.. Friends come and go but real friends are those who are there for the rest of your life… I must admit i have found many friends here but only a few of then i call my really good friends..Yes i even have friends abroad and I’m in touch with them everyday and I’m looking forward to talk to them.. I know what happens in their life and they know what happens in mine… These i consider as trustworthy friends and they are very important to me… Read more…

Why Michael needs his privacy

May 16, 2010 25 comments

As the huge star and celebrity Michael is, he has all his life struggled with all the attention he got. Walking down the street, looking at windows was not an option, because it required a huge number of security around him.

In the book Moonwalk, Michael in his own words, describes fan crowds as being something of the scariest he ever experienced. They would rip his hair, grab and claw him, and he soon learned that the most important thing to protect was his eyes, for these chicks had nails.

Passing through a fan mob like that, would leave him with scratches, bruises and in physical pain.

Maybe these fans thought that their screaming and clawing attitude was a tribute to Michael, maybe they couldn’t control themselves, but Michael surely was scared to h… by this. Read more…