So last night i was on a mission.. A mission to pay a hoax forum a visit trying to let them see what they are doing to a man, a legend and a loving father… So i read through a few threads there and stumbled over one and boy this thread was absolutly disrespectfull… The debate there was wheter or not Michaels beloved mother Katherine was a good parent to Michael and his siblings and if she could manage the skills of being a loving grandmother to her grandchildren..What i read in this thread shocked me and i couldn’t believe my eyes..

Actually this is something that really shouldn’t be discussed but yet, this is shocking to see what Michaels fans thinks of his family.

One of the answers i saw was from a girl saying ” if she was such a loving mother where was she through Michaels tough times” So i couldn’r resist myself from answering her and my answer was ” how can you judge a mother when you haven’t been in their house, you have no clue what she has done for him”

I personally thinks it’s awefull how people can judge another human being when they don’t know this person.. Is this how the fans see Michael family? The debate continued and i was there watching the answer like a hawk.. Kept asking this paticular person if she has been inside the Encino house, Neverland or Holmby Hills? But everytime i was avoided which i couldn’t understand.. I mean if you can judge a complet stranger without being there you take a risk.. Finally this person answered my question and just what i thought she has never been inside any of the homes… But still she kept saying the Ms. Jackson couldn’t do the parent job..

What made her saying things like this?? She thinks that Ms. Jackson is an elderly lady and looking after 5 grandchildren is to much for her… Again how can she say that? She has never been there..

Furthermore she acused Ms. Jackson for not being there when Michael was younger and through some tough times in Michaels life… You can not judge someone you don’t know and i’m sure Michael had lots of support from his mother..

Do we want the future Michael Jackson fans to see what his fans now are writing about him? No we wont.. We want to let the future fans to see what we have seen.. We want them to see The Man, The Legend, The Myth and last but not least The Human being he was.

I do believe Ms. Jackson is a wonderful mother and a loving grandmother.. I know she is doing everything she can to take good care of her children and grandchildren… That’s not even someting to discuss..

My mission isn’t over yet. I will still be there to defend Michael and help him speak up for himself when people are ignorant like they are on the hoax forums..

  1. nesha
    July 8, 2010 at 22:01

    well said.i like it very much.people judge others very easily and they forget that they are even not perfect.michael should be respect because we owe him so much.its so sad to see bad comments about him and his family,pictures are being manipulated just for fun.and who are doing all this???his fans!!sometimes i feel so helpless to see how fast all these are going through internet.i just hope all this stop forever.l.o.v.e.

  2. the arabian nights
    July 9, 2010 at 10:55

    i am a bit sitting on the fence about the whole parenting issue. i know it is none of my business, that is a given, but if pushed to respond, i would respond with questions, and say how i would behave. but i would be the first to say i dont know all that facts.

    there are issues, the children (i mean katherines and joes children) have not denied it and have spoken, there is video footage and tapes. they, including mike may have forgiven their parenting style, as he said in his oxford speech; but i dont think you can totally forget, i think you can pretend, so it does not hurt as much.

    as parents they probably felt they were doing the best for their family as a whole and for themselves, i dont think we are talking saints here.

    now mj has gone, things may not be done as he would have wanted, but that is life and his children are young and will get through this time. i think there is alot of staff and family and outsiders that provide all the support they need to grow and develop.

    i think all the family will rally round to help. maybe we should turn our attention to less fortunate children as mike did timelessly.

    you will note from randy that he is concerned that outsiders are trying to manipulate his family and pushing them down paths that are not appropriate, tmz has recently questioned this and harvey has expressed concern about people are speaking in their ears getting them to do strange deals to get money and not appreciating that the estate has made it clear that they will support katherines financial needs. they stated that various bills and the family home which was close to being repossessed was saved. but people are still whispering in their ears and they are listening. the pursuit of money is very strong with both, i think that is undeniable, and i personally think that was the reason for the terms of the will. this was was a reflection of an earlier will so it is clear, what mikes intentions were and that income and assets would be safeguard whilst provision was made. i think mike made it very clear that katherines needs would be provided for, and that the assets could be used if income was insufficient.

    randy speaks of the illegal jackson foundation and the event on 25/6th that katherine was involved in, questions have arisen as the the destination of the money, and the suggestion that some will go to the children. tmz have been very concerned – about the enablers now surrounding katherine and joe. i dont think these warning signs should be ignored. we had the katherines event on the 25/6th, and the belts, the books, her non intervention to stop the julien auction of items that last April (2009) mj was forced to buy back – to preserve them when tohme did an unauthorised deal. randy said on twitter that only his mom could stop it.

    any allowance is balanced by other income, note joe withdrew his claim about the estate – because he was making more money than his claim.

    clarity and transparency, no sunglasses.

    randy has been sick trying – his twitter account says he tried.

    i dont think it is right to be blinkered, i dont think mj was.

    we are not talking saints here and if you look historically you will see the love of the almighty dollar.

    we all have vices, vanity, the need for a lifestyle and the expectation of respect, and the family – in honesty are no different.

    but i say it is not my business and i do not want to be intrusive. i think the best will be done in the end, even if the best was not done for mj himself.

    but rose tinted glasses will not do it, remember mike was not that close for along time and even after the 2005 case he was not close.

    janet said she did not see the children because she did not see mj. it is out there the video footage.

    and yes – if i have to say, i do think that there is some merit in what joe said, it probably was the case that the only one who could have helped at all was mj’s mother. but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    i dont know if you have seen the play “an inspector calls”

    to me this play shows that it is not just one person that causes the ruin of another but lots and i think that is the case here.

    what may have started at home was continued by others. mj was a forgiven, kind hearted, person he was strong enough to get through most of what life threw at him, and it had been alot, but in the end it had its consequences on him.

    yes be careful not to judge but at the same time still waters run deep.

  3. storm
    March 7, 2011 at 13:14

    Is it msdanish that wrote the article Motherhood anyway you talk about people passing judgement on Mrs Jackson and her parenting skills be what ever they are i agree with you about people paaing juudgement when they are not there to see the truth for themselves. It just seems you are making such big statements but isn’t that the very thing you are doing to the Hoaxers (JUDGING THEM). I am a member and a supporter of a number of the MJ websites Hoax forum included and certainly don’t class myself as Ignorant as you’ve stated. I think the statement at the bottom of your blog is extremely arrogant and wouldnt think that Michael would want arrogance involved in his defence. Do you have proof that Michael is dead your on the other side of the hoaxers they don’t have concrete proof that Michael is alive and you don’t have concrete proof that he’s dead.
    I just think it’s about finding the truth and being respectful and supportive Michael wouldn’t want any of this nonsense going on, on any website.
    Not disrepect intended by this post
    Thanks for reading

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