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The problem with open forums

Not all hoax forums are wide open for the whole world, but some are and even some of the biggest are.
By having a completely open forum, you invite everybody to read what you have. This includes the people you are discussing, the media and not least random people who searches for something in Google or other search engines.
So you cannot say that all people come in and read by their own free will. But if you make your forum private, so it requires a login to read, then people read because they want to.

And this is the whole essence in this blog posting. Why do you need to display all your “funny stuff” for everybody? I have to be very direct in my wordings, so please forgive me:
Some of the things you write in your open forums are very disrespectful and hurtful for others to read. Other things make you look completely stupid. Is it really in your own interest to do that?

Latest we saw MJDHI in The Sun. Displaying a completely innocent young man as something Michael Jackson disguised as. Not only this young mans name and picture was shown, but all his personal information like where he lives, what he does and what happened earlier in his life. You know who I am talking about..
Can you imagine how this young man must feel with having this posted in every media worldwide?
If you can’t imagine that, I suggest you work a little on your own empathy.

To me it seems like the people responsible for these forums and the posters in these forums, are completely ignorant to the fact that some people might feel violated by their forums. So why do they do it? The only answer I can think of is attention. They want to be visible to the media, they want to be mentioned in the media and they want more members all the time..

They actually believe they are doing something good in this forum and that it needs to be spread all over. It is impressive that they believe so firmly in their own mission, but I just ask; who are you doing good to?
The people you talk about? The posters that sometimes displays lack of empathy or even intelligence?

Can’t you see you look completely foolish in others eyes?
So all I really try to say with this is, that if you respect other people, like Michael and all the others that gets discussed in your forum, please make your forum private. Protect others from reading your stuff by accident.

And if you are user in such a forum, there is absolutely nothing that stops you from making a thread asking the owners to make the forum private..

Give it a thought..

  1. kiteonabreeze
    May 13, 2010 at 03:30

    That’s a good idea; reasonable to say the least.

  2. May 22, 2010 at 16:07

    hi wats your myspace page

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