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Wake up MJ fans!

This blog might be a little personal, my video “Wake up MJ fans” was made because of some observations I made.
Basically there are 3 messages in the video:
1. Protect Michael from being used by others
2. Protect Michael from disrespectful videos
3. Reach out to each other.

Funny though, because I just read a message on Twitter where someone was asking why I was dividing the fans. Well, I am not, quite the opposite actually..;)

Protect Michael from being used by others

If you read my blog Unite in support, you might have seen the video with an interview with Pearl Jr.
She is the author of a book about the hoax. If you didn’t read my blog yet, I will recommend you to do so, because this is a kind of continuation of that blog.

Anyway, in the video she says: “Michael want’s us to smoke him out. Smoke him out guys!”

Smoking someone out means forcing them out in the open – against their will.
Does this mean that the hoax no longer is a “because this is what Michael wants us to do”, but a “we are going to get him out no matter what!”? He did not surface by himself, so now you take even harder measurements to force him out?
I was shocked about this.

“Smoking out” means filling a shelter or hideout with so much smoke, from a smoke bomb or grenade, that nobody can keep staying there. Used by police and military to force people out of hiding.

When Ian Halperin was making his documentary about Michael, you all united and made petitions, and a lot of agitation for getting this documentary stopped. Did any of you protest against Pearls book? Because I have the understanding that this book also contains some bad material and rumours.. So I really don’t understand it, if you support her and this book.

Protect Michael from disrespectful videos
I was sent a link to a video, by someone on Twitter.
This was about Michael’s sex life, and was made so that the videomaker asked written questions about sex, and Michael’s answers was sound clips from various interviews, he did over the years. All made up, all lies.. It was meant as a joke.

I normally believe that I do have a good sense of humour, but this was too much.
So why is this so disrespectful? It is because Michael’s interviews are being misused, and the video portrays him in a sexual way he never wanted to be portrayed in. It is making fun of him.

Furthermore I have been told that this videomaker actually believes he is dead, and when having a username like LovinTheKingOfPop, one would assume this was a fan who loves him.
Do you think this is a respectful way of remembering someone you loved, and that has died? I don’t.

This is just one of many videos alike, just like there are a lot of other people that makes videos like this. Bottom line is we need to unite and tell these videomakers, when they cross the line. We need to let them know, this is not cool at all..

I get these links very often, and I have to say to you that I cannot personally go after each one of them, to make them show respect. There are too many, and that’s why your help is needed here.
Flag them, tell them – take action whenever you see one of these videos.

Reach out to each other
Some days ago my attention was caught by a specific Twitter account owned by a female MJ fan. Tweets like;” I don’t know if I can continue anymore without you” or “I will be here when you get back, no matter how long it will take”.

The thing that really got to me, was this person was writing these tweets to Michael, all the time, all the day. Every tweet filled with deep pain and despair. Thousands af these tweets..

And the fact that she still feels this bad almost a year after, is quite alarming. This is not healthy.

I am no expert in this field, this just got to me. I think maybe – just maybe – the hoax and the continuous talk about Michael being alive, leads to this for some.
I contacted her to let her know about my other blog “Tough love“, because if her tweets were breaking my heart, imagine if Michael read them (you never know, right?) – and she obviously wrote them to him. She replied back to me, that her love was in no way like I described it, but I think the obsessive love is quite denial.
You can’t see it yourself.

There is a big difference between love and obsessive love. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obsessive_love). The obsessive love can lead to dangerous consequences, and it can also have an unhealthy impact on the person who has the obsession such as self-harm, drug abuse and suicide.

The obsessive love is selfish, the real love is unselfish. Many people experience obsessive love with a jealous partner, or a dominant spouse. I think there might be more out there, feeling like this.
This why I in my video says; If you love Michael, let him go. Because if your love to Michael is healthy and real, you can let him go, even if it hurts. If you can’t, your love might be obsessive.

Reach out to these people, they might need some help and support. Don’t leave them alone feeling this bad. They might even need professional help to get over this, but the first step would be someone reaching out to them.
And that one could be you, you could be their wake-up call.

  1. msdanish
    June 8, 2010 at 20:15

    You are absolutly right here.. Their love have turned into an obsession and they can’t get out of it… The best thing to do is to enjoy the way he was, enjoy his music and cherish the time he was around.. Let him go and get on with your lives.. I’m sure Michael would have wanted that..

    Love your vid and this blog says the rest 🙂

  2. Mireille JAHIER
    June 8, 2010 at 21:35

    Merci Pia pour le lien, je viendrais voir les informations, je ne comprends pas les vidéos, mais je peux comprendre tout le texte qui est écrit avec mon traducteur alors ça va… bonsoir !!

  3. June 8, 2010 at 23:07

    I have spoken out about this book and I agree with you!!

  4. livinofthewall
    June 8, 2010 at 23:41

    You are so good in writing what i think and feel. I wish I could do that. You are so right (again!)It all goes back to the same thing over and over and…These people are thinking of themselfs and not about Michael and if you ask them they yell and calling names, it seems that’s the only thing they can do if you don’t agree with him. Making fun ..yeah that’s the right word…This person should change her username because she sure ain’t lovin’ The King Of Pop. Enjoy the legacy he left us, listen to his music, read his books do something to change the world, leave him alone, have some respect for his privacy…..

  5. June 9, 2010 at 12:15

    True love is when you love someone you love the whole person just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be. True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations its seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.

    If you love MJ you let him go.

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T MJ

  6. carmen_jessie21
    June 9, 2010 at 13:58

    It is obvious that this obsession is prejudicial for all,these people are taking pity on themselves but they are not thinking on the consequences of their behavior.They are like children crying for a favorite toy.To be loved gives you power,to love someone gives you courage.So, let’s have the courage to overcome our grief and respect Michael’s memory.I know it is so hard to say “good bye”but we have to let him go and keep wonderful memories,they are so many!
    “Don’t cry it’s over,smile it was happened”

  7. June 9, 2010 at 20:14

    Oh wow, I couldn’t agree more with all that you wrote. Thank you so much for writing this down. I see things happening that make me sad. The obsessing, the tripping, the digging. It goes beyond proportions. I read people on Twitter who are ‘investigating’ and they go too far. The moral is lost. We are all in this adventure for almost a year now. We need to let go of Michael and we need to shine ourselves. That’s what he wants us to do. Thank you again for starting this topic, hopefully more people will read this.

    With love, always.


  8. June 9, 2010 at 21:32

    Excellently written, my dear! My next wish is to never hear the words “hoax” and “BAM” again. And in regards to this “adventure,” shouldn’t we be chosing our own rather than following some blindly concocted scheme that may actually have nothing to do with us?

    Michael is his own person and no one should say or feel they own him, we simply own the products he created and sold on the market, nothing more.

    Game Over ~ Thank You.

    Much Love,

    • the arabian nights
      June 10, 2010 at 04:53

      thats so true

  9. billiejean61
    June 10, 2010 at 16:13

    I’m honest – these Hoax stories make me confuse.. :/
    But I don’t know that the persons, who say that michael Jackson death is a hoax, are so pushy. o.O

  10. Escortme2Heaven
    June 10, 2010 at 23:13

    All this Hoax Business is messing up a lot of people minds, remember a lot of MJJ fans on Twitter are in their Teens or just out of them. We need to be sensitive in the way that we deal with these issues, if you feel that people are obsessed with MJJ it comes as part of the Territory. The word FAN is short for Fanatic, it is best to allow them to talk or write about their loss. A lot of them will grow up and mature in their mode of thinking.
    On this Pearl Woman I think some of these books are best ignored, it is the attention that we give them that will make their Books sell. We need all our energies to fight for Justice for MJJ and it will be a long drawn out Battle let us not waste our energies fire fighting. Thank you for this site. Thank you for your Love.

  11. June 11, 2010 at 11:18

    Michael has always done everything with love … love for him is intended to give a beginning of his art, his kindness and generosity … this is the true meaning of love! must be a good example for us … give without asking, especially those who gave us so much of himself!

  12. Z
    June 11, 2010 at 19:17

    It humbles & inspires me to realise that whomsoever created this website & it’s contributors are obviously very conscientious people. BRAVO-I’m SO PROUD of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH for for ALL that you have done so far & are continuing to do. Good luck in your future eneavours too.

    People, PLEASE WAKE UP & SEE FOR YOURSELVES-THIS IS WHAT (LOVE & L.O.V.E) is about!!! Unselfish giving, NOT just waiting around expectantly for something that you feel is your “due”!

    WE are the ones responsible for making (or refusing to make) life beautiful. Have more FAITH in YOURSELVES. And know that our strengths lie within our ability to UNITE. WE CAN DO IT DO!!!


    • livinofthewall
      June 11, 2010 at 22:27

      Z :

      It humbles & inspires me to realise that whomsoever created this website & it’s contributors are obviously very conscientious people. BRAVO-I’m SO PROUD of you! THANK YOU SO MUCH for for ALL that you have done so far & are continuing to do. Good luck in your future eneavours too.

      Thank you very much for your kind words, they make me blush!:-$. We are trying to let people see that what they are doing is wrong. Even if your name is Michael Jackson you deserve to have some respect & privacy.

  13. PaleRider
    June 23, 2010 at 06:48

    Yes, wake up MJ fans! Wake up to the fact that over a BILLION dollars has been made since he “died”. And YOU financed it all!!! Wow, I think I’ll fake my death tomorrow and pay off all my debts too. Hey, it’s all for l.o.v.e… (of money), right? How’s that for a BAM!? I’m sure this post will be deleted and if it does, it will also simultaneously confirm a few things in the process. But I just wanted you to know that not all of us are stupid, naive and blinded by emotional attachment that we can’t see the forest through the trees. Some of us have eyes and brains too. L-O-T-S of eyes watching the next move on this one very closely. Checkmate 😉

    • the arabian nights
      June 23, 2010 at 14:36

      Hi palerider- interesting point of view. I think we have all noticed how well the estate has done and that 80% will go to the family one way or another. But the things I have bought haven’t cost much. I have bought a few cd’s for £5 each and went to the 02 exhibition. I don’t feel I have wasted that money. If his team had agreed the 02 exhibition during his lifetime, I probably would have attended. So the only extra I have spent is around £10. Not much but that multiplied by a global population is sigificant.

      I am sure you would not want to fake your death, and will pay off your debts through better financial housekeeping like the rest of us.

      You believe he faked his death, but you know he could be dead. Don’t you think he deserves people’s tributes etc (its a personal thing for each person) he achieved a lot in his lifetime, which I have discovered and his music stands the test of time. The death of anyone is upsetting and he died very young and very probably at the hands of another. Others may seek to make money from his talent etc but we don’t have to blame him for being so talented, he shared his talent okay at a cost but also gave millions to charity.

      Mike was flawed like the rest of us, but does that devalue his musical talent, song writing skill and dancing ability? I don’t think so, he should be given credit for that at least.

      I think a lot of people realise what your saying, and most of the world’s population are not hoaxers or believers, and people bought tributes to him, cd’s etc who are not fans. They did this to mark the death of a loved and valued man.

      It think the future will be interesting, will people buy re-released old songs etc or reworked old material – how many versions of songs do people want to buy? There is no museum at the moment – so we cant compare to Graceland but they have had their troubles and LMP sold 75% of Graceland whilst retaining the balance of the estate as she was worried about visitor numbers.

      I don’t know if the big money will be in the old songs, maybe the new, but probably it is the licensing of clips/advertising/ merchandising/shows/ use of his name and his image etc – I don’t know – but that will be interesting. I would like to go to the Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil, mainly because i love shows and musicals.

      When a public figure dies there is always I think an outpouring of feeling. He was a singer/song writer, it is obvious that we the general public would buy his CD’s instead of sending flowers. It is just an accessible medium. I don’t feel that I particularly want to enrich anyone by giving more than I can afford, as I have my own expenses and family. I am sure that Mike’s family and his children are fine financially and are doing better than me. The Jackson family are never going to be poor and Janet is a big earner, but if the future generations work, and I hope that they do have productive lives that would be great, and that they don’t always look to the public to bail them out by re-releasing thriller 15x or flogging something very personal. I would like to think that the Jackson’s want to produce and do things for themselves and not just exploit a famous relative.

      • June 23, 2010 at 14:56

        What a great comment, arabian nights! No, Michaels memory is not about money. It is about celebrating all he gave to us and all he stood for. Celebrating a remarkable and unique talent.
        And if you, PaleRider, feel so strongly that you are being cheated by a death hoax, made only to collect more money by MJ, remember you don’t have to buy anything. All your comment bears a little mark of envy, and I doubt that you are a real MJ fan. I think you are mostly here to create trouble, hiding yourself behind anonymous emails and names.

  14. PaleRider
    June 23, 2010 at 19:43

    I was once a VERY BIG fan of his, Zilda, and like you, I celebrated all he gave to us and all he stood for long BEFORE he “died”. I defended him during the trials and took a lot of heat for it, even lost relations with most of my friends and some family members over it but I never once flinched. I took up the cross once again after his “death” with the same results. No thanks required. I have no envy of MJ. Quite the opposite, actually. I would NEVER want his fame or his fortune. Just look at what it has bought him. Why would ANYONE want that? Nothing but pain and agony. But that pain and agony has now been transferred by his own hand (given sufficient evidence to support he’s still alive and all of this was planned) to the very ones who loved him the most and that’s where I draw the line. If MJ wants to inflict pain on the ones who caused his pain, fine, but not the ones who love, support him and paid Billions in appreciation of his music. I see no real tangible lessons being taught in all of this. Real teachers don’t teach with little dangling carrots and clues here and there while hiding behind the chalkboard. I see no remorse or healing taking place. All I see is his innocent and adoring fans in pain and despair while a newly released, previously “undiscovered” MJ artifact, book, song, movie and memorabilia go up for sale or auction at the dawn of each new day. And it pisses me off because they are riding on the emotional attachment of the unsuspecting fans and their pocketbooks. Wall Street pulled a similar stunt and look where we are today because of it. But, hey, if the blind fans don’t mind it then why should I care, right? I’m not here to create trouble, I’m just here to open eyes. If you don’t like what you see once you do, you can close them again. Take the blue pill. A different opinion than yours, perhaps, but one of your own blogs here even supports the acceptance of difference, does it not? Anonymous email and names, yes guilty. Why would it matter to you anyways? You check everyone’s email who makes a post?Keeping a list are we? It’s the Internet and full of sharks (duh). I like my privacy just as much as MJ does so why does he get to have his and not me? Or is it because only Kings get preferential treatment today just as they did in the dark ages? When he decides to come out of hiding and prove me wrong, so will I. Until then, I will continue to defend, protect and educate the innocent and naive. Someone has to. But don’t worry. This was just a brief lay over for me. There are many more stops ahead of me with blind patients to heal so I will be moving on now…

    • June 23, 2010 at 19:51

      Oh I get your point now, and I actually agree with you to some point. I am not keeping lists, but your comments are hold back for moderation – I guess because of the email you used, so thats why I noticed it.;)

  15. the arabian nights
    June 23, 2010 at 19:59

    @pale rider, please stop and stay. if your going around the hoax sites or even the fan sites be careful, they will bash you and then ban you for voicing you views, and your views are explainable. good luck.

  16. February 27, 2011 at 21:16

    There’s two-sides to every story. Most Michael Joe Jackson fans want to know EVERYTHING MJ, so have an open-mind, MJ is counting on us.

    Documentary, “Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?” Michael didn’t go through all of this not to make people take notice.

    No matter what a MJ fan beLIEves, we all L.O.V.E. him

    Keep Michaeling!

    Learn the FACTS: http://www.MichaelJacksonINsider.com
    and http://www.MichaelJacksonPseudocide.com

  17. livinofthewall
    February 28, 2011 at 20:33

    What facts are you talking about Pearljr.? I visited your page and I see clips from hoaxvids…Do you think these are the facts?
    Why are there so many paople coming forward now that Michael is gone with private stuff?
    Why now publishing books? Is it because all the fans are wanting to hear stuff like this? Is it because all this info would sell as hot sandwiches and making lot of $$$??
    What is the truth…I think we will never get to know the whole truth.

    And yes..IF he faked his death then he is counting on us to leave him alone because then he didn’t leave his kids for no reason under the care of his mother. Could it be that IF he did this his life was/is in danger?
    Then I think, considering all the trouble he had to go trough to pull this off, he is counting on us to respect his privacy and let him do what he has to do to safe his life.

  1. June 12, 2010 at 17:50

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