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Vandalism on Michaels grave

Things have gone to far.. What kind of people think it is okay to write cute messages to him on Holly Terrace? Don’t they realize that He had a family and that family comes there once in a while to pay their respect to the member they have lost? How do they think the family feels when they see something like that?

Do they think the family likes it?

No, they don’t apparently not in this case is not about Michael, his family or his children.
It’s about them and only them .. They still think they are the only ones who mourn his untimely death and therefore it’s ok to do vandalism at his tomb

Think about the family and how they must feel when they see the vandalism.. Remember they are the ones who have lost a family member and they are the ones who are having a hard time dealing with his loss.. With that in mind they are also the ones waiting for something to happen in the verdict in the case.. They are the ones who are in the courtroom every time just to hear that the case is postponed when all they want is justice for their son, brother, uncle and father.

Well the security at Forest Lawn will now be tightened and it is the only right thing to do.. If the security catches the people who are doing this then they will be banned for life which it absolutely okay because then they have nothing to do there..

It is so sad to read about people who still don’t respect his privacy.

Alot of people think it is okay to write a message to him or his family on the walls but there are other ways to do that and one of then is here  http://www.mj-777.com/?page_id=3401 and it doesn’t cost much to send him a sunflower and a little message..

So please don’t write on the walls of Holly Terrace.. That is not how you show your respect..

  1. ra'
    July 19, 2010 at 19:05

    thank you so much mj for healing the world, i look up to you and i want to step into your shoes and try to do the same thing you did! i love you greatly and miss you!!! 🙂 The Lord Bless You and your family.
    Warm Regards,

  2. carmen_jessie21
    July 19, 2010 at 21:29

    It is so horrible what they have done at Michael’s grave!These ppl are uncivilized,uneducated and completely dumb.But common sence is not something you can learn,it is something you are born with.So telling these ppl how unappropriate is their behavior is like barking to the moon.It is really sad to read about that:vandalism on MJ’s grave,OMG!

  3. the arabian nights
    July 19, 2010 at 22:46

    yes their need is great, greater then his need to RIP

    but i think there is a need for somewhere for the fans to go, some place for them to go. a real place not virtual. people want a graceland for mj, i think people feel that a person of his standing should have a place like that for his legacy, etc.

    the 02 exhibition although opposed by the family did offer that, i felt that when i went. if it came back i would go again. i dont really know why.

    also these false starts with tributes causes disappointment, or a need to vent what others started.

    i think there should be an acknowledged place. maybe this will not happen in our life time. i think charlie chaplin will shortly be getting a museum – decades after his death. a suitable tribute i think needs to me made, long standing, i think a museum would be a good idea.

    dolly parton has her theme park, i dont know what the osmunds have – or the beatles?

  4. netoska
    July 19, 2010 at 23:58

    I was waiting for this blog! what makes me really sad is to read that even Neverland Ranch can show its signs of recent VANDALISM on the bricks near the main entrance!Now,i won’t discuss whose’s FL or Neverland actual owner(or if they want to restore the due dignity to both places),what is important here is that an ACT OF VANDALISM is punishable(and MUST be punished)by law(supposing the culprits come out,and i personally doubt it!),like in every reputable country.
    Fans from all over the world are still grieving for MJ’s passing,BUT this doesn’t authorize them to behave like that! RESPECT! Show some respect to MJ,his family…
    If we all live in civilized countries,why not to show it?
    Let’s not confuse sings made with indelible ink with ART!
    Art,Graffiti are other things and surely beautiful ways to show one’s own creativity,but these signs are VANDALISM!
    Since fans have the chance to honour MJ’s memory by sending Him flowers or loving messages online,i think it’s time to SHOW the RESPECT MJ deserves!
    I approve the idea of a Museum,and i would add the idea of a BIG BOOK for fans to sign near the Holy Terrace!

  5. the arabian nights
    July 20, 2010 at 00:12

    i agree a big book may have prevented the ink marks of love. but for some reason the inked words are not surprising. i do see why, but i dont condone, it is not respectful.

    the flowers, yes so many flowers, but what happens to them, in batches outside. they get disposed quickly?

    when i heard about this, the writing , i thought it was on the stones in gary, i was shocked that security was so slack at FL. the way it was reported i thought something awful had been written.

    outside staples they had a big wall where people could write tributes, that would have been good on the exit. but i agree a lasting place of beauty for him would be wonderful, i think neverland should be transformed.

  6. msdanish
    July 20, 2010 at 00:14

    You’re absolutly right netoska… This is absolutly a disgrace and they need to stop writing messages there.. I truly hope the security will catch them and then its bye bye for them…

    As I said in the blog why not pay a little and send him a flower and a message instead of ruin his grave with graffiti…

  7. Anonymous
    July 20, 2010 at 20:18

    Last month there was a big news announcement and advancement for the plans of a $300 million Jackson Family Museum and Michael Jackson Performing Arts Center to be built in Gary, Indiana. We’ll see if the project gets off the ground, but so far it seems to be moving forward.


  8. evamj
    July 21, 2010 at 14:25

    Very true P. Its just not normal that MJ fans write that on that grave… Show some respect!

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