Wazzup with u?

The hoax is becoming a mix of so many different things.. the number of relations to MJ grows and grows. People right from Jesus to Elvis and latest Jim Morrison has been linked to MJ’s supposedly death hoax.
The MJDHI’s have been sending emails and tweets to everybody in the media’s trying to get them to write about Elvis & MJ, and in fact some did. The reason why these two persons are linked together, and will make a double return (the double bam) is, according to this snippet of text from the email they sent:

“- One was the King of Rock, the other the King of Pop
– One lived in Graceland, the other in Neverland
– One married the daughter of the other
– Both their deaths were claimed to be drug and heart related
– They both died at home
– They were both taken by ambulance, even though already dead
– They both received CPR on the way to Hospital and were both declared dead at the hospital
– Both deaths led to an investigation into their doctors
– Their middle names were different in death than in life (Aron vs Aaron and Joe vs Joseph)
– Films were released after their deaths: This is it and This is Elvis
– Elvis started his last concert with a 2001 space Odyssey song and Michael started his last tour (HIStory) with an MJ 2040 spaceship and in both cases the sum of the day month and year of their death is equal to the year of their concert intro. (Elvis 16 + 8 + 1977 = 2001; Michael 25 + 6+ 2009 = 2040)”

The whole letter printed in Columbia Tribune  http://www.columbiatribune.com/weblogs/what-a-world/2010/jul/30/elvis-lives/

According to MJDHI this clearly indicates that Elvis and MJ made a conspiracy to fake their deaths together, some 30 years ago, and to come back in a spectacular double bam. Or does it?

I mean this is some of the actual text that has been sent out to HUNDREDS of media people on email and twitter. What journalist won’t take that serious? Shamone.. And the hoaxers blames others for making them look a little off…

As MJHDC writes in his blog, all this would mean that:

QUOTING mjhdconspiracy blog
“Back on August 16, 1977 Elvis sat there watching a young Michael Jackson perform “We’re Almost There” on TV and decided that he would fake his death and wait 32 years for young Michael to grow up and eventually fake his death so that they could have the fucking comeback to end all comebacks. Whatever fucking crystal ball Elvis was using to know that Michael would reach superstar status and fake his death – I want one of those bastards just for a couple of minutes. Trace Elvis’ genealogy back and you’ll most likely find he was related to Nostradamus.”

Read the blog here: http://mjhdconspiracy.blogspot.com/2010/08/what-went-wrong.html

By the way, I really want one of those crystal balls as well..;)

Question is if we at all can rely on these hoaxers being able to find the truth? Will they even recognize it, if they stumbled over it?

Even if the Elvis & MJ thing should turn out to be true, which I doubt, don’t you think you are kind of spoiling the surprise for Elvis & MJ, who have waited for this spectacular double bam for more than 30 years, by sending this to all the media? Why is it that it is so important for these hoaxers, to interfere in these things they believe in – why not just let them happen, if they are supposed to happen at all? Lean back and enjoy the show you are so convinced will come..

Lately it seems like a lot of serious investigators get’s kicked from MJDHI, simply for stating their opinions, which of course has to differ than the accepted ones in their community. Yes, I call them serious because they have the guts to be different, as you know only dead fish floats WITH the stream.
I myself had two user accounts deleted in there. The first time I politely asked the question if making a MJDHI a private forum, would be more respectful for everybody involved. The second time, I asked the members to support the media lies corrected and William Wagener.
Puff – deleted and IP banned for lifetime.. I must have misunderstood the clause in MJDHI, that says that one of their goals is to support MJ.

Recently they deleted and banned a user that was critical towards TIAI/TS and the whole Elvis hoopla, and when a member asked for an explanation, Souza justified the banning with; “We are here to investigate the hoax, not question our decisions”.
Questioning decisions can be very healthy, Souza, and the right to do so is very fundamental in a democracy. If you want to get close to the truth, you need to let other people speak, even if they don’t agree with you. Even if you don’t like them. They could possess valuable information.

You might ask yourselves if MJDHI is capable to find the truth at all, if only certain aspects is allowed to be discussed, and the ideas are to get the media to write about this, because if it gets in the newspaper, it has to be true, right? In order to find out what all this is about, you must be ready to discuss all possibilities. Even the one “What if there are no hoax?” Do you believe in a hoax? Vote in the sidebar ->

I also saw someone in there suggesting that “the truth” needs to get out to more people, meaning hoaxers intruding other MJ fan forums, and keep telling about the hoax, untill people surrender and believe. That is not investigating or even spreading the word, that is torture. Leave them alone, if they came to your forums to tell you he is dead, they would get kicked in a split second.

Spamming the media world (and the rest of the world for that matter) with garbage like the Elvis & MJ thing, is not about respect for Michael – or Elvis for that matter. Some fans are working hard to get the media to tell the truth about MJ, and I know some of the hoaxers even signed and supported that very petition. Asking the media to write about Elvis & MJ, is asking them to continue their biased lies.
And yes, it does make you look slightly silly- and since I am a fan too (of Michael), it makes me look silly too in general. That’s why I am addressing this.

I am being told all the time by these hoaxers to stop spreading hate. I don’t spread hate and don’t hate you at all, I am only wishing for you to wake up and see what you are doing.  Your energies are used so wrong. This blog is not about hate, it is about the opposite; LOVE.
Not L.O.V.E. because that expression is fan made and has nothing to do with Michael. In this blog we talk about love and respect for Michael and his legacy, and if I have to address certain issues to the hoaxers, whenever they move into a territory that are not about love and respect, I will do so.
Disagreeing with you is not the same as hating you – it is just disagreeing.

Michael’s real message was Heal the World, I suggest you invest some of your resources in that, instead of what you are doing now.
That is if you really mean what you say in your website:
We are not here to find him.
We are here to speak up for someone that can’t speak up for himself.
We are here to report all the shit that the mainstream media has ignored or mis reported.
We are here to support someone that needs support.
We are here to give members a platform to discuss this matter.

We are here for him and we will defend him to the bone.

Truth is always easy, because it is there automatically, and there is no need to make it up.
And things are in fact more simple than you think. There will come no big saviour and rescue us or the world – we ARE the saviours of this world. Changes starts with US. We think too much and use our hearts way to little, ask the right questions and it will lead to the right answers, when you least expect it. But don’t think to hard, don’t over think anything, then it is your mind answering and the answers are products of your thoughts or desire, or something others have placed on your mind. Not necessarily the truth.

You can love other people deeply, but becoming addicted to them and what they think, will only stop your own growth. You will then become a product of their minds, instead of what you really was supposed to become. Through love anything is possible. And love will eventually heal the world, when enough learn how to love, instead of out thinking everything and everybody.

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  1. Alice
    August 12, 2010 at 12:33

    Thanks for the well thought post 🙂

    I respect your opinions VERY much and I agree with many of them ❤
    I've been thinking lately if we really have strenght to be really honest and sincere in this world. I guess it depends also on the scale that our life and opinions have in a way..
    I mean if Michael said something, it was all over the tabloids, and it was all over the world at the second. Many times things were transformed to look the way they SELL the best.. no matter what that did to the man who had originally said it. And many times rumours were transformed as facts.. BUT I think many people know in their hearts that truth is NOT what is written in tabloids 😀

    I mean by saying this.. that with some people I would even understand the temptation to kind of go around the truth.. Because if the truth is said, tabloids + people who have their own agendas would turn the truth around anyway. And then it will hit the one who said it in the first place. With Michael, the scale in things like this was HUGE, I really feel for him for being able to take all that ** and trying to live his life no matter what was said about him.
    People who talk bad about others not knowing the whole picture, are not living in peace with themselves. They will know it deep in their hearts as soon as they get that far..

    We see people with their own agendas all the time.. we just don't recognize those every time, and we may not see those motives/ agendas.. and that is what kind of worries me. We should always chew things for OURSELVES and question things that are said to us as the "truth". No matter how high it comes..

    We should really have the strength TO STAND FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE. That is soo important. And we should support the people who have the strength and ideals to do that 🙂

    Love you,I wish you all peace,
    Alice aka Laura

  2. Alice
    August 12, 2010 at 12:53

    I have to say still, though, that I’m a bit against this hoaxers/believers/non-believers.. all those “classifications” because many people have opinions even if they are not that fanatic about it and they can not be categorized to one of those “classes” only.

    What is A HOAXER? Is it just a person who believes MJ is alive.. or is it a person who is actively seeking the truth and trying to find so called clues?? It almost seems that “a hoaxer” is something negative to begin with in some peoples eyes already. What do YOU think, Zilda :)?

    I’m just curious to hear how you see it.. 🙂

    Love you, Alice

    • August 12, 2010 at 14:59

      A hoaxer is one who believe Michael faked his death and is investigating this. A believer must be someone who believes Michael is alive. A non believer is someone who believes Michael has died. Which is the wrong use of the term non believer, for although they believe he is dead they still believe something, right?

      I think that is what it means..;) But don’t shoot me, because I dont know what I am. Believer/non believer?? I prefer fan..;)
      Thats what I normally call people. But in this blog I call them hoaxers, because I am talking about those that “investigate” his death. I am not talking about fans in general.

  3. Beatriz
    August 12, 2010 at 16:39

    I agree with the different meanings given to each group: Believers, non believers, hoaxers and simply fans. Sometimes, it´s not so easy to stand in one of them. Sometimes you feel like believing, some others like no believing, but most of the time you feel just like a fan because we´ve got a huge sensory overload with so much info that we are not SURE enough of anything. I think the time will show the TRUTH if IT WANTS TO BE KNOWN.

  4. Karmen Legazpi
    August 12, 2010 at 18:50

    Zilda, I agree with what you say. Mind you, I think these people just can’t take it, they can’t face the truth, and I’m sorry for them. I too wish that could be true (that Michael is alive) but I don’t think so. Too many people involved, the LA system wouldn’t help Michael! They hate him!
    Anyway, we all should be united, we must agree to disagree but in the end we all love Michael. We’re all the same 🙂

  5. jolie
    August 12, 2010 at 20:48

    I’m not sure how this did get till this point, but it’s crazy.
    I think that all the people interested in find out the real truth are gone, sick of the “grasping at straws” stuff…
    Anyway, good blog guys, bless.

  6. Netoska
    August 12, 2010 at 21:30

    I’ve been carefully reading this last blog and its comments.I was waiting for Zilda’s reaction on the articles “What went wrong” and “Elvis Lives”.I don’t want to comment these article since Zilda did it with great zeal,extrapolating only what really matters from them.
    I’m not an orator,neither a writer,nor a journalist,BUT i think that the first article should have been written with a more appropriate language,since its reading was “disturbed” by rude/bad words…
    THOUGH i’m not interested in any hoax,i have to say that i was surprised to find only one comment to Jim Robertson’s article and THAT the comment WAS posted by Linda H.Sigmon herself.I found her site quite by chance some months ago,after a late hour chitchat with a friend who believed in Elvis’s fake death.That site opened to my eyes a world until then unknown.Well,to cut it short,now i have some doubts on Elvis’s death…
    Back then to Zilda’s blog…Guys,i don’t think there’s any clue to find.MJ is either passed,or gone not to return anymore.
    I believe he had all the time in his life to clean his reputation from the damages done by the media.Though on the verge of an impending bankruptcy,MJ had relatives/friends/acquaintances enough to restore his good name.
    We all know,this never happened,we don’t know why,we only know that we can DO something now by signing petitions to correct the media bias,subscribing to Mr.Wagener’s site on YouTube,helping true/devoted fans worlwide to spread MJ’s real message to HEAL THE WORLD,by changing our attitudes in everyday life,listening to his eternal music and to the lyrics of his beautiful songs.
    According to me,this is what being a real fan means.

    Ps…i forgot another thing:reading interesting blogs like this!Thanks to Zilda and her incredible staff.

  7. carmen_jessie21
    August 14, 2010 at 12:53

    I agree Netoska and I subscribe to your “PS”,thank you Zilda,thank you all.
    May God bless you.

  8. lisalittleme
    August 14, 2010 at 15:29

    I totally agree on this blog… This is absolutly nonsense and if MJDHI really thinks that they are being taken seriously then they couldn’t be more wrong 🙂

  9. Puff
    August 14, 2010 at 16:07

    “According to MJDHI this clearly indicates that Elvis and MJ made a conspiracy to fake their deaths together, some 30 years ago, and to come back in a spectacular double bam.”

    WHERE have you read it..?
    Or maybe you twisted this…?

    “There are a few big differences. One is the open casket for Elvis, versus closed casket for MJ. Everyone said that it did not look like Elvis in the casket (some said it looked like a wax dummy); so MJ learned from that, and had a closed casket. Another difference is that there were few if any clues from Elvis about a return/bam; but many such clues from MJ {http://michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=9763}. Even now, Elvis/Jesse is not interested in the spotlight; he wants to remain in privacy. At least for Elvis, the concept of “bam” refers to the final court ruling on Eliza’s case, and/or the media reporting that he is still alive (rather than Elvis himself performing again, or even being seen by the public).”

    Maybe you should stop being lazy and READ first, before falsely accusing people of things that were never said. Make THAT change.

    • August 14, 2010 at 16:17

      They believe this proves there is a link and a double bam between Elvis and MJ. They believe it so much, they send it too hundreds of journalists. Why would they do that if they didn’t believe it? Click the link and read the email that got printed in a newspaper.

      I am not saying anything that wasn’t written in that forum. Except from my own opinion.

  10. Puff
    August 14, 2010 at 17:21

    Ok…you didn’t reply to my question..
    So I’m going to ask you again..
    WHERE did you read this..?

    ““According to MJDHI this clearly indicates that Elvis and MJ made a conspiracy to fake their deaths together, some 30 years ago, and to come back in a spectacular double bam.”

    Give me the link of that post,please. Maybe I’m blind, because I NEVER read something like that…

    • August 14, 2010 at 18:10

      The text “According to MJDHI…” would indicate that this is something I am saying, not quoting others for saying.. I am, with the lines you mention, making an assumption that this is what the email means. So I cannot provide any links other than to the email text itself. Which I did. Most of my blogs are words from me, not others.

      So you are not blind, maybe you just didn’t see where I stopped quoting others. I will see if I can make that clearer..

    • lisalittleme
      August 14, 2010 at 18:12

      Ohhh dear Puff is that you again :-)… Well let me give you the links but since you already know MJDHI i’m sure you know where to find the links.. Anyway here they are


      This clearly indicates the huge problem that is with this open forum.. People can see how stupid they must look…

      I hope this was enough answer for you?? if not then feel free to write again… Ohh and to the other members of MJDHI – what you are doing here is not love for your hero Michael Jackson… Respecting his privacy is love

  11. Guest
    August 14, 2010 at 21:50

    So this is what the kerfuffle is all about: Zilda, once again, misrepresenting “hoaxers”.

    Yes, the words “double bam” were used on the forum, but they did NOT speak of Elvis physically manifesting for all the world to see in some form of public spectacle. That’s where the twisting of words comes about, especially considering that below the text you decided to quote, it explicitly says (as Puff has provided for you already)

    “At least for Elvis, the concept of “bam” refers to the final court ruling on Eliza’s case, and/or the media reporting that he is still alive (rather than Elvis himself performing again, or even being seen by the public)”.

    Why exclude something so significant? The text you did decide to quote doesn’t reflect what’s actually being conveyed. Clearly, your objective is not relaying the truth about hoaxers, but twisting what they say and/or focusing on the less significant discourse to brand them all as naive little crazies.

    On a prior visit I made, you rhetorically asked (and I’m paraphrasing here) why should you or anyone on this blog bother to investigate the hoax when you don’t believe in it (more specifically, why bother perusing what TS has said). I would think it obvious that if you’re going to write about hoaxers and how ridiculous they are for believing what they do, you should know exactly WHAT they believe. How else would you know what they believe if you don’t actually READ it–and I mean READ, word for word, no skimming, skipping, etc… Saying (again paraphrasing) “TS’s posts are too complicated to read” is no excuse (primarily because they aren’t complicated – long, yes; complicated, no). Once again, your actions have clearly indicated that you could care less about representing the hoaxers accurately. Misrepresenting people like that is malicious; therefore, saying things like “I don’t spread hate and don’t hate you at all” comes across as a bunch of empty words. Like I’ve said before, Michael has suffered this sort of misrepresentation in the past (and you’re obviously aware of the media’s garble against Michael) why would you do the same to his fans?

    Let me take a moment to scroll back up to what you wrote. You said you copied this from an email correct? However, it’s clear that you’ve skimmed the forum because “double bam” wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the email. If you HAD read TS’ posts in their entirety instead of skimming/skipping, then you would have seen the text underneath explaining what was meant by “double bam”. You would have seen that the parallels between the two Kings aren’t the meat and potatoes of the hoax and no they weren’t used to imply that both Kings met up and conspired their “pseudocides” together. What HAS been said: there are similarities between the two, one might’ve been inspired by the other and based on all the information discussed previously on the forum, TS and many others feel confident that he has. Again, had you actually read TS’ posts – not skimmed or skipped – you would’ve seen that.

    Another thing, if you’re going to accuse the hoax of being a bunch of hullabaloo then you may want to ridicule the information of the hoax itself instead of hawking on the hoaxers for composing an email. Let me state that a different way: Michael nor TS composed the email; the hoaxers did. So basing the following on the premise that this is Michael’s hoax, why would you call his hoax (and the reasons he might have done it) ridiculous hoopla because of the behavior of his fans? In essence you’re saying, MJ’s hoax is plain hooplah because his supporters aren’t persuasive. Really? That seems like a lapse in logic: Ridiculing “A” for what you witnessed from “B”. Two separate entities. Sidenote: the email wasn’t written to persuade, but to incite curisosity and lead others to the information that is persuasive — information you refuse to read, but still think you’re qualified enough to write about.

    P.S. I noticed that you posted your topic in the “breaking news” section of the forum – that type of behavior (posting in the wrong area) will have your topic locked (not necessarily deleted) and I suppose if you keep doing it you would be banned and considered a nuisance. If you can’t procure screencaps of your other messages, it would be hard to know why you would’ve been banned. I doubt it had to do with censoring differing opinions because there’s a heck of a lot of dissension going on in the forum and those users keep coming back (yes, under the same username). I don’t see why you’re a special case.

    • lisalittleme
      August 15, 2010 at 16:12


      I really don’t think any authors here represent any kind of stupid hoax… This hoax search have gone to far… I haven’t seen any of the so called fans rspecting anything regarding Michael.. They are not better than the tablois and what they are doing to Michael, his family and his children is DISGUSTING…

      The blog Zilda wrote here is a friggin’ wakeup call to all the hoaxers and fans as well.. And when i write fans i mean the fans who still investigate a bit on Michaels death.. Why can’t he be left alone??? Why is it so important to walk with their dirty feets on top of him???? NOONE can give me an answer to that…. And i do support Zilda and the other authors here..

      Let me say this: all the hoaxers cannot handle if someone is saying something different and make questionmarks on the (crappy) hoax forum.. But coming here and trying to shut us up HA HA HA well it ain’t going to happen… I am sure the authors here will continue to respect his memory and no being stupid like all the hoaxers..

      Just my 5 cent

  12. August 14, 2010 at 23:43

    Dear Guest!
    I am not respresenting the hoaxers, if you think that, you are wrong.
    Besides that, you don’t know what I have been reading or not, so please don’t try to guess that. I am forming an opinion in this case, based on the informations sent out to the media and on Twitter. Because that is what they are going to judge you on.

    I can’t provide a screenshot for my polite request in MJDHI regarding making it private, because it was deleted.
    Shortly after my user was deleted as well. My latest request in there, regarding support to the two mentioned projects – gave me an IP banning. In that case I did manage to make a screenshot before that happened, and you can see that in the link in the blog.

    I dont care about being deleted and banned, I dont use that forum anyway.

  13. Puff
    August 15, 2010 at 18:45

    Dear Zilda,
    the comment written by Guest says it all, it perfectly shows that you did not READ a darn thing.
    Point proven, I rest my case.

    • lisalittleme
      August 15, 2010 at 19:18

      Ohh dear Puff is it you again :-)… I am so glad to see you here on a blog that RESPECTS Michaels life and privacy… I am sure Zilda read the filthy MJDHI since she made this blog… I have seen how you think you can shut people up that disagree with you on MJDHI but i’m 250% sure that it will NOT happen here..

      I know who you are Puff and you are also one who Disrespect Michael by diggin’ in his life.. May I suggest you dear Puff that you browse through Youtube to see what Michael felt by people who couldn’t respect his wishes to some privacy… Then you see what you and the rest of MJDHI does to him and his family..

      All I can say about MJDHI and hoax forum in general is TABLOIDS that’s what you are..

      • the arabian nights
        August 15, 2010 at 23:15


  14. August 19, 2010 at 17:33

    Thank you Zilda for your views and opinions. It is critical for ALL of us to remember most of what is presented on the hoax forums is OPINION. Yes.. hoaxers base their ideas on documents, times, dates and things that don’t add up…but sometimes I believe that they take the issues to a level WAY WAY out of bounds. Linking up items that have no relevance and then trying to prove their hypothetical connection and this is the fastest way to make the REAL iniquities in MJ ‘death” lose their importance. We are NO better than tabloid journalists who tortured him daily for 25yrs if we make up things about him. In my mind if he is alive leave him be. IF he hoaxed his death and left a trail perhaps he just wanted to let his adoring fans know that he was okay. If you really love the man and understand what he has gone through in his life you will take a step back and realize he needs his peace. If he is dead, his true legacy should be broadcasted daily so that the public has the TRUTH about him, his beautiful giving heart, his stellar reputation and his noble existence of lifelong service to humanity should be reinstated. We must demand this Justice, whether he lives or is deceased. Please whatever side of this debate you fall on help us fight the injustice that the media has perpetrated against this wonderful man.

  15. Javiera
    September 3, 2010 at 23:30

    Zilda, I need you do something for me: do you know the songs “heaven can wait” and “on the line”? I want you hear both songs carefully and hear the lyrics, I think that you’re going to be impressed when you hear the things that Mike said there, because he’s clearly sending a message to us de hoaxers, and songs like “you are not alone” and “smile” are songs to reconfort us when we feel bad and hopeless. “Cry” is also an example of how Mike love us and want to said that we have to be united like a family, and help him changing this world, because we’re finding him, but we’re spreading his message too, exactly like you do, so, please hear the songs, you really are going to be surprised

    • lisalittleme
      September 5, 2010 at 15:29

      Well Javiera I am sure Zilda already heard these songs you mentions. I honestly don’t think he is sending any messages out to the hoaxers with these songs. If he is doing that then I suggest you listen to Leave Me Alone, Scream, Tabloid Junkie, Privacy and I could go on. Now IF he is sending messages out to the hoaxers via his songs then they have to hear the ones I mentioned. This clearly indicates he wants to be left alone.

      So please listen to these songs and you are really going to be surprised 🙂

      • September 5, 2010 at 20:26

        Thanks Lisa, couldn’t have said it better myself..;)

        • lisalittleme
          September 5, 2010 at 22:35

          Thank you Zilda..

          I am pretty sure the hoaxers don’t listen to these songs because if the other songs that are mentioned makes them think they are clues/part of a message, they certainly don’t listen to the ones I suggested they should listen. Why?? Because again if these songs are clues/messages it tells them to (BEEP) off 🙂

    • the arabian nights
      September 7, 2010 at 23:31

      michael did not write the song smile

  16. Javiera
    September 5, 2010 at 22:46

    I love thats songs, are wonderful, with a very good rithm and lyrics, and I think Mike send that messages to the press, and I know it, so, us the hoaxers are not worried, because we know Mike is talking with the press, not with us, because THEY made a serious damage to Mike, not us, we’re only investigating all the ilogical things in this “death”, because all this notices and things related revealed in june 25th are really extrange, admit it

    • lisalittleme
      September 5, 2010 at 23:22

      Okay let me try and explain this so you get the picture here..

      Yes all Michaels songs are great and timeless, however the songs you mentioned before have absolutly Nothing to do with any hoax/messages or clues.
      If you really believe these songs I mentioned was for the press how can you even begin to think that the other songs was for the hoaxers??
      These songs were written long before any “hoax LOL” and I really don’t think Michael would sit there and think ” Hey let me write/sing these songs so my fans can find me in 2010″.. It is absolutly absurd to even begin to think of such a theory.

      You also mentions serious damage to Michael.. Hmm if I’m not wrong here then I can’t see any difference between the press and hoaxers. The press smirged Michaels name all over and invaded his privacy and so does the hoaxers.
      Infact I know Zilda made a really good video about some of the topics the hoaxers dicuss and I hope you will have a look at her video because then you will know what I am talking about when I say the hoaxers are no better than the press

      Here is the link to Zildas video.. Please pause when you see what kind of topics Zilda mentions in her video..

  17. livinofthewall
    September 6, 2010 at 20:30

    @Javiera so as long if it fitts, in this case the lyrics, into the hoax it counts and if it doesn’t fitts in it was meant for the press, not for all those “loving fans” who scared the hell out of him and maybe still do.
    Please read what he had to say when he was still among us instead of asuming things. And when you are done reading think about it and let it sink in.

    “Being mobbed by near hysterical girls was one of the most terrifying experiences for me in those days”

    “All we had wanted to do was look at some clothes. If you haven’t witnessed a scene like that, you can’t imagine what it’s like. Those girls was serious. They still are. They don’t realize they might hurt you because they’re acting out of love. They mean well, but I can testify that it Hurts to be mobbed”

    I would like to share another thing. This is from Treasures

    “ November 84′ Jackson got his own “star” on Hollywood walk of fame. He left after 3 minutes because he got so terrified for his own safety. I feel weird when I’m with ordinary people. I lived my whole life on stage and the impression I get from people is applause, standing ovations and people chasing me. I am afraid when I am among a huge crowd of people. I feel safe when I am on stage. If I could I would sleep there. I mean it”

  18. Javiera
    September 7, 2010 at 00:37

    We’re not harassing Mike, we only search the thruth, because we know he left all the lcues for us, and don’t worry, I saw Zilda’s videos, and I think thy’re very cruel, hurtful and unfair with us, because the press writed lies only for win money, we’re not gaining any profits with the hoax, we’re only doing the better job we can for find Mike, and we’re being patient still he want coming back. We’re not the monsters that you think, we’re nly finding the thruth, do you think we lost our time with blogs like this, saying horrible stuff about the non-believers? Of course we don’t do that, we only want be in peace with you, because you left very bad comments in our blogs, where we don’t write nothing bad about you or about nobody, we don’t want problems with the non-believers and we want you leave us alone and stop with all this baseless hate against all the beLIEvers, and what if we think Mike is alive and we search him? That has nothing wrong, so, please, leave us alone, we’re not doing any damage, we only want peace between you and us

    • livinofthewall
      September 7, 2010 at 12:55

      “I saw Zilda’s videos, and I think thy’re very cruel, hurtful and unfair with us” in what way?
      Look at what you do to Michael’s life, tearing it all apart because you think it is what he wants and that he left clues for you. Let me say this again, IF he did this he did it for a very good reason, and not for fun and keeping you busy by searching for clues. Do you think he would do this to his kids and family if this would be just to save the world or to get back at the press?
      We never left bad comments at your blogs but if we get attacked by you then we have the right to defend ourselfs. So before you start to point with your finger make sure you got all the facts straight.

  19. Javiera
    September 8, 2010 at 00:23

    1.- Mike is a perfectionist, and he NEVER left all this clues accidentally, he obviusly have a purpose for all of them, and our clues are from interviews by the family, the memorial, the burial, This Is It, family’s twitters (and their accounts are verified, so, they aren’t fakes) and even Michael himself, and we aren’t inventing nothing

    2.- Mike planifies this for a lot of time, and he never can do something bad to his children, and they and the rest of the family was safe, because Mike was moving frequently starting in Mexico the day when his death were published taking an airplane to there

    3.- Look this video from MissZilda’s channel, she said we’re hunting Mike like we were predators and bla bla bla, she treats us like monsters with no heart and this is very cruel

    Read this new I translate to english, THIS man is bad and is a shame how he treats Mike only because people talk about him and is sad because he is “dead”, calling him “pervert and pedophile”, and the press have guilt for publish this stuff instead important things


    • livinofthewall
      September 8, 2010 at 11:18

      Javiera focus on the idiot of that article, do something about that! And then I mean REALLY do something about it. You are doing something good for Michael then instead of searching and seeing things that aren’t really there….

  20. Javiera
    September 8, 2010 at 23:31

    Ehh… thank you, I think

    • lisalittleme
      September 8, 2010 at 23:42

      Like livinofthewall says then do something about this idiot by signing the petition we have in our sidebar.
      It only requires 2 minutes of your time. 2 minutes is nothing when it comes to Michael Jackson and I personally think it is worth to spend 2 minutes signing the petition, I did that a long time ago and it feels good.

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