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Why not leave him alone???

Why the chase?? Why the search??? Why not leave him alone??

Isn’t it enough that Michael lived his life in the spotlight for 45 years? Why not give him the privacy he pleaded for..

Just think of it for a minute… If he had the privacy he asked for when he lived then things might have been different who knows. But instead the tabloids chased him and wrote about him in their filthy magazines where they loved, and still do by the way, to call him ugly names.. The name Wacko Jacko often appeared.. So I decided to take action and began to write different newspapers and tabloids and tell them to write his name because like all people here know Michael HATED the W.J name..

The response from the newspapers and tabloids was ” well we actually think it’s cute, just like TomCat or Brangelina”… HELLO have any of you ever heard Tom and Katie + Brad and Angelina complain over these “sweet” names?? Well I haven’t but I know that I have heard Michael say numerous of times NOT to call him that.. Like he said ” the name is Jackson, Michael Jackson” so why is it so hard for the tabloids to write his name?? Well I honestly don’t know the answer to that..

Like we all know the tabloids loved to dig in anything regarding Michael Jackson and again they still do… Like we all know the fans repeatedly stood up for Michael and showed their support.. Then Why is it that the same fans are doing the same as the tabloids did and do?? Video after video pops up on YouTube where hoaxers are diggin’ in his life and death?? Uhmm wasn’t it you who supported him back then??? And it is not only Michael they are chasing.. They are chasing his children and family as well..
The other night I was browsing on YouTube and some idiot uploaded a video about Michaels children in Hawaii… Leave them alone.. Here is my guess.. They can’t find much more about Michaels death or as they say supossed death.. Now they are aiming for the children so they can do to them what the press did to Michael throughout the years.. Well done that is all I can say… Ohh forgot this one So you are fans huh YEA IN YOUR DREAMS…

And while we are at it then let us all look at Twitter… Again the chase for Michael and his children.. BUT as we all know Michaels brothers are actually on twitter and they did tweet a lot to begin with but again thanks to the hoaxers they slowed it down.. WHY???? Simply because every time Jermaine, Randy or the Jack5ons tweeted anything the hoaxers wrote them back asking for proofs… Proofs of what??? I understand why the brothers are quite there and I totally understand they are sick and tired of stupid people like the hoaxers…

I have asked the hoaxers one question: What if  your brother/father/uncle died and people started to dig in your brother/father/uncles life, like they do with Michaels life, would you Hoaxers like that to happened to you??? Not one has ever been able to answer that question…. Think about it and if there should be a hoaxer here then please answer that question..

Finally I need to ask this.. How much more does this family needs to be chased?? Isn’t it enough that Michael was chased when he lived and still is by the way by the hoaxers… I am putting my foot down and say enough is enough..

  1. Alem
    August 16, 2010 at 00:18

    Hi Lisa!

    I agree 98 % of what you wrote. The dogging needs to stop specially the youtube videos and the chase for the kids. But you are tarring everyone with the same brush and it’s not right. I am not stupid but I am a hoaxer.

    • lisalittleme
      August 16, 2010 at 14:56

      I’m sorry you feel like I am talking about every fan on my blog I certainly didn’t want that to happened.. That’s why I write hoaxers.. And yes it is very stupid to chase his family and children.. Michael was chased for 45 years and he is still being chased.. How sad is this??

  2. SB
    August 16, 2010 at 01:25

    I’m not a hoaxer. However I do have a nagging doubt sometimes.

    I do agree with your post! It’s time for this stuff to stop! I feel that if he is some place trying to escape it all, I sure don’t blame him! He deserves it. I don’t think he should come back here either. We don’t deserve to have him back!
    The way fans’ have behaved with this ‘gotta find him’ nonsense is inexcusable. certainly not all fans-but too many have behaved like psychos. Chill out and adjust to the fact that you won’t see him again either way. This is reality! This is real life!

  3. Mireille JAHIER
    August 16, 2010 at 14:37

    Je soutiendrais Michael toute ma vie, je ferais tout ce que je peux pour faire savoir tout ce que Michael a fait car il a tellement donner, et il faut le dire. Il serait temps que les gens et la presse comprennent qu’il faut laisser Michael et sa famille tranquille et arrêter toutes ces rumeurs et ces mensonges, il faut arrêter cet acharnement ils ont le droit d’avoir la paix.

    • lisalittleme
      August 16, 2010 at 14:53

      You know what Mireille??? you’re right.. It is time for the media to leave him alone.. But sadly the hunt for Michaels family is there and sadly the hoaxers are hunting them as well..
      Will it ever stop? No I dont think so.. As long the hoaxers are there and walking with their dirty feet on him they will never ever stop.. They don’t know what respect is and they never will…

  4. Alice
    August 16, 2010 at 15:19

    OMG.. We need to get Michael Jackson FANS together again…… There are many people with LOVE in their hearts.. they are out here, out there and everywhere 😉 – whether they are so called believers or not.. Whether they are so called hoaxers or not.
    Please, remember to show that you LOVE, that’s all that matters. Everything begins right there..

    Hugs to you all, Alice

    • lisalittleme
      August 16, 2010 at 15:35


      Ohh Alice i couldn’t agree more.. We need to get all the fans together again but not like that not like the hoaxers.. I am a believer as well but I believe IN Michael and his innocense NOT in the hoax or what ever they call it…
      I do LOVE the Jacksons including MJ and I LOVE the thought of leaving them mourn in peace without the media, the hoaxers or who ever could be interested in their lifes.. Let them mourn in peace I’m sure they need it 🙂

  5. Netoska
    August 16, 2010 at 16:11

    I agree Lisa.Let’s leave the Jacksons mourn(in peace and privately)for their loss.I’m not interested in their private lives,just like they aren’t interested in mine.Why in the world should they? Ok,they tweet about their lives,just like i tweet about my own:that’s all. I only wish MJ’s kids to do good and have happy lives when they grow up,just like i would for my kids or nephews/nieces. I only wish all this STUFF comes to an end,once for all.
    What if the family brought a civil suit against tabloids trash or haoxers forums? Would this chase come to an end? Just wondering…

    • lisalittleme
      August 16, 2010 at 16:35

      You couldn’t be more right Netoska.. What if the Jackson estate decided to put a law suit against the hoaxers and the media as well.. Maybe if they did that then the stupid hoax would stop..
      Michaels children needs to have a normal life without people diggin’ in their lifes.. Michael have been through enough already and see what it did to him… He is now at Forest Lawn and I can’t really say he is resting because people won’t let him rest in peace sadly as it is

  6. carmen_jessie21
    August 16, 2010 at 16:27

    My dear Alice,are you an idealist,a romantic or just a good heart?Of course we need to get all the fans together again…Exactly:the FANS!What kind a fan is disrespectful and is hurting Michael and his familly?Who gave him the right to deride Michael and than call himself a fan? I think fans are together and on the other side are the hoaxers(false-fans).I am a loving person,I love Michael and those who love Michael,but also I have my reserves.

  7. Alice
    August 17, 2010 at 00:05

    ❤ Thanks for the comments conserning also my post here. I know MJ fans can come together again, but when they hopefully do so, we all understand it can't have anything to do with believing in the hoax or not.
    We could join hands and show that we care, we could join our hands and start really, really doing something for the Globe. We should forget these differencies at the time we want to start acting together.
    This is not just talk. So yes; I'm an idealist, but I'm willing to get my hands dirty too.
    I hope I have a good heart. Romantic..? Noo.. lol as I told I want to get my hands dirty and doing that, I dont always have much time to be romantic 😉
    If I see something I find really important, I want to work for that and I really am ready to go through a lot of trouble to get things happen.

    I want to show I care, and I want to show you I mean it. We want to give you, US all a new focus and new ways to let the energy out 🙂 We need that.. and the Globe needs us.

    Hugs and LOVE, Alice from Finland

  8. livinofthewall
    August 17, 2010 at 14:07

    Good question..why not leave him alone. Yes why not? Don’t the ppl who digg into his life and seeing clues have anything better to do? Like uhhmmm do something good for our planet or clearing Michael’s name? That is what they should do! If it was them or someone from their family then they would hate it too that their lives would be exposed all over the internet including all details but if it becomes Michael, their hero, then it doesn’t matter, everything seems to be allowed. SHAME ON THEM!!

    August 17, 2010 at 21:06

    i am just a believer in my king
    hunting him is not my thing
    everyone has gone insane
    believing it is just a game
    picking all his life apart
    insulting his family his very heart
    this is something i will not do
    i just believe and i stay true
    ~i believe i will be there its all for L.O.V.E and i do care~

    • August 17, 2010 at 23:32

      Standing applause for that one!! 🙂

  10. MJalive999
    August 17, 2010 at 23:53

    if I made a post about all that I dislike, about people I dislike,I would be writing for eternity. if you DO NOT like it simply ignore it do not realize how people are easily influenced? stop spreading hate, that’s sick. things like people acting as if they were the owners of truth is a hell!

    who are you to say who is wrong or not? to say people are acting like media or not, you spreads HATE and LIES…just like the media.

    tell me… why do you only speak about MJHDI???? do a research… an you will see HOW MANY FORUMS there are. stop your fuc*ing agenda, i believe that you have one!

    you crucify people that you do not know. just like the media did against MJ. you are SICK just like the media. you should be proud of that!

    stop the hoax… this is BULLSHIT! MJ has started that..not us! blame him, not us! we just want to know what is going on! if you don’t like it, leave it get a life! Buy a cat!

    what do you prefer? people pretending to be MJ. why don’t you fight against them???

    if it was a secret that he is not dead, he would not have left so many clues that he is still alive .. stop running HIS hoax with so much hate! stop running what he is doing. you dont know what are MJs beliefs and what he wants.. so far, we are following what he left us .. if you don’t want to follow it, leave us alone.

    • karenjoymc
      August 27, 2010 at 22:06

      PREACH IT MJalive999! WTG… It’s time someoone stand up to this sucker. This person has been going around for months lying about everything trying to cause hate and division in the MJ ranks….and is mentally ill….GOOD FOR U MJalive999

      • August 28, 2010 at 14:52

        Hi Karen! Nice to see you on the blog..;) lisalittleme is a new author here and the useraccount lisalittleme is brand new too, created as a alias for this author, so I think you might confuse her for being someone else. Because she hasn’t been around for months. 2 weeks at the most.

  11. bittyditty
    August 18, 2010 at 00:31

    Hi i agree with what you say and i am a believer. Not all hoaxers are hunting Michael and his family. The majority that i come across are beatuiful people searching for some truths. I think no matter how everyone concludes June 25th we are all united fans searching for justices for Michael. I think no matter how you look at his passing we can all agree that something is not quite right. Something is being covered up.
    For me i would just like to know that he is safe and well and thats what i am waiting for, just like many others. It is not that we are disrepecting Michael we just see things differently to others thats all.
    Yes there are some who wish to take things too far and yes i agree some of it has become tabloid like and disrespectful to his family. Myself and many of us do not wish to be a part of that.

    Thanks for your article

    • MJalive999
      August 18, 2010 at 00:52

      ‘disrespectful to his family??’
      yes… we are not!

      i suppose some ppl don’t know what is disrespectful or the MJJC forum LMAO
      I never saw ”hoaxers” disrespecting mj’s family as some people from MJJC do…is that love? i dont think so.

      to wish and to see that someone is still alive. to want to know how he is doing, if he is safe…it’s disrespect???
      what about golden pants addicted that dont have any idea how is mjs heart! who only think about his pants and his THING. he is not a sex machine! what about people who believe mj is dead, but keep tweeting nusty stuff about his pants and his THING. do you prefer them?? for god’s sake if he is dead, what is more disrespectful than to want to have SEX with a dead body. Revise Your mindset.

  12. bittyditty
    August 18, 2010 at 08:32


    I am sad to say that i have witnessed believers disprespecting mj’s family. Its not something i want to be a part of and i know most of us don’t.

    They are in the minority

    • MJalive999
      August 18, 2010 at 11:44

      bad for them…the world is not perfect.

  13. bittyditty
    August 18, 2010 at 08:35

    oh and just in case you didn’t catch it in my earlier post i believe michael is alive

    • MJalive999
      August 18, 2010 at 11:45

      i know honey,i was talking in general terms. i was talking about what i think is”disrespect”

      • lisalittleme
        August 18, 2010 at 12:27


        Well I’m sorry you feel like I am attacking MJDHI but somehow theres a reason for me doing that at this point… I cannot accept the fact the SoMO co-operated with a tabloid magazine because we all know how much MJ hated the tabloids. The other reason is I simply don’t like people are digging in his life when again we all know how much MJ pleaded for privacy..
        The gold pants fans, the “sex” fans and other hoax forums are on my target and yes I will be making blogs about them as well.. Theres another reason why MJDHI is my first choice.. They have an open forum so everyone can read about how they see Michael.. I have been there several of times and I cannot understand why the hoaxers act they way they do… If you read my blog once more you can see I asked hoaxers a question but noone either can or have the guts to answer me this one question… And yet you want me to answer your questions and as the nice person I am i did answer it.. Now I hope you can answer mine..

        Finally I have to say that I do believe but not in a hoax.. I believe IN Michael..

        • KiraLovesMichael (VampKira)
          August 19, 2010 at 00:02

          “Finally I have to say that I do believe but not in a hoax.. I believe IN Michael..”


          • lisalittleme
            August 19, 2010 at 00:13

            You certainly get one from me…:-)

            I believe IN Michael Jackson and not in a hoax…
            Never in my life have I heard something so stupid.. 🙂

  14. lisalittleme
    August 18, 2010 at 12:45

    “i suppose some ppl don’t know what is disrespectful or the MJJC forum LMAO
    I never saw ”hoaxers” disrespecting mj’s family as some people from MJJC do…is that love? i dont think so.

    to wish and to see that someone is still alive. to want to know how he is doing, if he is safe…it’s disrespect???”

    Let me answer these questions to you MJalive999
    It is not only other hoaxforums that is disrespectful towards MJs family.. I have seen several threads on MJDHI as well..

    I am sure if Michael did this for a reason he doesn’t want to be found.. Then theres is no reason for the hoaxers to continue what they are doing.. He, again if he is alive, is not coming back at all.. You or the others will never find out.. I am sure if he is alive he would rather come out and tell you all how hes doing instead of people diggin’ in his life..

    Just my 2 cent 🙂

    • MJalive999
      August 18, 2010 at 13:04

      ‘Let me answer these questions to you MJalive999
      It is not only other hoaxforums that is disrespectful towards MJs family.. I have seen several threads on MJDHI as well..”

      why do you waste your time reading MJHDI?? i am sure you know that better than me…btw, i am not that addicted in foruns (thanks god).

      ”I am sure if Michael did this for a reason he doesn’t want to be found”

      when did he say that? via email? listen me…. after the trial in 2005 MJ just disappeared .. do you know what is that?? nobody knew where he was … IF…IF mj didn’t want ppl to know that he is alive … or if he wanted to live hidden; he NEVER would have returned NEVER. the tour would never happen; he had not released new album for a tour lmao we are talking about MJ hello! once again do not underestimate MJ!

  15. MJalive999
    August 18, 2010 at 12:48

    you cannot acept? who are you? GOD? ARE U PERFECT? I do not agree what they did, but… Everybody makes mistakes! Everybody! sorry, but you or me we are no one to judge the intentions of others. leave it to God.
    and yes, i believe IN michael and i belive that he is NOT dead. I believe what I believe.

    • lisalittleme
      August 18, 2010 at 13:02


      I have my opinion and you have yours.. Yes I can accept the fact he could be dead and yes I cherish the good memories I had with him when he was with us…
      No I am not God.. Never once said that I was…

      Now again I ask of you since you’re a hoaxer to answer the one question i wrote on my blog.. The question about “what if it was someone from your family the people wanted to find”..

      And finally I welcome you to this wonderful blog here and I do hope you enjoy your stay

      • MJalive999
        August 18, 2010 at 13:15

        “what if it was someone from your family the people wanted to find”..

        BAHAHAHAHAH are u kidding me right? oh God!
        so why mj has left all that evidence?
        hm??? think about :))))

        you deal with things as they were simple. as we were brothers of michael jackson. go back to reality!

        btw from HIS DVD! ”Discover the Man You Never Knew” NEVER KNEW 😀
        Good Morning!

        • lisalittleme
          August 18, 2010 at 14:58

          First of all this blog is not about hate.. I simply say what others are keeping quite..

          Second you haven’t answered my question regarding the “what if it was your family” and none of the hoaxers i have been in contact with did.. This says a lot to me…

  16. TRUE-TO -YOU
    August 18, 2010 at 13:58

    the word L.O.V.E is tossed around
    that should be our common ground
    L.O.V.E can be many a thing
    look at MICHAEL L.O.V.E is him
    dont you think its time to do
    show the king your L.O.V.E is true
    dont be blaming dont spread hate
    let him BREATHE and just wait
    dont demand its not our place
    remember he is human more than a face
    with a heart that beats eyes that cry
    its just heartbreaking he had to die
    the truth is there shining bright
    open your eyes see the light
    i just BELIEVE and thats okay
    i do not care what others say
    its all for L.O.V.E and this is true
    he did what he had to do
    i will not judge i will not blame
    unconditional L.O.V.E is the name
    its up to us to show we care
    to understand the PAINS he bare
    and i can say i really do
    its from the heart and that is true
    so when i heard the call you see
    will you still be there for me
    there was no other thing to do
    but show him that my L.O.V.E is true
    and all the way i will be there
    i just BELIEVE and i do care

  17. carmen_jessie21
    August 18, 2010 at 16:30

    MJalive999,tell me just this,if you are such a believer,what do you think about Michael said:”I’ll be back in my own time” Do you think it sounds like he wants you rummage the world looking for him?And one more thing:if you tell us some other forums are disrespectful,do you think is this absolving MJHDI?
    There is no clue to make you believe he is alive, YOU WANT to BELIEVE that and you are looking for imaginary clues.If he really died,can you imagine how awful is this for his family,how much are you hurting them? No,sadly ,you can’t!

  18. livinofthewall
    August 18, 2010 at 22:36

    Ofcourse nobody answers the question Lisa because deep down they know that all the digging and spreading around private matters about Michael all over the internet is wrong . And the NEVER want that to happen to one of THEIR relatives.. but hey this is Michael we are talking about so then it is allowed.. Again SHAME ON THEM!

  19. TRUE-TO -YOU
    August 19, 2010 at 02:22

    i do not like to say a hoax
    cos some will say its just a joke
    i like to say he staged this show
    for many reasons we do not know
    but to much judgement i do see
    on michael and his family
    i know some will dig around
    surly some respect can be found
    do you have to break his heart
    by picking all his life apart
    some things we just dont need to see
    cant we just give him some privacy

    • lisalittleme
      August 19, 2010 at 03:01

      Well I couldn’t have said it better myself…
      Standing ovations to you BIG APPLAUSE

  20. TRUE-TO -YOU
    August 22, 2010 at 02:32

    the real thing i will only do
    to my king i will be true
    something that i do despise
    is all the slander and the lies
    the truth is there no need to shout
    its something you must think about
    its not a hoax can you not see
    he had to have a life thats free
    the greatest performer the world has seen
    its time for him to follow his dream
    the only lies that i can see
    are the ones that are out to slander he
    the emotions that the family show
    are for the pains that they know
    he was persecuted endlessly
    for the entire world to see
    what kind of life can that be
    to have no peace or privacy
    so now its time to take his hand
    and lead him to his promise land
    the real thing in life i know
    is to love someone and let it show
    seven letters is all it will take
    BELIEVE the truth from the fake


    • karen
      August 29, 2010 at 03:32

      Beautifully said…

  21. karen
    August 29, 2010 at 03:26

    When did Michael Jackson say he didn’t want to be found? When he said, “This Is It”.

  22. the arabian nights
    August 29, 2010 at 11:50

    Hi Zilda, just wanted to say happy birthday to michael i hope you dont mind – love you

  23. me
    August 31, 2010 at 07:21

    watching “certain” hoax videos, the so-called “picking apart” does do Michael a great service, in my opinion, in that they are re-introducing him from the perspective of truth, as against tabloid lies and speculation. “some” video makers do extensive research. in the process, tabloid garbage is being debunked, and i have encountered so many people who now see Michael in a new light – people who thought he was guilty or who just didn’t care, now sympathize with him for the sham trial he went through and for all the other ways he was tortured by media. they are now seeing why he is the KING OF POP, and will be, forever. a new generation is getting to know his timeless music, and is dancing to the beat.

    i also think there is a difference between investigating and smoking him out. which hoax forums are actually doing the latter? are we qualified, as fans looking at his life from a very far distance, to say that Michael would want this or would not want that? isn’t that quite arrogant of us? i do think, however, that going to the media to talk about the hoax could actually cause him harm, if he is alive.

    did he tell anyone not to investigate because that’s hurting him? who’s to know if he deliberately left clues for us to follow or not? but, it will go against human nature if we don’t question something that does not make sense. one or two maybe we can pass up, but not a long list. who will you leave the investigation up to – the media who ALWAYS lie about him or make up stories, and write about rumors masquerading as “news?” who will counter their W…J… using beautiful tributes that make it clear that he is NOT W….? without the hoax investigators “picking his life apart,” who would dig in, as you say, to prove that media wrote lies about Michael? we wouldn’t have known about the leeches surrounding him and suing him just because he is Michael Jackson. we wouldn’t have known bits and pieces of the conspiracy he DID talk about but did not elaborate on. maybe some who write are over-zealous and see connections that could make up a small town, but hey – they’re still meant to be in defense of Mr. Jackson.

    i agree that disrespecting his family is a no-no. and no, Michael did not tell me this; common sense did. i believe there are things going on we do not know about, so i suggest that we suspend judgment until all the smoke clears. moderation is also a key, i believe, in anything that goes on in the fan world at this time, and this goes for hoax investigations, videos, and even preaching.

    again, though, to make a video about how Michael’s life played out is different from trying to prove a theory that one is suddenly enamored with, which could sometimes be so ridiculous as to be an utter disrespect to Michael and his unparalleled artistry. i, too, sometimes get confused about what is true and what is mere speculation, but i do think he has gone through hell and back to protect and safeguard his legacy, and some theories out there are totally destroying this legacy by suggesting that another person stepped into Michael, the artist’s, shoes at some point. i worry about the obsession that makes the imagination run wild. stick to the facts, please. it is hard to understand the genius and the enigma that is Michael Jackson, but this does not give us cart-blanche to run amok with far-out theories simply because we have the selfish need or obsession to have the enigma pinned down and explained. please remember that this is about Michael, and not about you. show some respect.

    “I have asked the hoaxers one question: What if your brother/father/uncle died and people started to dig in your brother/father/uncles life, like they do with Michaels life, would you Hoaxers like that to happened to you??? Not one has ever been able to answer that question…. Think about it and if there should be a hoaxer here then please answer that question..”

    my parents have passed away; nobody dug around about their lives because they were not celebrities, and especially not GLOBAL celebrities who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

    • livinofthewall
      August 31, 2010 at 20:07

      You do have some kind of point Me, but Because it is Michael Jackson it is allowed to digg into his life? In things that are so very private that actually you don’t want them to know? At least I don’t. I hope there is gonna be some magic left when this is gonna be over, if it’s ever gonna be over. And what clues, if you use your commen sense then you realize that there are no clues. Somebody Asked on another blog here that what if there are people who spread these “clues” to make a lot of money. I mean the mergendizesales are going trough the roof. There are still people who make a great deal of money on this. Could this be a possibility? I have no idea if Michael is dead or alive but I do think that there are people who do their very best to let the (grieving)fans believe that there are things that don’t add up. Dead or alive it doesn’t matter..nobody deserves to be threaten like this, this digging and making eachother totally crazy and putting ideas into eachother heads has to stop no matter if your name is Michael Jackson or John Doe. If this was me or my family I wouldn’t like it.

  24. September 1, 2010 at 13:59

    I would absolutely HATE it if my family was put up for a layman scrutinization like MJ and his family has been. It is hard enoough to cope with an untimely death in the family, this is just making it worse. It is utterly respectless.

  25. storm
    March 7, 2011 at 04:19


    I agree as well with all the constant probing into the childrens lives following them and taking footage. I also feel that the media needs to leave Michael Legacy alone, I feel what they’ve done to Michael over the years is disgraceful and needs to stop. I feel that when ever a celebrity dies and is buried that’s exactly what happens we pay our respects, we grieve mourn the lose and in time move forward we don’t ever forget but we move forward. Michael death was not at all like that either was his memorial or his burial there were to many strange goings on. so that probes the question from people of the world what is going on and that is my interst what really happened to Michael and no I don’t want him to return I want him to live his life and be free and happy. I don’t believe he’s alive because I love him so much I can’t live without him that is not my reasoning something was not right about the way Michael supposidly died.There is to much here say about the day Michael died things missing evidence not processed the correct way. For me this will never be resolved until the real truth is disclosed and it hasn’t been.

    March 7, 2011 at 14:46

    there is nothing right in what happened to him
    but some people forget the MAN and just see a king
    his life has been trashed and torn apart
    i believe the truth will heal his heart
    to find the truth we must take care
    with patience and love to share
    there is to much harrassing of family and friend
    this disgraceful behaviour just has to end
    the truth is coming bit by bit
    it seems that few are getting it
    this is a big adventure of an epic kind
    you need to use your heart and mind
    just be patient watch and see
    the truth is finally coming free
    but in the mean time may i stress
    love and kindness is the best
    when he asked will you be there
    i believe he meant with love and care
    the words all for love have been lost on some
    they cause pain and hurt for everyone
    no ones life should be a game
    thats what i find such a shame
    media and some fans are just alike
    full of hate and filled with spite
    its really not about the BAM
    its about the truth what happened to the MAN
    truth will prevail this i know
    lets show some RESPECT this is more then a show
    and one more thing i have to say
    i wish this fakes would go away

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