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Hoax- a way of grieving. Re-Load

It is time to bring up an old blog..

Let us go back a bit and look at the hoaxers again, and the way they continue to tear Michael’s life apart. I still don’t understand why it is so darn important to keep doing, what they are doing. It has been going on for over a year now and yet they are not one step closer to the truth, and they will never find the truth.

When I browse through forums, I still see a lot of fans walking all over Michael’s name with their feet’s searching for clues. I have had a lot of conversations on Twitter, with the so-called hoax community, and they still believe that Michael want’s them to find him, and yet they still don’t get that IF Michael wants to be found, he would probably come out in the open instead of leaking all the clues the hoax community claims he leaves. Now let me say this again Michael is NOT leaking any clues, simply because there aren’t any.. Nor does his family or friends.

All his family and friends want’s is peace and quiet to mourn their loss and get the justice for Michael that they all hope will come soon. Here is the thing, the way I see it and this is my opinion only, I am not saying this goes for all here. The hoax community are seeing clues everywhere, simply because they think a lot of people are in on this, and when I say this I mean in on his death (disappearance as the hoaxers say it is), they see clues in everything and again the Jackson brothers can’t even tweet anymore because of them.
Just look at what people are writing to them. Michael’s fan asks for proofs and the truth..

How on earth do they think the Jackson’s are dealing with their brother being killed?? Stop and think before tweeting something like that. Now let us have a look at a friend of Michael. Yup I am talking about Karen Faye. Again I ask how on earth can they treat her like they do on Twitter? Turkle aka Karen Faye have lost a long time friend and she misses him dearly.

Please stop this madness and re-think your actions. It simply breaks my heart, to see how they treat Michael, the family and his friends. And I am sure if he could say anything from up above, he would tell them to stop this and move on with their life. He does not deserve this at all..

Let me end this blog with Michaels own words. The first quotes is from Moonwalk

“Being mobbed by near hysterical girls was one of the most terrifying experiences for me in those days”

“All we had wanted to do was look at some clothes. If you haven’t witnessed a scene like that, you can’t imagine what it’s like.  Those girls was serious. They still are.  They don’t realize they might hurt you because they’re acting out of love. They mean well, but I can testify that it Hurts to be mobbed”

I would like to share another thing. This is from Treasures

November 84′ Jackson got his own “star” on Hollywood walk of fame. He left after 3 minutes because he got so terrified for his own safety. I feel weird when I’m with ordinary people. I lived my whole life on stage and the impression I get from people is applause, standing ovations and people chasing me. I am afraid when I am among a huge crowd of people. I feel safe when I am on stage. If I could I would sleep there. I mean it”

When I read this I was thinking “wow what could actually happened IF Michael was alive and his fans finds him”?

It would be a complete disaster and I actually fears for his life. Dead or Alive it doesn’t matter. I see online how many wants to find him or find the truth, just to know that he’s okay. It’s not healthy to chase people or in this case Michael like the fans do.

Here is a message from me to Michael’s friends and family. I hope Michael will find peace wherever he is and I hope you find peace as well.

God bless you Jackson family and God bless you Michael

  1. Netoska
    August 28, 2010 at 21:57

    The Hoax is neverending,like an inextinguishable fire…Clues here,clues there,clues everywhere.The more they(we) talk of it,the more it grows…What if we leave the hoaxers alone,searching the unsearchable,scrutinizing the inscrutable? Maybe,not today,not tomorrow,but one day they will tire themselves and finally accept the only TRUTH possible…There is,there was,there has never been any HOAX at all.
    The HOAX,as Lisa writes,is just a way of grieving.
    Some people cry out all the tears,some others find comfort in prayer,others try to go on with their lives and mourn privately,others,like this case,can’t accept that a person is really gone and try the utmost to keep him/her anchored to the ground.
    The day these people come to realise that MJ is really gone…it will be the day in which Michael will finally rest in peace.That same day,his Family and his Friends will be relieved of a heavy burden(call it rock,call it grief)from their hearts.

  2. karen
    August 29, 2010 at 03:22

    Very well said…I agree. Leave the man and his family alone. Do the hoaxers ever wonder if the clues are being left by the ones in charge of making profits off of Michaels name, to keep the sales up of his merchandise and music? We will always love his music and I look forward to hearing more of the unreleased melodies and will purchase it. We will always love the man and know the truth, that he had a good heart, a good mind, and a good soul. A very rare find on this miracle of a planet. But the time has come to just enjoy the music and the memory. It’s time to realize that the fantasy is not reality. The reality is…Michael Jackson the entertainer is gone. His influence will remain forever.
    On another random thought…if he had been a woman, no one would have questioned anything he did for children or otherwise…Going forward, I hope more energy will be put into justice for his legacy than the hoax theory…

  3. Pagu
    September 1, 2010 at 20:48

    I find sooooooooooooo funny… This blog preaches to the believers leave the family alone and bla bla bla… So why this blog will not stop talking about the hoax/believers and each follows his life? This blog does not help and encourage even more food this whole thing about the hoax. This blog has to take another direction…. o__________O

    • livinofthewall
      September 2, 2010 at 16:54

      We do this Pagu because this whole search for so called clues is ridiculous because there are none and the digging into every little detail of Michael’s life is outragous and respectless. That’s why we write these blogs here, to make hoaxers/believers aware of what they are doing. So why do we encourage people?

      • livinofthewall
        September 2, 2010 at 20:02

        And we are paying tribute here as well. As you can see in all the blogs that have been posted…

  4. Javiera
    September 3, 2010 at 23:01

    We’re going to continue with our investigation even if you be angry and said a lot of stupid things. Have you hear the song “Unbreakable”? Well, all the things that Mike said in that song are how we feel in this moment and in general, and all your hate don’t mean nothing to us, because we feel love for each other like a family and for Mike. You have right to think that Mike is dead, we’re don’t going to discuss it, but we’re in our right to investigate all this hoax, and we’re not going to stop because you’re feeling hurt, because if you feel bad when are reading our clues, so don’t do that and we don’t going to have any problems. We are fighting for Mike, and we only going to stop when te BamsDay finaly come, any second before of that, so you can forget about we’re going to stop our fight, because Mike gave us the bravery, courage, willingness to move, strength and faith, and you can’t nothing to do about it >:)

    • livinofthewall
      September 6, 2010 at 13:59

      What hate are you talking about? We don’t spread hate, we are just want to make you aware of what you are doing isn’t right. That’s something totally differend then spreading hate. Where do we say that he is dead? We don’t know if he is dead or alive neither do you.

  5. Javiera
    September 7, 2010 at 00:46

    Yeah, sure, I saw all your videos, you treat at the hoaxers as bad people and said we’re like the press, when they’re bad people and only said lies, we’re not like they, and you said the hoax isn’t right, but that’s not true, only take 1 minute to read our blogs and admit that a lot of things have no sense in this case. We don’t want you think like us, only want you treats us with respect and stop with this stupid blog entries

    • livinofthewall
      September 7, 2010 at 12:48

      We read your blogs and we have an opinion about those. Those so called clues doesn’t make sense at all sorry….And again nobody here is saying that you are bad people you just let someone play with your mind. Use commen sense and when you do that you will realize that a lot of things aren’t so weird as they seem to be. Respect is something that you have to earn and is not a right. Take a look at how you write to us…..

  6. Javiera
    September 7, 2010 at 23:57

    Yeah, it’s true, everything is perfectly normal with Michael’s death and the hoax is stupid… at least it’s what I say if don’t be all the opposite! And look at this you wrote here: “All his family and friends want’s is peace and quiet to mourn their loss and get the justice for Michael that they all hope will come soon.” Yeah, his family is really sad and only want justice for Mike, but they are acting very strange: no tears, a strange funeral and memorial, Jermaine saying “airport” instead “hospital” in one of the interviews, Janet saying is going to wear only black clothes for 1 year later Mike’s death and later we can see her wearing clothes with diferent colors like white, yellow, brown but nothing black, and Joe Jackson, who forgot Mike is dead when Larry King was in a interview with him, because this is what they say that day:

    LK: I think is very hard to accept
    Joe: Accept what Larry?
    LK: That your son is GONE

    Looks like a family searching justice after a big loss? I don’t think so… And if you’re going to say “But Paris cried in the Memorial after her speech”, well, that tears were FAKE, and she was very quiet and calm after and beofre she talk, even we can say she was bored… so, if you still think that family is sad for a big loss, I think you have to take a better look

    • lisalittleme
      September 8, 2010 at 02:39

      Ohh my Javiera to me it seems like you actually don’t have a clue about what this blog is about. Let me try to explain it to you in a logicial way.

      For one this blog is about RESPECTING Michael and yes we might push things to another level where we actually write things others don’t. We might touch some nerves here and some of the things we are saying here can hurt others, but we writes about things others won’t even begin to talk about. Since we have over 42000+ views here we are not on any wrong path.

      Now let me get back to some of the things you mentions in your comment because I find some of the things disrespectful.

      Noone knows how The Jacksons mourn. I have seen pictures of Katherine Jackson where you clearly can see she devastated and recently there was a picture of Michaels wonderful daughter sitting in a car heartbroken.

      10 years ago I lost my best friend and she was only 26, the day I was told she was dead I said to the people around me I would wear something for a year that indicates her dead. But after a short while I was wearing “normal” clothes again. Just because Janet said that doesn’t mean she should wear black clothes, if she felt/feels like wearing all kind of clothes then let her do that. This is her choice not yours, mine or anyone elses.

      Joe well we all know by now that he is the black sheep in this family and this could be his way of ( this sounds crazy) being cool and relaxed.

      Uhmm Paris well poor kids, the press, hoaxers and fans in general is chasing them just like they did/do with Michael. I personally think is it disrespectful to say that they seemed bored at the memorial. WE don’t know what happened hours before the memorial. WE don’t know what they have been through when they paid their last respect at Forest Lawn. How on earth can you say her tears were fake?? Where you there standing next to her?? Where you the one who gave her kleenex to wipe out her tears?? Uhmm let me guess.. No you weren’t there at all..

      And another thing. Did Michael ever once digged in your life and scattered your life all over the internet??

      Lets say he did faked his death, then what?? What on earth are you trying to do to him?? Give the man some rest. He sure needs it either here on earth still breathing or in heaven and watching he precious family..

      My point here is start to respect, cherish, remember and tribute Michael Jackson instead of hunting him like a cat hunts a mouse.

  7. livinofthewall
    September 8, 2010 at 09:36

    Everything you say Javiera in your last comment is a lack of respect towards the family and Michael. This is exactly what we are trying to say here. You don’t know these people, you have no idea what they are like in person/real life without any camera’s pointed at their face. Everybody grieves in his own way and Janet not wearing black for a whole year isn’t a clue at all. When time goes by wounds will heal and become scares. It makes it all a little easier. Jermaine saying airport…if you have done your homework then you know that there are more flights with destination “unknown” this doesn’t have to mean something. And could it be a posibility that Jermaine as very tired and just came of a plane himself or something like that? Oh no…..that doesn’t fitt into the hoax so that can’t be it……stupid me….

  8. Javiera
    September 8, 2010 at 23:44

    We’re not hunting the kids, we only said what we see in the memorial, because not only Paris don’t really cry, Prince was saw making a balloon with his bubblegum, some of you can made it in your father’s memorial? I don’t think so, and if Janet said she’s going to wear black clothes for 1 year, I think she said it because were going to do it, at least for respect to her brothers memory. I think us the hoaxers are treated in a very unfair way, but we don’t care, our search are going to continue even if you’re insist in said we’re monsters, bad people, predator and a lot of another things with nosense, because the real bad people here are you, because you are only judging with no probes, because the hoax is a serious thing, not the haunting you think, and we’re braves and have faith in Mike, the same he have in us, and you can continue with your stupid blog entries, we’re continue with our investigation, even if you don’t want it

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