Wishful thinking

Sometimes we wish so hard for something to be true, it will prevent us from seeing the reality as it really is. If we are very stubborn in our wishful thinking, we might even call it denial. In some cases deception.

Michael Jackson left us in June 2009. 16 months ago. Still some are convinced he is alive and might even come back.

To those that believe this, I have to ask; did you ever grieve or mourn the loss of Michael? If you did, I wonder why you are so convinced that he might still be around.

Grief is a natural process of getting over the loss of someone you loved very much. It is quite healthy actually. Getting over does not mean forgetting, it just means moving on and accepting the facts that surrounds a specific situation. But of course there are a slight paradox in mourning the death of someone, you believe is alive. It would be like taking things in advance, right?

There are some facts in the timeline since Michael’s untimely passing, that are indisputable.
1. There are an autopsy report.
2. There was a burial.
3. His estate is being processed by estate lawyers
4. Murray is standing trial for administering Propofol and directly causing the death of Michael.
5. Katherine is filing lawsuits against AEG and all involved parties for directly/indirectly causing the death of Michael.

If you believe Michael is alive and it all has been staged, you have to hope for Murray to go free, because this will ultimately prove it did not happen, right? So where is the justice for Michael in that? What if you are wrong? Then you, the most devoted fan of Michael, are letting yet another injustice happen to Michael and his family.

If you believe Michael is alive and staged all this, you are also saying he has been misusing public offices and public employees. That is not legal, as far as I am informed, but bear with me, I am just a stupid non believer.

These devoted “investigators” and seekers of the truth, choose to chase theories like the NWO/Illuminati, strange blood lines, Elvis connections or the theory of Michael conducting it all from behind the scenes. Or one of the all the other strange theories..

Investigating facts like AEG putting so much pressure on Murray, that he eventually (and maybe accidentally) killed his client, is not something they spend time on. Because that would be the same as admitting Michael could have died.
In order to be a good truth seeker, one shall only investigate theories that can give the results you want to hear. Any fact that might lead to the other and highly unwanted result is to be ignored. (Some irony might have been used) There are do’s and there are don’ts in your world, and implying Michael passed away is total don’t.
After studying you for so many months, I think that’s how your communities work.

How are you ever going to find peace with what happened, if these are the filters you are wearing?
If you really want to find the truth, you need to investigate both possibilities equally hard. And accept (not the same as liking) the final result.

Once again I hear that MJDHI is planning what they call a “media rally”. Last time you did it, it was about Elvis & MJ, and the strange facts that made their destinies look so alike to you. I don’t know what you are up too this time, but please consider that your ideas and theories might sound a bit off in others ears, and spamming them on Twitter and in emails or what you plan to do, doesn’t make it sound more plausible.

Click to enlarge

The interview between Oprah and LMP is now up for investigation. No stone is leaved unturned. Right from the color of LMP’s clothes (and her weight and make up), to a stone in the garden that looks like an eye, to the placement of the interior or the background scenes.. all pointing to a lot of Illuminati signs, green screenes or manipulations.

Is there no room for coincidences in your world? You are seeing conspiracy signs everywhere..

Click to enlarge

What a shame, I think you are missing out on a lot of beauty in this world, because you are always on the lookout for these signs. Some might even call it a little obsessed, because you twist things to make them fit.

I would wish that you would stop deceiving yourselves and one another, and come to terms with that Michael is no longer here. Let it rest at that. Accept it and move on. It is time, whether he is gone or not, that’s what he wanted the world to believe.. Use your energy on getting justice for Michael.
There are a whole bunch of delightful, loving and lovely fans out there, that does nothing but pay respect to the memory of Michael everyday, be a part of that, instead of chasing shadows..

  1. cawobeth
    October 23, 2010 at 19:37

    On & off, I grieve over how Michael was treated. I heal by standing up for his innocence. I do not grieve over his passing because I tend to feel his presence spiritually more than ever before; dead or alive.
    Autopsy report ? There are many discrepancies in the report. For one, the 2 “official” toxicology do not match. The partial autopsy report; toxicology section, that was released months prior to the full report does not match the toxicology report that was included in the “completed” autopsy report.
    The LA Memorial event appears to me to be about more alive than dead. The funeral looks like a stage-set. Though I find this confusing because I find it difficult to believe that all the people that were there are beLIEvers.
    I do not see MJ as having misused any officials. There is a video which thoroughly explains how MJ did not break any laws, in the event that he did fake his death. (wish I could find it again) *I hate the word hoax in relation to Michael.
    I have studied symbolism for many years and the mistake many hoaxers have made is to delve into symbols. This is not how to interpret symbolism. One can make anything into anything and relate anything to anything as one chooses.
    The exorbitant degree of theories over an MJ hoax does an outlook on Michael’s values & his legacy a great dis-service. Michael is FOR love, that’s all we need to know.
    I would have never guessed you to be a stupid non-believer !
    God’s speed to Michael whatever people say or do in reaction to this saga. Anyone who wonders about whether he actually died or nor needs to refer only to FACTs; not theories, the LA memorial & This Is It. I would also suggest quiet time to talk to Michael and God.
    For me, my focus is more on re-exposing the facts regarding his innocence due to old allegations & disrespect that continues to go on about him. This is the least we can do in consideration of all he has given.
    Like I always say; dead or alive- His spirit matters. His legacy matters AND truth matters. This helps me to remember to utilize my time over Michael in a productive way. Michael is free for now, dead or alive, and this needs to be respected by everyone; beLIEvers and non. Meanwhile, I believe it’s possible for people to agree to disagree over this and remember that Michael would want us to get along with unconditional love no matter what’s going on. He also deserves those who love him to show him rather than just talk about how much they love him. I hope more & more people come to realize the value(s) of clearing his name. Wouldn’t Michael like us to spend time standing up for truth than go off on hypothetical tangents; trust him, wherever he is ?

  2. Jolie
    October 23, 2010 at 21:05

    Thing is, how is it possible that we all have the same information yet so many theories? i.e, “this has been planned for at least 20 years” vs. “he had to run away in a hurry” or the biggest one “he died” vs. “he is alive”. These are not slight differences, these are major! It is not hard to realize that someone is VERY wrong.

    People could argue “then, why all the clues?” or “ This whole thing does not make sense, thing don not add up at all” Has anyone thought that there is a lot we do not know, hence the holes or incongruences that people call “clues” or “slip ups”?

    Back in 2009 things were easily solved up: the last picture: photoshopped, the autopsy details: were leaked by some tabloid, big fake. Now, we have a lot of new information, documents and legal proceedings ongoing, how do we make them fit in the theories? That is why this turned into what it is now, people have accepted passively the new theories, because things do not sound good otherwise. That is not the truth, but people’s own fairytale where everything is okay, and the happy ending is Michael returning.

    “Michael is a genious”, “He is orchestrating everything”, “It is all an illusion”, “This has been well planned by the master”, “This is a hoax, hence it’s all fake”, “He is Michael, anything is possible”, “This is a great adventure” are the answers for the unexplicable questions.

    This is what I think, you do not have to agree.

    Thanks for the hard work people. 🙂

  3. October 23, 2010 at 21:52

    I am not asking for proves of a hoax or the opppsite, I am telling you guys that there will be no peace, until you can let go. That is the whole point with my blog.

    Believe what you want, but accept the facts. We are all different and nobody fits the whole picture in my blog. But ask yourself if you are deceiving yourself and getting stuck in wishful thinking.

  4. kiteonabreeze
    October 23, 2010 at 23:56

    your a non-believer?

    • October 24, 2010 at 00:18

      Yes, I do not believe in a hoax

      • kiteonabreeze
        October 24, 2010 at 02:08

        so I’m not too sure what the term “hoax” actually encompasses. so your a non-believer in the hoax and believe Michael is alive or your a non-believer in the hoax and believe Michael is dead?

        Is the hoax idea greater than Michael just being alive?

        • October 24, 2010 at 13:03

          I am a non believer because I do not believe in a hoax. I did not invent that expression, but that is generally how we – who do not believe in a hoax – are categorized by hoaxers.
          Wether I believe he is alive or not is not important, all I say is he is gone. I try not to let anyone know what I really believe here, because that has nothing to do with what I am trying to say in this blog. If I said I believe that he is dead (or alive), only people who believes the same as I do, would read it – the rest wouldn’t waste time on it. And I am trying to reach all of you.

  5. lisalittleme
    October 24, 2010 at 00:28

    As a non-believer myself I have to agree on this one.
    We are not meant to live forever. Neither did Michael..

  6. cawobeth
    October 24, 2010 at 06:32

    This says it all, Zilda-
    “It is time, whether he is gone or not, that’s what he wanted the world to believe.. Use your energy on getting justice for Michael.”
    I just can’t get over, still to this day & probably never will, how awfully one compassionate being could be treated so awfully.
    Ya know, it wasn’t until my mid0thirties that I believed evil really existed.
    I always saw the good in people and got confused when I noticed bad things happen.
    But what was done to Michael was not just mean, not just jealousy, not just envy; really evil. And the evil of a few people, just a few, that’s all it took, ignited so much hate and more lies over him. I still can hardly get over it sometimes.
    Imagine what it must have been like for him ?
    The heart-ache, the mental anguish; which caused even more physical pain for him.
    My God, we can only imagine…
    Did you ever have emotional pain to the extent that you realized it broke-down your immune system. Well, it’s true, that’s what emotional pain does.
    Michael already lived with a compromised immune system.ichael mI back-ache for you or me So, the back-ache he experienced during the trial was at least 10 times greater than a typical back-ache.

  7. cawobeth
    October 24, 2010 at 06:59

    The end there “ichael mI back-ache for you or me So, the back-ache he experienced during the trial was at least 10 times greater than a typical back-ache” got messed-up. Sorry, I type slow, was fixing the sentence & I think I timed-out.
    All I was indenting was that a back-ache for you or me, Michael would feel the same back-ache, three-times more on a regular day, let alone during that horrid trial.
    Then things got so bad for him he felt he had to go into exile. He could have sued Ssseddon and the court/justice “system”, but he’d had enough. It wore him down. He wanted to be a father to his children & move on with his life. Having been acquitted, one would think that that wouldn’t be a problem, but a few more evil people stepped-up to make money off of the lies. Media ended-up mading millions off of their own millions off the “allegations”, the lies about Michael.
    Sick, so sick, my stomach still literally turns sometimes; money over integrity at the expense of a giving person.
    This is upsetting, I know but it happened. It really happened. This is not theories and blame or story; it’s all a factual. I’m so sorry, Michael wherever you are. We will clear his name, whether it takes a few of us or hundreds, however long it takes because Michael is worth even more, dead or alive. Don’t you know Michael wouldn’t want anyone to ever have to go through the hell he did ? This is the sort of person he is. Prevailing the truth about Michael is more than just about Michael. It’s about valuing truth. And truth is love for love is our truth.
    Love by media would be showing humility for what they did, but money means more to too many, so as Michael said in TII, “It’s up to us” to stand up. The media divides people and we must conquer because time is of the essence, the time is now to unite for sake of Earth. Remember that slogan “Save the Planet ” ? That means save us.
    Maybe you think I’m nuts & went off on some tangent but I feel sure that I didn’t. “We are one” and the greedy, like medialoids, who deny this, hurt everyone.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. livinofthewall
    October 24, 2010 at 16:04

    The point is that there are people out there who use their energy in a wrong way. We have said it so many times….use all of that energy on getting Justice for Michael. If he is alive or dead it doesn’t matter. He left this life and trade it for another probebly much more peacefull one as the one he lived before 25th of june 2009. Right after june 2009 the “clues” made in a way some sence, but now things are getting really ridiculous and are just being believed because it can be fitt into this hoax..if it doesn’t then they will make it in some way…It is sad that there is a lot of “talk and so little walk” 😦

  9. kiteonabreeze
    October 24, 2010 at 17:28

    Personally I think you are selling people a bit short. I think over the past 16
    months the number of people who have learned about the man behind Michael
    Jackson increased exponentially. Those who would not have given him, his music
    or the idea of his innocence a second thought are now standing up and stating he
    was treated unjustly. These people are joining together with other groups who
    are finding ways to help clear his name and prove his innocence. Whether we want
    to admit it or not the idea of Michael being alive and the idea of the “hoax”
    (which seems to be the all encompassing word now) has helped open peoples eyes a
    bit. Those who would have believed what the media plagued him with, have now
    read for themselves that Michael is innocent. They have read about the
    manipulation, the lies, the destruction of this man and all the positive efforts
    he was trying to make in this world. They accepted him for the man he
    continually strived to be and even for his faults. When I say they have read for
    themselves, I’m not speaking about watching 1,000,000 “hoax” videos. When I say
    this I’m referring to those videos being the catalyst for an individual to
    research Michael’s struggles and come to realize his innocence on their own.
    So whether we want to admit it or not the idea of Michael being alive has had an
    insurmountable impact on the efforts that are currently being done to clear his
    name or support him and his family. It has opened people’s eyes to the
    injustices he faced, those who may have watched back in 1993 and 2005 and either
    believed in the allegations or felt they could do nothing to support him.
    I know we’ve had this conversation before and you know that I believe he is
    alive. At the same time I support all of the efforts to clear Michael’s name,
    bring him justice, uncover his name at the Gardner street school (which was done
    on 10/15/10) etc etc. the list could go on and on. I don’t see why both can’t
    co-exist together. If I am open to both ideas, and the idea that I could also be
    wrong. then I’m sure there are many others with the same feeling. It’s really
    two sides of the same coin. Do I agree with everything that has been done thus
    far. No I don’t! That is no secret. But there has been some good that has come
    out of what has been deemed evil. At the same time, I don’t need to know about his personal life etc to believe in him or any other human being. If we can stand for him then we should stand for those around each of us. That could be the best possible thing to come out of all of this besides the obvious justice for Michael. We should be able to help, support and love one another regardless of our own opinions. Some things go far beyond each of us. Creating a world that is kind, just and loving is one of those things. We can unite in our differences, we do it in our own lives everyday.

    This is not directly about Michael but I do believe it captures the essence of the man he is, how he lived his life and also how we should live our lives. (Hoax or no hoax, alive or passed on, alive and at peace)

    Ubuntu addresses a central tenet of African philosophy: the essence of what it
    is to be human. The definition of this concept has two parts. The first is that
    the person is friendly, hospitable, generous, gentle, caring, and compassionate.
    In other words, someone who will use their strengths on behalf of othersthe
    weak and the poor and the illand not take advantage of anyone. This person
    treats others as he or she would be treated. And because of this they express
    the second part of the concept, which concerns openness, large-heartedness. They
    share their worth. In doing so that persons humanity is recognized and becomes
    inextricably bound to the others.
    People with ubuntu are approachable and welcoming; their attitude is kindly and
    well-disposed; they are not threatened by the goodness in others because their
    own esteem and self-worth is generated by knowing they belong to a greater
    whole. To recast the Cartesian proposition I think, therefore I am, ubuntu
    would phrase it I am human because I belong. Put another way, a person is a
    person through other people, a concept perfectly captured by the phrase me
    we. No one comes into the world fully formed. We would not know how to think or
    walk or speak or behave unless we learned it from our fellow human beings. We
    need other human beings in order to be human. The solitary, isolated human being
    is a contradiction in terms.
    Because we need one another, our natural tendency is to be cooperative and
    helpful. If this were not true we would have died out as a species long ago,
    consumed by our violence and hate. But we havent. We have kept on despite the
    evil and the wars that have brought so much suffering and misery down the
    centuries. We have kept on because we strive for harmony and community, a
    community not only of the living but also one that honors our forebears. This
    link to the past gives us a sense of community, a sense that we have created and
    create societies that are meant to be for the greater good and try to overcome
    anything that subverts our purpose. Our wars end; we seek to heal.
    This is the essence of ubuntu, or me we. In a world that is hard and cynical
    great things can be achieved wherever there is great love the only way we can
    ever be human is together. The only way we can be free is together.

    I love each of you no matter what!

    • October 24, 2010 at 18:40

      I agree that a lot of new fans has emerged and more people know about him now, than before June 25th, and this of course makes it easier to get some real justice done. But I do not agree when you say this is something the hoax/being alive concept alone has achieved.
      This bigger interest is caused by many things, and not least the fan communities and the social networks like Twitter, Facebook and even via YT tributes.

      Many people have not experienced the great love or family feeling in the hoax forums, some have I agree on that, but not all. Mostly because these forums have only room for one opinion, and a lot of people have been pushed out for having another opinion or simply never was adopted by “the family”.

      One thing I don’t understand is why you make such a big deal out of this?
      The points in my blog seems to have bypassed you. The interview with LMP the other days, started an avalanche of decoding this and that, seeing symbols here and there and eyes in the garden and you name it.. My blog is about that…
      About the fact that some analyzes everything to death. They have forgotten to live in the moment and they have lost all their spontaneity. Everything has to happen for a reason for these people and I bet a lot of them keeps looking over their shoulders, in case Illuminati is watching.
      And I believe that living like that must be very tiring and must make you miss out on a lot in life.

      And one last thing I must add in the end is, that the hoax communities is not the communities I see do most work for getting justice served. I see them mostly occupied with their own things. Once I even tried to get MJDHI to support William Wagener and Correct the media lies petition, and in return my user got instantly deleted and banned for life – just because it was me.

      But okay, I could be wrong about that.

  10. kiteonabreeze
    October 24, 2010 at 21:07

    Well honestly I didn’t think I was making a big deal out of it, just throwing out some thoughts that came into my head after reading your article. I really didn’t think what I was saying was much different from your position. I’m not attributing the idea of justice for michael to the concept of the hoax/alive theory alone. I was just saying it does play a small part in it. My post was not to defend the humanity or lack there of in hoax forums or those who make hoax videos. Nor was it do defend or dispel the way some treat those who do not believe in their particular theories. It wasn’t even to say the hoax community as a whole is doing more than others for Michael’s justice because that isn’t the case. It was to say that for those who may have known nothing about michael but still believe in his guilt, having stumbled upon the hoax/alive theories led them to much bigger truths about Michael Jackson the man. Which in turn led them to the idea of helping with this justice. Yes the bigger interest in justice being done is a culmination of many things including this,your site,facebook,twitter… . I think the big deal in all of this is, it is possible for each of us no matter what we believe to work together for the greater good, isn’t it?
    My post really wasn’t about the continual search for clues and evidence. I haven’t seen anything about the things you’ve mentioned about LMP so I can’t comment on that specifically…Nor do I care about it. But I get what your saying in regards to that and I don’t disagree with it.
    I’ve seen groups who believe Michael died on June 25th push people away who were willing to help them with justice because that particular person or group believed he was alive and of course the same for hoax forums doing things like they have done to you. I don’t misunderstand your blog at all. Working towards justice for Michael is a very important thing. What I am saying is can’t we all work as one, no matter what we believe to achieve that justice. That is not a specific statement to you but a general statement to all. We need to make it easier to support Michael by allowing each other to work together.

    I don’t know if you felt I was attacking you and defending the hoax, but that wasn’t what I was doing at all. So if you do feel this I do apologize. I would never do that to you or anyone else. I value your opinion and anyone else who wishes to share it with me.

    • October 24, 2010 at 21:19

      No I am sorry if I misunderstood you. Of course we all should work together on the things that benefits Michael, no matter what we believe in. And that’s also why I am not telling clearly what I believe in, because then it will all be about that. At this blog no one is shot out due to belief.

  11. carmen
    October 25, 2010 at 12:15

    Michael wants us to believe he is gone and we have to respect this and move on no matter what we believe in.I don’t believe in a “hoax”(actually I hate this word),I don’t care about imaginary clues and invented signs.Enough is enough!People must be preocupied by clearing his name and understanding his message.He is alive in our hearts and he’ll always be.We don’t have to forget about him,but we need to foccus on what is now important and he told us about.His loss is not “a great adventure” it is a tragedy for the entire world,but we have to move on and just let go.But it is great to remember him,to honour him and to pay tribute to this wonderful person,and,most important,to listen to his call and folow his advices. We need to make him proud of us wherever he is.

    • October 25, 2010 at 15:09

      I agree 100%. Well said!

    • lisalittleme
      October 25, 2010 at 15:17

      Well said.. I couldn’t agree more.. Bravo

  12. carmen
    October 25, 2010 at 18:29

    Thank you dear friends.Some of you remember what I wrote a few month ago,but I wish to write it again if you don’t mind,because it is what I feel right now:

    We’ve asked for a flower and God gave us a garden,
    We’ve asked for a star and God gave us the sky,
    We’ve asked for an angel and God gave us…Michael.

  13. livinofthewall
    October 25, 2010 at 20:29

    Exactly Carmen couldn’t agree with you more!!

    <blockquote We’ve asked for a flower and God gave us a garden,
    We’ve asked for a star and God gave us the sky,
    We’ve asked for an angel and God gave us…Michael.


  14. Mitzibaby78
    October 26, 2010 at 02:01

    “These devoted “investigators” and seekers of the truth, choose to chase theories like the NWO/Illuminati, strange blood lines, Elvis connections or the theory of Michael conducting it all from behind the scenes. Or one of the all the other strange theories”
    RIDICULOUS THEORYS!!!!Michael had his reasons, we are not to question, we are only to respect his decision. If we truly care about him. Let’s put all of this to rest . Whether he be alive (which I think) or dead, none of it matters anymore. He is not here with us. After 50 plus years, he needs peace. I love his music and I am enamored by his charitable acts. He was and always will be a great artist and a wonderful humanitarian. Rest in Peace or enjoy life, Michael Jackson, and know that you are truly loved.

  15. cawobeth
    October 26, 2010 at 06:32

    I rarely even visit the 2 big hoax site anymore.
    Too much speculation, too much off-the-wall interpretation AND too many people playing God claiming Michael this & Michael that as if they are Michael.
    I tried for months to bring up the importance of clearing his name & for the most part got ignored, except for ArabianKnights & a cpl other ppl.
    It’s nice to hear that some “hoaxers” consider this now & I hope they are taking action; blogging to articles, writing letters & continually sharing the facts.
    Drawing symbols on top of a photo is ridiculous. I wish more ppl would re-direct their energy to what’s needed which is to continually re-expose the facts of his innocence and speak of hi compassionate humanitarianism.
    Yes, yes to what you said Mitzi. ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. October 27, 2010 at 10:39

    Well, Cawobeth, your impassioned pleas to bring justice to MJ could have been written by me. You expressed everything that I feel as if you have peered into my heart. Our brother, deserves vindication and we are the ones to do. We know the truth, we should speak the truth and we must spread the truth. He is very much revered and understood amongst us but the majority of the public have a really dim view of MJ due to the manipulative media. It is up to all of us as his representative to address this evil.

    If not us, Who? ……if not now, When?

    MJJJusticeProject — the time has COME

  17. Laura
    October 30, 2010 at 00:14

    Hello to everybody!
    Miss Zilda, I appreciate what you do and all your efforts as a supporter.
    I am a supporter too and I know Michael since 40 years!
    I never made an HOAX and I didn’t even try. I didn’t need cause HE IS ALIVE!
    And I am HAPPY for that!
    I never mourn his death since day one and I could never do that.
    I am sorry for all the ones that doesn’t want to open their eyes and their heart..
    knowing Michael is also know the GENIUS behind him and he suffered sooo much in his life….something to think about….
    I always brought and always will bring my support as I did to uncover his name for the Auditorium and fight to bring to justice those that framed him!!! I am fighting against those that prepared the CONSPIRACY and I will always do…JUSTICE NOT VENDICT! Michael doesn’t like that. HE IS LOVE.


  18. November 4, 2010 at 12:46

    Thanks Zilda
    Long ago that I like you, but does not want reality asserts
    I love you with all my heart for daring to say what everyone is silent
    You will always be in my heart, just like Michael

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