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Hold on to your money

What is wrong with people? By asking this I want to express something I read yesterday on 2 different hoax forums, and I have to say that I am shocked. Here at WAMJ we are writing blogs about supporting Michael and trying to clear his name, trying to reach people and get their help with various projects.

We spend many hours a day tweeting about supporting Michael, and how it only takes 2 minutes to sign the petition and still a lot of people are ignoring this, despite many of them are saying day in and day out, how they want to clear his name and get the justice he deserves.

Now back to the threads I read earlier. The first one was about a Private Investigator (P I). A girl on a hoax forum actually found a P I who is willing to help her/them to find Michael or to help her/them to find out what actually happened june 25th 2009 and so on, but the P I is charging $4000 for starters and charges $90 pr hour. The girl asked her fellow hoax members to support this insane project, so they could find out what happened that day.
However, several members refused to get in to this and thought this was a bit too much. You got that right. Overall I think the hoax investigation is too much. But that’s a complete different story.

I think the authorities are already investigating what happened that day, and I doubt a random P I is better equipped than the authorities to uncover the truth. But I do fully understand that a P I would take this assignment on him, especially at those rates. So save your money on that one, and if you really have that much money to spare, find some charity to donate to.

Moving on to the other thread on another hoax forum, and again I have to shake my head, because this is absolutely beyond stupid if you ask me. The owner ~ admin on this forum are asking her members for money to help Eliza Presley with her court case. So the owner of this hoax forum linked to Elizas UNofficial website and encouraged people to use the donate button. Yup, you got it right, it is Elizas unofficial homepage and the woman behind this website are running out of money. Now would you support a woman, claiming to be related to Elvis, and send her money via her UNofficial website? Eliza does have an official website, although it seems to not work at the moment.
Is it even okay for a forum owner to ask the members to support something, that has nothing to do with the forum, with their hard-earned cash? If Eliza needs them so badly, she could make a donation thread in the forum – because she is a member there.

As this blog was being written, the thread was deleted without a word to explain why. It was there for 4 days. Did she figure out herself that this could (not saying it was) be a scam? Using an unofficial website – when you do have an official one, speaks volume. Or did she get second thoughts to what the forum is really about, or the decency in asking for money from the members. Wonder how many donated before the thread was taken down, because a lot replied on that thread? Wonder who got the money?

This makes me think of the intentions this forum was established by, do you remember them?

We are not here to find him.
We are here to speak up for someone that can’t speak up for himself.
We are here to report all the shit that the mainstream media has ignored or mis reported.
We are here to support someone that needs support.
We are here to give members a platform to discuss this matter.
We are here for him and we will defend him to the bone.

When I read these threads and see that some members are supporting something so stupid, I can not understand what’s going through their heads. They are willing to send a stranger money and help raising money to hire a P I, but sign a petition to help clear their idols name isn’t an option.
And I guess you all know what happened once Zilda tried to create a thread in MJDHI, to get support to William Wagener and MJJusticeproject?
Am I completely wrong with the way I think or is there anyone else who thinks this is absolutely nuts?

What kind of devoted fan wouldn’t help Michael? I simply don’t get.

  1. livinofthewall
    October 31, 2010 at 19:37

    Alright Lisa! You lurk a lot hahaha!! Unfortunatly I have been blocked at the ladies forum for qiet some time now (wonder why :E). But this is outragous!! Are there people out there who are so stupid to give money to a unofficial website? And I thought that forum was made to support Michael…what does this have to do with Michael? If the members over there are so generous then please do find a charity that Michael also supported and give your money to them…jeezzzz i’m flabbbergasted by this *gasping*…..

  2. October 31, 2010 at 20:57

    I don’t think you are nuts, Lisa..
    Would like to know why she deleted that thread and I really think she owes an explantion – since several chose to donate.

  3. netoska
    October 31, 2010 at 21:51

    I’m shocked and disgusted: not for what Lisa writes, she’s a prolific blogger here at WAMJ, and i agree with mostly everything. She, like many people here, has a careful look inside hoax forums. I sincerely tell you i don’t have time/energies to waste on/with them. I think it’s utterly unfortunate to ask for money to the people of a forum. Where has all the already donated money gone? Inside who’s pockets? Danny has got a brilliant idea: instead of financing private earnings, why don’t these people give their hard-earned money to one of those charities promoted by Michael in his lifetime?
    I would like to launch a provocation here: do these hoaxers need further attention? If they’re only seeking for more support, why don’t we leave them alone, in their own madness? Why don’t we (plural majestatis)stop following them all on twitter, facebook, forums, youtube and all the websites? I think (and i hope to be wrong!)that most of their members are just people, inquiring about them, or what they say,tweet or post. If their followers decrease and, consequently the support they’re desperately seeking, they might feel compelled to stop their chase, investigation, absurdities and so on. What if they remain alone? I don’t want to fuel this hoax, because not only it has gone way too far for my personal tastes, but it is also reaching madness and alienation! Once again, it’s time to move on!

  4. cawobeth
    October 31, 2010 at 22:32

    I created a new topic there. I don’t have time to visit there much as there is too much WORK to do for Michael. But, I guessed which forum & ha no trouble fondin the topic.
    I created a new topic called –
    LOCKED “VIP Private Investigator…”

    I don’t understand why you would lock something rather than simply remove it…
    Why ? I am not attacking, I am asking.
    You still want people to see it obviously, yet control any additional posts.
    What of this in your rules ; corrected as “guides”- – – “They will respect the opinions of members.”
    You only want to hear, what you want to hear when you want to hear it ? pheu.
    Everyone if supposedly equal here. And what of this ? – – –
    “We are not here to find him.
    We are here to speak up for someone that can’t speak up for himself.
    We are here to report all the shit that the mainstream media has ignored or mis reported.
    We are here to support someone that needs support.
    We are here to give members a platform to discuss this matter.

    I came to this site because I found the other large “hoax” site to be controlling.
    Seems that many of the people that speak of being down of the control of the NWO
    think it”s OK for them to control. Guess what ? Control is control.
    And guess what else ? The more one attempts to control, ultimately, the less control they’ve got.
    Doubt this ? try investigating historical facts on the subject.
    I was threatened to be kickded-off because I defended MJ’s request for PRIVACY.

    “…we are taking this to the next level.” We ? Oh really. Well, not me and not a lot of other people who respect Michael.
    Speak for yourself, not “we”.
    Michael pleaded for privacy over & over, GET IT ?
    Respect accompanies love.

    Please listen to what Michael says in the clip, after the credits of This Is It.

  5. cawobeth
    October 31, 2010 at 22:58

    You’re right Netoska, time to move one. This just made me so angry that I had to see for myself. I took at “pheu” from my post & tried not to sound too angry bt really, the prospect of “finding” Michael…Are they high ?
    Have they not heard anything he’s said ?
    What the _ _ _ _ !
    Some people are really crazed over this. This behavior is beyond anxious, selfish
    & disregard for MJ.
    Lisa , I tend to think that authorities have had MJ’s back from the beginning & this is much bigger than any of us know.
    It really hurts to see stuff like that post.

    • October 31, 2010 at 23:17

      It sometimes makes you question peoples agendas, doesn’t it?

  6. cawobeth
    October 31, 2010 at 23:44

    An admin. got mad, asking me to not suggest that they are control freaks and locked my topic before anyone else could respond.
    I PMed her/him this – – –

    “There are other anxious & vulnerable fans out here.
    Let the person ask her/his own friends, instead of [i]using your[/i] site to disrespect Michael.
    Your site is out of respect for Michael, Right ?
    So, please take it away. This is
    Why must this be allowed ?
    If it’s a distraught friend, then maybe someone can talk to them individually.
    This person is obviously unbalanced & so caught up in their love for Michael, that they lost touch of what’s good for Michael.

    I ask you out of respect.
    Of course it’s up to you, but please consider what I said.

    Now you locked mine..
    geez…you didn’t even give it a chance to get responses.
    You responded, then locked it.

    “Why, why” would you encourage people to reply via PM ?
    It doesn’t sound as though you personally agree with this outlandish suggestion; meanwhile, by leaving the post, you condone that’s it’s an OK choice for people to make.
    (peace-) ”
    good grief…and they don’t see how they are being controlling ?
    I’ve gotta light my Michael candle – – –

  7. doggone929
    November 1, 2010 at 06:37

    wtf. its only money. Man u people r too much with your head up ur ass. take what u need its gods planet. + read malachai so u show temperance in what u do.

    • livinofthewall
      November 1, 2010 at 18:37

      I guess you have enough money…good for you! Give to real charity plz!

  8. cawobeth
    November 1, 2010 at 20:21

    I just want you guys to know that following a discussion I’ve had with the owner of the site, the post has been removed.

    God’s speed to Michael . . .

  9. Laura
    November 5, 2010 at 16:10

    I am so glad I never follow Hoax forums and never will. I only support a MAN, Michael, that need to be supported, I’m fighting for his rights and till the end and I support Mr. Wagener and respect what he’s doing for Michael’s Justice.
    By Michael’s disappearance, these sites have grown, and, worse than the tabloids, are seeking the truth without a minimum of respect and many take advantage of the naive and gullible!
    Then, most of the fans (fans?) declaring to Love Michael, actually they love him only for his gold pants! And the same people in You Tube or Facebook have pages so Outrageous, Disrespectful and Offensive that I am shocked!
    I completely agree with you Lisa. But remember, some of the so call fans, they don’t even know Michael’s person, the man, but only the artist and some of them, are just infatuated by his performances.
    Give the money for charity!

    • lisalittleme
      November 5, 2010 at 17:19

      These hoax sites are taking their hoax to a whole other level and it’s really nasty.. They don’t respect Michael at all and don’t give a damn about what they write about his close-ones and the man himself.. I browse these forums for inspiration to write my blogs and letting the rest of the world know what his “fans” are doing to him e.g the “donation for Eliza” or ” lets hire a P.I” which is absolutley far out.. I’ll say give the money for charity and continue to uphold his message and heal the world..
      Thank you Laura for your comment and i completly agree with you 🙂

  10. evamj
    November 6, 2010 at 15:49

    Oh my god. I’m almost speechless actually. I just CAN’T believe that they would give money to a TOTAL stranger, and not sign a petition that could TRULY help him..
    It really shows how devastated (did I write it right?) they are to get Michael back, or to get the truth.
    Good post btw 🙂

  11. nothing
    December 28, 2010 at 01:49

    Hi, I just wanna say first Merry Christmas. Second, i am the one who started the PI thing on the forum, the one that you are calling crazy and stupid without obviously knowing what this is all about, talking about me like that, not even judging the action but judging the person. First of all i didn’t start this to find where is Michael or anything, i did this because i did a real investigation using a real experts testimony and so on, and i needed to get the real documents so that we can have a case and demand the thieves to be out of his kids lives, not so desperately obsessed to get him out!!!, and am not crazy nor stupid, as obviously you didn’t see what my intentions were. The second thing, i stopped the campaign because it was useless and people don’t seem to get anything so i decided i will continue my investigation all by myself and i am gonna do whatever it takes to bring justice for Michael not to smoke him out. What authorities are you talking about?!!!, the same ones who were gonna put him in jail while he was innocent. The same ones who refused each and every case he filed against his enemies and the people who caused him trouble. The authorities who are paid by AEG and branca’s office,,,etc. Do you really believe that they are doing any sort of investigation regarding MJ!!!!. Anyways, you can visit these sites to see my investigations and know me somehow for real, and see that i am not either stupid or crazy.

    http://realitycheck1.weebly.com/ this is a blog against the hoax forums!
    http://unitedformichael.weebly.com/ this one where you can see my investigations

    Have a nice day

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