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The Gospels of fanhood

The first Gospels were written 30-70 years after Jesus died, far away from the places they describe, and originally they were written for the Roman Empire readers.

There are many strong believers in Christianity, but since the first words were written so long after, they are built upon stories that are passed on between generations, and have most likely changed over time.

There are several evidences that this story has been altered and fitted into a male dominated church, were women plays a very little role, and are not that welcome.
Mary gave birth to Jesus. Mary Magdalene was the one to discover that Jesus has resurrected from the dead. Two very important pillars in the Christian faith, but after having served their purpose these women disappears out of the history.
To be a strong believer, you have to believe in conception by the Holy Ghost, and Jesus waking up from the dead and leaving his grave.

The facts of the story have probably been twisted or altered to fit into the wanted picture of what happened, and who was important, and this is by the way inevitable over such a long period of time.

The Gospels are not historical facts. There are no way to prove or disprove them, yet billions believe in them. We have no way of proving Jesus ever lived, or the people he surrounded himself with. There are no proofs, yet we accept it as the truth.

2000 years later we decorate some more on the story, now making  Mary Magdalene the wife of Jesus, giving them a child, an ancient bloodline in Europe and so on, all in the name of entertainment. New beliefs are founded, movements have started. In 100 years or more from now, people might take these addings as truths, simply because the story keeps changing over time.

Has a new religion seen the light of day?
Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Michael was anything like Jesus, and I have a great respect for religion. I just find some similarities here. Twisting facts to fit a story being one of them, and even some of the worshipping too.

The MJ believers and their faith in Michael delivering cryptic important messages, only to be understood by the smartest or interpret by the loudest? The unwritten codex of how to behave if you are a real believer, and the dividing of fans into levels of believing..

In the future, the story of Michael Jackson, may look different from the one we know today, because so many information’s were altered and fitted into the story of a hoax.

If MJ had a message and it was so important, as many say it is, wouldn’t the message be put as simple as possible, to make more understand it? What purpose does it serve, only to enlighten a few with this so important message? That’s why I don’t believe there is a reason for a hoax, or a deeper message from MJ. That’s why I think some of you are being deceived into believing things like TIAI.

There are a hardcore group of fans, still hunting for evidence of a hoax or a deeper message. Can we trust their findings at all? Or are their findings manipulated to fit the overall message and belief of a hoax?
Would the hoaxers ever admit it, if they found solid proof of MJ being dead, and no hoax? Because admitting that, would mean the end of the hoax and all the believing, right? And it would also mean 18 months wasted on illusions and wishful thinking. Who would like to admit that?

But where am I going with all this? Well, I want you to be sceptic. I want you to ask questions, to yourself and to others, before believing anything. I mostly want you to reject anything that are not 100% correct, because the altering of the truth starts with us. And so does the preservation of the truth.
Some of the hoaxers are using some of the same methods the religious preachers, have been using for millenniums, hence the part of the Gospels earlier. The hoax even seems to have its own “prophets”, the speakers of the almighty “truth”, deciding what is important or not, like e.g. TIAI. Or what people to listen to.
Could there be some people in this hoax, that had interests in going on feeding the believers with “evidences”?
Is there someone behind all this keeping this alive? Who get’s something out of keeping this hoax alive?

If you don’t believe then you are a non believer. And that often means lower than nothing, or even being a hater, if you ask a believer. On Twitter I have seen believers cutting off old friends, because they were non believers. No longer good enough or worthy of being followed by them.

I don’t think the fans are united. They are very divided, and dividing fellow fans into believers and non believers initiated this division.
A recent example would be the last album “Michael”.
The album did not sell as expected. Some expected every single MJ fan to purchase this album, and they did not. Why?
A group of fans decided to boycott Sony, thinking Sony are using Michael’s goodwill among the fans, and releasing music he himself would not have released. So they did not buy the album as a protest. Others did not buy it, because they simply didn’t like it that much.
And now the rest of the fans, who wanted Michael as number 1 on the charts, in the first week for any price, are blaming the Sony boycott fans for this not happening.

As an MJ fan you are not obligated to buy anything against your will. Remember that.

But instead of boycotting Sony (and Michael), you could have bought one of his old records, just to send a statement to Sony. How cool would it not have been if  Thriller was number 1 in the first week of releasing “Michael”?

In my eyes, Michael was all about love and tolerance, and I know that most fans try to mirror this, but they are not always very successful about this. Some of the actions taken by fans reflects pure punishment, instead of tolerance and education.
Let me bring out two petitions as examples; Fire Martin Bashir and Fire Diane Dimond, both initiated by MJ fans.

I fully understand your feelings about these two people, but I simply can’t see how firing them, will bring any justice to Michael.
Instead I think the fans should try to unite with them (yeah, you read that right!), and make them understand what they did wrong, and make them use the current medias, that they are employed at, to bring him that justice. And instead of  countless “down this or down that, sign here or call these” campaigns, you should launch a “Do the right thing”-campaign, and include it on all the people who owes MJ Justice. One campaign that covers it all, that would really be raising our voices as one, instead of what we are doing right now.

I know it is a tough task, but I am sure MJ fans have the resources and the spirit, to educate these two people, in a loving and positive way. And many others for that matter.

MJ fans do have agenda’s. They want justice, and they work hard to get it, my deepest respect to these tireless soldiers of justice. Sometimes getting the needed support from the fan group is very hard, but they just keep going.

But some of them aim high and low, and are often led by the heat of the moment. It is all so very emotional and unstructured. Maybe it was more effective to choose the battles with care and not be led by emotions.

MJ fans also want the truth. But what truth is it they are looking for one might ask?
They analyze dreams, tweets, blogs, articles, pictures, videos and a lot of other stuff. And they call themselves investigators. But I don’t see so much investigation into the things that really happened on June 25th 2009, and the time leading up to this date.
Did anyone have a motive? Who? What about all the money in this, could that be something that needed investigation? Sure they covered the autopsy among other stuff and Murrays part in this, but due to their belief, they have to declare Murray innocent in advance, because anything else would mean Michael died, right? How reliable does that sound?

My hopes for 2011 are that MJ fans will get it together. Help supporting the real justice matters in the right way, no matter belief, and for hoaxers to either finally stop digging in the private matters of Michael, where they have no business, or start looking at the whole thing from a new perspective instead of following a road to nowhere.

But most of all I wish for MJ fans to put their differences aside and unite. We did it 18 months ago, we can do it again.

Happy New Year!

  1. cawobeth1
    December 27, 2010 at 01:31

    Personally, I don’t think it fair of media or anyone else to lump all MJ fans together. This is one of the problems often with media; judgment, exaggeration, generalizations, assumptions etc. One reason I work to stand up to media; values and integrity back to reporting. Many fans also believe that it’s media that killed MJ and/or led to his death. Certainly, it is media that led him & his children into exile. And it’s a fact that he almost didn’t live through that horrid trial.
    There is protesting and there is standing up to what one believes, not necessarily the same thing. You really think Bashir & Diamond are opened to be educated about MJ ? Ha ! Confronting these two is dealing with evil, corrupt “journalists” and mental incapacity for open-mindedness. It’s called denial. To write letters to MSNBC in order to encourage them not to hire Bashir, is to take a stand for true journalism, not just Michael. This is bigger than Michael. We stand for values & ethics; down on the greed of media that perversely sensationalizes individuals with no regard for their humanness, let alone lives. Standing up to MSNBC about Bashir also serves the purpose of bringing attention to how he deceived MJ and the public at large. Do you not think that Michael Jackson is deserving of a legacy of honor without the word “allegations” attached to it, let alone the other sorry names he is still called ? Truth matters and why should the media be considered our voice ? The sorry fact is, that many people regard it as such, the way it is. The way it is, is $$ driven by too much an extent. It should be drive by real, factual news that people can be aware of & learn from. You see, the media came very close to destroying the image of Michael Jackson with lies. This opened the door much wider to figure well, if we can get away with this with Michael Jackson, we can say whatever we want, whenever we want about anyone. Don’t you see ? To open ignorant eyes to the truth about Michael, is also to open the eyes to how corporate media has deceived millions of people and continue to do so.

    As far as D Deamon (Diamon) she is s like a snake in the grass. Check out the name of her most recent book- “Cirque Du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust”. Notice a little dig in the title ? Pheu…. Well she now only has 1 1/2 stars for this stupid book because we let perspective readers know that her previous “Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case” is full of lies about MJ. You see, it’s not about bashing her so much as it is about shedding light on truth. standing up for truth is not necessarily protesting about utilizing the voices we have. This has me think of Michael’s words in TII “Stand up, stand up”. It’s about sharing because we care. It’s about telling the truth because so many people are lied to. We care to let the world know that Michael Jackson should be regarded as a power of example, rather than what about 45 – 50% of his fellow Americans think of him. He proved to love all children of the world and used his artistry to promote compassion. This is what media used against him to stab him in the back because capitalizing on the lies about him made them millions; even millions on the millions they’d already made defaming him.

    As far as the petitions, personally I only signed the ones I agree with. I don’t lump them together either. 10,771 signatures to date for “Justice for Michael Jackson : liars must pay!” That’s a big voice to stand for something. We as individuals can’t afford to go through life worrying what others think of us at the expense of our values. Here in The US, Our Bill of Rights (1rst 10 amendments of our Constitution) reads “We the people”. US citizens need their country back. The Gov.(who has too long now been in kahoots with corporate media) is supposed to represent the people; all citizens, not just the billionaires. In other words, it is high time that more people speak up for what they believe. What are we supposed to do ? Continue to be door mats ? Just be wimpy and say stuff like “oh, that’s just what they do” or “well, that’s the way it is “. No !

    It just so happens that many people believe not only in Michael & his music; his values also. Personally, I believe that Michael’s life was threatened and has been for many years. Why ? Because he voiced his values. Problem being that Michael’s values (take for example peace, not war) aren’t about making more money for “mongrels & vultures” as Stevie Wonder called them days after Michael’s passing.

    As far as the new album. I love it. It’s great. Not just because I’m some die-hard Michael fan. I never even called myself a “fan”. I don’t label myself and am a down on labels person. Not only that I love all kinds of artists & musicians.
    I will admit to having become fanatical about working to clear his name. This man gave & gave & gave. So, my feeling is that the least we can do is stand for a legacy of integrity, not just for him; for Prince, Paris & Blanket also. And his dear mother, Katherine.

    I don’t see as much correlation with the story of the bible with Michael’s story as so many others do. Sure the bible is “stories” and the stories are man’s interpretation and certainly man is fallible. Yet, I do believe Jesus lived.
    Sure “hoaxers” have twisted what, why, when and how over that awful day. Some of them and many MJ fans, beLIEvers or not, have been acting worse than media; speculating and embarking upon the “story”. It’s a matter of take what you need & leave the rest. Me ? I like facts. I also study symbolism (have for years) and have
    never seen so much distortion of symbols in all these years. Soem pretty wild
    _ _ _ _ interpretted. Michael must get a pretty good laugh sometimes & other times I think he cringes and/or say OMG.

    For those who are down on Sony, all I can say is they need to brush-up on a little research. This got long enough, so I am not getting into it. I’m not here to prove anything anyway. The prooff is already out here. I’ll just end by saying that The MJ Estate & Sony execs. were at the NYC album premiere together. Branca, DiLeo & more; not just celebrating a album to make lots of money either. The were celebrating Michael, the man, the extraordinary artist and human being.

    And why did I go ?
    Because the eve of my Bday 41 years prior, I saw Michael’s TV debut with his brothers. Little did I know how much that early Bday present would come to mean in my lie.

    So, I don’t know about anyone else, but it sure feels good to do what I do when it comes to this fine man. Best fans in the world ? Hmm…well, I ain’t goin’ there and I don’t generalize. Certainly the largest amount people who are fans for one person. And there is common ground of love. Though some people have a funny way of showing it, there are varying interpretations of what love means and sometimes people get angry because there isn’t enough of it, but lots & lots of love, just the same.
    And the beat goes on for Michael. Maybe out of tune, a little to heavy on improvization and a little loud at times yet, the beat goes on for Michael.
    ♪ ♥ ♪♪

  2. Beatriz
    December 27, 2010 at 16:39

    Just to tell you that the Holy Bible is a historic book, so there are enough evidence and proof that Jesus really was born and all the people sorrounded him really existed. A great group of archaeologists, writers, researchers, etc. had found those evidences. I suppose your comments were only a very personal point of view. I´m a christian person and boy, my faith is not blind.

    • December 27, 2010 at 20:27

      Yes the whole blog is a personal view, but as far as I know, they haven’t found any proof.
      But.. don’t let that detail make you miss the point of this blog, which is asking questions and not believing everything people say about MJ and the hoax.

  3. cawobeth1
    December 27, 2010 at 18:24

    hi Beatriz. I believed Jesus lived yet, being that there are so many different versions of the bible, this can be very confusing for people that care about historic facts beyond believing in him spiritually. Thoughts of Jesus in combination of what has become of this world brought me to tears in church yesterday.
    It’s always nice to see you even though only over the internet. I hope you are enjoying a very pleasant Christmastime filled with all the love & the enhancement of faith that Christmas offers.

  4. karen
    December 29, 2010 at 00:37

    Cawobeth-Very well said…

  5. December 30, 2010 at 02:36

    please how could you say that mj fans can be try to convince his enemies to be fair..understant that people are not stupid or confused…they are EVIL..dont lose your time..and i dont believe in any hoax and the people who believe that are influenced by others that i dont know if they are fans or enemies

    • December 30, 2010 at 11:53

      I am not sure if you understood what I meant.
      Did you see the video and all the different projects MJ fans launch for getting justice for Michael? There are a lot, I mean really a lot, and they go in many different directions. They all have in common that they are about something MJ fans WON’T have, which means they are all negatively charged. In some cases they work, and the fans do achieve their goals.
      But the overall picture you are left with, if you decide to look into what MJ fans agitate for, is that this is a group of angry and negative people, sometimes asking for the unreasonable.

      Wouldn’t it be better to campaign for what we WANT for Michael? Justice, fairness, respect.. and always have that positive approach. If all the projects was put together in the same campaign and it had a positve name like “Do the right thing” or something else, I am sure the rest of the world would have more positive look at the fan group.

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