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History repeating itself at MJDHI

Or not? These days a heated discussion goes on at several hoax forums and on Twitter, and probably many other places as well.

The reason for this discussion  is that Souza, the admin of MJDHI, has been offered a permanent spot on a magazine. A spot where she is supposed to tell about the hoax and the conspiracies regarding MJ. The owner of the magazine has been reading MJDHI, and is eager to get the hoaxers to use their findings and discussions in his magazine, which by the way is brand new and have no readers nor sponsors yet. So he needs something that really can make his magazine popular and known, he needs PR and he needs a reader base.

Actually he got it all already, just by sending Souza an offer. The PR since the discussion of his magazine has become the subject of a heated discussion among thousands of MJ fans already. The reader base is establishing itself, because I bet all the hoaxers, at least MJDHI members, will do anything to get a copy with their articles in it. I don’t even think it will be necessary to mention the name of the magazine here, so I won’t. You probably know it already. And if you don’t, you didn’t miss that much. This blog is not meant as free PR.

Back to the discussion. Several members of MJDHI don’t think this is a good idea, they still remembers what happened when Mo & Souza went to The Sun, and it ended with an article telling that Dave Dave is Michael Jackson in disguise.

Souza on the other hand, wants the hoax out to people. She want’s MJDHI to become more known, more visitors and just more fame. She is not asking for permission to do this, she is telling she is doing it.

I have no idea why she thinks it is so important to spread their hoax theories among people, who might not be MJ fans at all.
MJDHI is an open forum, everyone can read everything in there, and when they went to The Sun, they told they had 1 million visitors a day. Apparently that is not enough, they need more.  Why? It is like you are trying to spread a new religion..
Making more believe in a hoax does not make the hoax more plausible. Did someone promise MJ would return if the numbers of believers reaches a certain level? I don’t get it..

When Pearl Jr published her E-book, she went to the hoax forums and got all her material there, not taking into consideration if people wanted their findings published in Pearl’s book. Now Souza want’s to publish her members findings and ideas, to get more visitors. And she claims she does not make money on the forum and the 1 million visitors a day, so why do you need more?
Shoveling theories down the throats on people, who have not even heard about the hoax, does not make them hoaxers. It just labels most MJ fans as lunatics. MJ too for that matter.

So the big discussion is whether Souza is entitled to say yes to this, on behalf of every hoaxer, MJDHI member or not, on behalf of every MJ fan who will get boxed together with the hoaxers.

Did anyone elect Souza – a proclaimed non MJ fan – to be the representative for MJ’s fans? I did not, and I certainly hope you will be very careful when talking about MJ fans, and also when mentioning MJDHI members and hoaxers in general, because you can’t even agree on the theories you have in your forum and they can’t be proven either.

Anyone who might object to Souza’s plans, are told to stop stabbing her in her back and ultimately to leave the forum (and of course leaving all their material behind). This is not new. The approach at MJDHI have always been like that, and I have been banned and have had 2 users deleted there. I might have commented in MJDHI if that was not the case, but as it is, this blog is my only way to comment on this.

If you need to go out and tell about the hoax, do it as yourself, as a private person, do not mention forums or fangroups to give your statements more weight. You might end up speaking on behalf of some people who do not back you up, and it might backfire on all MJ fans.
The style you run at MJDHI, with discussing everything in public, only allowing yay sayers and back padders, and banning everyone who dares to speak against the admin, gives blogs like this.

You could avoid it, by making your forum private, but something tells me that visitors numbers are more important to you, than helping MJ.
I am not a hoaxer, I am a MJ fan and I don’t want to be mentioned in your hoax/conspiracy articles. I do not in any way want to be affiliated with your forum or beliefs, and this blog is my opinion only.

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Link to the thread in MJDHI

  1. Puff
    February 17, 2011 at 14:12

    Thanks for this blog post! I totally agree with you! I was a mod there and Souza de-moded me because I began opposing TS and the hoax theories. I don’t know why they want so badly to sell the hoax story to the media, after all MJ was fresh meat for them during all his life and IF MJ hoaxed his death I think his last aim is being exposed to the media and to the whole world.

  2. February 17, 2011 at 15:47

    All I can say is yep yep. This will backfire.

    The hoax theories are public, and most of the mj community are aware of it, though they may not know all the theories and may well be shocked at some of the threads and how loyal fans have ended up, in my opinion often doing the things that mj may have objected to. The sun experience was pretty awful, a tabloid newspaper – it really does not matter if souza produced excuses about being fooled.

    I havent checked the terms and conditions of being on the site, it is likely that souza has copyright of all the contents.

    Regarding Pearl i dont even know if she really believes in the hoax given her comment that Murray looked as guilty as sin. Thus why did she do the book and promote it as a believer? $

    I think that the need to self promote is greater for some than the concern over michael and what happened on 25th June. This is an unfortunate human condition.
    “Loose Lips Might Sink Ships”,

  3. February 17, 2011 at 16:06

    OMG this is going to be a nightmare…

  4. lisalittleme
    February 17, 2011 at 16:29

    It’s never going to stop. Never! There will never be an ENOUGH for MJDHI even though we all know what kind of theories they have there or what kind of twisted theories Souza have. How far fetiched can things and theories be? Next in line will probably be “Scotty beam me up” theory or maybe MJ was taken by aliens.. Oh no maybe i just gave MJDHI a theory to work on.. This is ridiculous Souza.. Grow up

    I think you hit the nail here Zil.. This is deff. a thumbs up for you 🙂

  5. February 17, 2011 at 17:58

    Really I cannot understand that someone wants to sell the story to the media, this is not what Michael wanted.
    MJ was overwhelmed by the media and tired of stories for MONEY!.
    It seems that the only thing that matters of deception are the search for evidence and connections, theories and more theories but really some people are not focusing on the real reason why Michael Jackson faked his death, the most important!
    -His defense against to media exposure and defend his privacy-
    It is unfortunate the actions of some people

  6. netoska
    February 17, 2011 at 19:32

    Believe me when i say:i’ve had more than enough of all this stuff.. It makes me just turn away. Michael is music,this is only speculation. I have nothing more to had really.. After all the things that have been said and done…ONCE FOR ALL “REST IN PEACE MICHAEL”..YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS. Why is it so hard to accept the ONLY TRUTH POSSIBLE..HE’S GONE!

  7. carmen
    February 17, 2011 at 19:55

    Unfortunately,it will never stop.It is more than ridiculous,acually it is awful.Some ppl.literally step on dead bodies following their abject purpose.I don’t know this Souza,but I don’t like what she is doing.To tread under foot smb.’s name,life,dignity,it’s beyond my understanding.Poor MJ,hunted during his life,hunted even know by so many kind of raptors! But as long as he continues to “make” money, everybody wants a piece of him.They will exploit his name beyond the limits no matter the consequences, and this is a sad,painful truth.May God make his family stronger and stronger because this is so far from the end.

  8. February 17, 2011 at 19:56

    Great article. And the bit Souza forgot to mention is that when she gets paid to put her members ideas and thoughts into a magazine – how much the members will actually get to see of this payment.

    This was the downfall of the original MJHD.COM, ran by Amy Sampson, who was found to be possibly writing a book. Members were not happy and the dominoes started to topple one by one.

    And as you pointed out the same thing happened with The Sun; who also promised not to edit anything.

    Sometimes it is painful to watch history repeat itself over and over again. But if the members of that forum are not willing to stand up and say “Don’t make us look like idiots or we leave.” then they get what they get; which is odd seems they have a ton of info on how all the media is supposedly the Illuminati brainwashing everyone.

  9. February 17, 2011 at 20:04

    Thanks for all your comments.

    • Jesse
      February 18, 2011 at 06:07

      It is a interesting situation. Irregardless of copyright issues, there would still be the legal ramifications to deal with regarding each individual member.

      The email clearly stated that the information will be comprised of all of the members posts, so it is much more than what the administrator of a site would have posted. The magazine is asking for the imput of the entire members’ contribution.

      I believe it was suggested by the administrator that any proceeds would be contributed to a charity.

      Either way, legally a member can & most likely will object to their personal written statements being submitted to a magazine without their permission, IF that should transpire.

      If one simply chooses to select certain material written by members, it can easily take them out of the original context they were meant to reflect.

      If one is going to pursue such an avenue, it may be more objective to decide which pieces of material would be comprised & then that particular member should be asked as to whether or not they wish for them to be published.

      Again, copyright issues are but a part of the equation, & if any individual should choose to take a members words without their permission & have them published, they can be successfully sued & you can be many members of alot of forums have saved their posts, because you just never know what someone else may do with your words.

      Lastly, it may be a good idea to ask the members if they want to share in any proceeds rather than make a solo decision as to what will be done with same. If the members all agree to have their posts published & if they all agree with a donation, then of course there must be proof of that charity in advance.

  10. February 17, 2011 at 20:14

    Thank you for this blog post. I was banned yesterday from MJHDI because I did not agree with what Souza had decided to do in regards to this magazine. I had been a member since this forum was opened and contributed almost 3000 posts to the website. Souza deactivated my account after I posted facts, my opinion on the matter and the possible repercussions of cooperating with this magazine. She labelled me negative, a liar, and arrogant, then deactivated my account but has left all of my posts intact. Some members continue to speak of Souza as “their leader” but I thought Michael was “their leader”. The members also suggest that they must be united but fail to acknowledge that Souza actions are creating division and unity isn’t achieved by banning those members whom don’t agree with your actions; this is exclusion in an attempt to silence those who are thinking for themselves and refusing to be dictated to. Again thank you so much for this post!
    with love Serenity

    • February 17, 2011 at 20:22

      I have followed the discussion in that thread for some days, and I saw your postings, and I think Souza is wrong.
      I am just fed up with the way people are being silenced in that forum. You are welcome to post any opinion here, even if you shouldn’t agree with us. That’s how this blog always have been.
      Freedom of speech does not only apply when people agree. How on earth would a healthy debate ever take place, if one are not allowed to air a different opinion?

  11. February 17, 2011 at 20:21

    Hi Zilda
    Great new article you have written. I had no idea about this. Glad I do not visit that forum to contribute to numbers. This is totally outrageous and disgusting it is exactly what Pearl Jr did which I do not agree with.
    It is just about $ and nothing more. Not to mention as you have already stated making MJ fans look completely ridiculous.
    Thank you for the information and making us wiser as to what is going on in the internet world.
    LOVE IAS xxxx

  12. February 17, 2011 at 20:35

    WOW!! Well put and honestly Souza IS A FAME HUNGRY BITCH… i cannot believe that this woman has any followers.. WTF.. What is a non MJ fan doing running a MJ hoax forum anyway?? Souza your fucking nuts and I hope when you answer to god he doesn’t punish you to harshly.. Even though you deserve all the pain in the world.. You are a disgrace to MJ hoaxers everywhere. sincerely, F$%^ You..

    Thank you for writing this blog and letting people know what this monster has been doing. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  13. karen
    February 17, 2011 at 23:17

    I was banned a long time ago and at just about the same time my youtube name was attached to a porn site. I figured it was because I kept telling people that they need to leave the man alone. Everything everyone says, prints and does ultimately affects his legacy. It was stolen from him and slowly it’s been building back up with the new music,family interviews and people genuinely working towards a better place for us all to live together. Other people have been putting it out there that he contributed many millions to charities and this is what I’d rather hear and read about. Not some half witted and insane theories that lead no where but cause pain to the family. This is just another person obsessed with riding the coat tails of a celebrity instead of making an original name for themselves. Too bad that all of that effort couldn’t be used to do good works as MJ did. The people who do tabloid stories for profit such as this are just a waste of DNA…And you can quote me on that.

  14. cawobeth1
    February 18, 2011 at 07:05

    I agree Puff- “I think that the need to self promote is greater for some than the concern over Michael…”
    Actually my stonach turned when reading this article, for this reason.
    There are quite a few elf-serving people out here, who use MJ, just as a lot of media has and some of his so-called friends.
    Yes, just the thought of it is a nightmare, FKind.
    I like Michael and most people don’t care to be used.
    Serenity, I may go there and oppose it deliberately to get kicked off.
    I want not part of this and certainly care not to be mentioned as a part of her site.
    I hardly ever go here anyway because it’s cold there, and I don’t have time for speculation over Michael. Speculation takes up much of that site; people sharing opinions & BS. Just what Michael has hated about media over him.
    Psedocide Pearl, another one out for herself.

    I wish I could think of something slick so this serves to bite back at Souza & Mo before they go to print. When is this proposed for ?
    Has a contract been signed yet I wonder ?

    Any ideas ?

  15. livinofthewall
    February 18, 2011 at 11:00

    Souza is a bitch and I for myself are ashamed to be Dutch tnx to this *beep*! This chick is only in it for herself just like she did with The Sun article. If she is gonna make money of of this then it will make the picture complete.

    I got banned a long time ago then I installed hide IP on my puter and made some comments guess what…the banned the fake IP too HAHAHAAAA. Yeah we really are a pain in the ass for them but there is some good news! Mo left the forum….her eyes finally opened and she grew a brain for her self => http://tl.gd/8n4hop
    Hats of for Mo 😉

  16. cawobeth1
    February 18, 2011 at 17:40

    Zilda & Livinoftw, thank you for explaining – – –
    Good for Mo, yes but…
    Mo stayed a long time with Souza; working along side of her so, she may need to justify her part at a later date. Easy for her to say her life is back on track, as she is powerless over what others will do. I don’t think she gets off so easy.

    Because I work to clear Michael’s name, I am privy to some people who are also controlling, competitive & threatening to other MJ “fans” in this venue. There is a huge group; HUGE, that is “lead” by such people. Imagine ? They appear to be justice4michael but yet a few of them spoil it for so many other people and make MJ fanhood look bad. What really makes me sick is, because they are loud, they get the attention of TMZ and apparently even sell photos to TMZ.

    The worst of all is one out for herself who claims to have a spiritual web-site for Michael. Actually, she takes the ideas & even goes so far as to take actual words, phrases and essays and makes is appear as if it’s all from her. She uses MJ fans for her own purposes. Furthermore, this woman who claims to be a minister, shaman & metaphysical expert has hurt many a vulnerable MJ fan.

    Good God, the thought of Michael seeing this is an awfully hurtful thought. So many people from media and “friends” used & attempted to use him before he passed, and now it continues by supposed fans.
    All I can say is thank God that there is more genuine love out here for him than fakery & superficiality. As long as we each continue to stand up for him and do not succumb to the anger we feel at times, truth about and respect for him shall prevail.

    …and the beat goes on for Michael.

  17. B14
    February 23, 2011 at 17:46

    Do you know that when you go to the Wonderwall Magazine website, it is now blank? (wonderwallmagazine.com) All those stories that were once on there are now gone. I find it very suspicious that the minute the Souza story is a no-go that the website goes under? Do you think she was somehow behind that website as well? I know the owner is Ben Martin who has another magazine, Yesterday Magazine. I’m trying to connect the dots. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!

  18. February 23, 2011 at 21:43

    Very agree with you 🙂

  19. March 3, 2011 at 10:42

    OMG, it is offensive!
    I really do not understand how MJ fans can believe in the hoax thing, but now .. also on a magazine … gosh it’s too much.

  20. B14
    March 3, 2011 at 17:08

    I just went to the wonderwall magazine website and there is a story on MJ based on the info on MJHDI. Check it out.

  21. livinofthewall
    March 3, 2011 at 19:42

    Is the article deleted???? I can’t see anything when I click there hmm….

  22. cawobeth1
    March 3, 2011 at 19:58

    no, it’s not deleted.
    *see previous post #23 from B14.

  23. cawobeth1
    March 3, 2011 at 20:00

    try here, then click on the top story – – –


  24. cawobeth1
  25. WhoCaresWhoIAm
    March 11, 2011 at 07:56

    I was going to post this on the “Peace” blog but the comments were locked which makes total sense to me and I think is a step in the right direction but yet incomplete. I was never involved in all that mess although I am somewhat aware of it as it has spread far and wide in the MJ circles. For some time now I exited the MJ hoax circus for reasons that have been cited on this website regarding all of the deplorable behavior by some of the so called MJ “fans”. I say I exited the hoax but in reality it was only by 90%. I would occasionally pop in here and there to see what new developments have taken place but thats really about it. In other words, I became a sideline observer. Today, however, I have made the decision to disconnect in full and I am deleting all my saved favorites sites of which this site was one. So this will be my final post here I promise. In the early days following 6/25/09, I was a very active hoax participant because things just didn’t add up for me, I beLIEved that Michael’s fans would have similar personal characteristics as him and I wanted more friends who were “like Mike”. I soon discovered that I was very wrong about that and in reality there are only a small handful who actually are. Like many of you, I also became a target. What struck me as odd, however, is that it was totally unprovoked on my part as I am by nature a very laid back and caring person. What I cared about most back then was the feelings of the fans and helping them to deal with what I believed was a temporary joke being played on them by MJ himself. I sensed early on that there was already in place an army of psychological warfare agents who’s job it was to inflict the same pain on the fans as he experienced. For reasons I won’t disclose, I have strong evidence that this is, in fact, true. But I want to leave you with this thought… There IS a way to find that inner peace and happiness you seek and it’s very simple: WALK AWAY. Take with you only the good friends you have made here and elsewhere and just leave the rest behind. It’s a lot like a never-ending bad TV soap opera. You DO have the power within you to simply turn it off. You hold the kill switch in your hand. This particular site was originally set up to promote “Stop The Hoax”, walk away, disconnect. Yet it has fallen victim itself of provoked drama and thus attention diverted from it’s original purpose. To her credit, Zilda appears to be trying to right the ship. Most likely, it was targeted by these psycho warfare agents as well. I respect Zilda and all of you here but at some point you really have to ask yourself; why am I really here and is it really worth all the time vested? Could I reallocate the time I spend “chasing the MJ mystery” on more productive and impactful causes? Here’s a thought…IF you think he is alive; perhaps these blogs and forums have evolved into the equivalent of the very same tabloid media that MJ despised so much and maybe he’s waiting for us all to just walk away? Think about that for a moment. I bid you farewell and wish you all the very best. God Bless.

  26. cawobeth1
    March 11, 2011 at 16:42

    In response to WhoCaresW (whatever your name is), I often say this; “take what you need and leave the rest”. This is life. This is what we need to do in life continually, everyday. We are presented with choices that ask us how we may most utilize our time constructively, all the time.

    Though MJDH served a purpose for me, when I 1rst discovered it in ’09, I had to stop going there. This was simply because I noticed that whenever I went there, I felt a cold feeling of superficiality. There is enough in life that is unpleasant that one need not go towards negativity. I also had enough of a taste of cruel people who as you said, treat “fans” as Michael was treated.

    I actually hadn’t ever called myself a “fan” and hadn’t ever gotten with circles of fanhood. I did so for networking purposes in my effort to work to clear his name.

    Recently, I have retreated to working more on my own again. I have made some wonderful friends through Michael and value their friendship. Meanwhile, I was never out to make gobs of friends and get caught up in less pleasing scenarios having to do with competition, speculation, gossip and self-serving people over MJ. Yes, certainly there are many “fans” here behaving like media.

    I just recently, finally, took the time to opt out of 50+ MJ FCBK groups where I would share factual info. & support them. I also deleted “friends” who all I know about them is that they proclaim to love Michael.There are tons of FCBK accounts that you can’t even tell who the person is, only that they are a “fan”. Would Michael like this ? I think he may find this strange since Michael has created compositions which encourage people to grow as individuals & become the best that they can be; not meant to follow him per say.

    I have learned & re-learned a lot throughout this adventure and have no regrets. One must experience the bitter with the sweeet. I have found my niche in honor of a true legacy for him and continue to pray for him, Prince, Paris, Blanket & his Mom. God’s speed to us all in these tumultuous times, always with love.

  27. Ingrid
    April 6, 2011 at 12:47

    I totally believe SD’s post is correct:


    I was also in that chat when the forum was hacked and proxies didnt work there, they didn;t hide my real ip.:) I am sure TS was just as fooled as i was:))

  28. Monika R. - from Poland
    April 15, 2011 at 15:39

    Sorry for my english.

    So, that all hoax is so stupid just like hoax theories in Poland about Smoleńsk. That’s all terrible.
    I found this blog cause I was search info about Dave Dave. I’m interesting about Him: what he’s doing now, what he hobby, how He live, has he her family, girl?
    Sorry, but film about Him is in my heart that same He.
    I’m happy that He’s student and He’s independent. Is verry strong psychical man and yet gentle. His eyes are amazing that same His voice.

    When I was child, I’m belowed MJ. Today I like listen his songs, but now I’m belowed in HIM and Vil Valo.

    My person: My name is Monika, I’m 29 years old, I’m married – my husband has name Dawid hehe ;)- we have son Kamil 19 month old. I’m medical receptionist in hospital of our town. That I know human psyche tragedy which has struck.
    Three weeks ago our neighbor threw himself under a train. Also I was think that was hoax until you saw the obituary and his family in mourning. Cause I think that there is no mystification of the world. Certain things like death affect everyone no matter who they are.

    Serdecznie pozdrawiam – I greet


  1. February 17, 2011 at 14:30

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