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Remembering Michael

It’s been a while since I have been writing about Michael on this blog, I have been busy on my new blog.
But with Michael’s upcoming birthday, I wanted to create something in remembrance of him. A video, to show what Michael was all about. For those that might have forgotten that.

During that process, I was on YouTube and was watching a video someone had in a playlist, and after listening to one of his songs there, the next video in the playlist starts automatically. “Michael Jackson’s Crotch aka The Force” was the title, and I almost spit out my coffee. The subject of this video I will leave for you to guess, but in addition to the close-ups, they were even promoting the MJsinvible Campaign. This video had ridiculous many views and ditto comments.

So I was beginning to worry about that you might not remember what Michael was really about? Music, dancing, magic, adventures, big shows, love (not sex or porn), humanity and basically being a good-hearted soul. A multi-talent the world had never seen before and never will see again!

And that’s why I am once again writing a blog here.
I kind of felt sorry for him, thinking about all those years of hard labour, when obviously all he needed to do was to pose in tight jeans. Or what?

Then I remembered someone in here recently commenting on the blogs I have written about manipulated photos and dignity, and her conclusion was the I probably had no life since, I could get upset by those things. You know what? It’s okay for you to say that, you don’t know me, but this is my blog and I say what I want. I pity you, for thinking that to be a good fan you have to act like a bitch in heat. I hope that fans like that are rare, but if I need to judge by the views of the before mentioned video(s), then I am not so sure.

For some time I have been staying away from the MJ Community and the buzz around trials, petitions, campaigns and whatever. Because I think the fans are – although persistently fighting for justice, and hats off for that – they are in danger of getting caught up in negativity, and to be spreading that when it comes to Michael’s legacy.
Yes, there are people using MJ’s name for money, greed and wish for stardom. There are even more using his name to promote their own causes. But as a fan you can use his name to spread joy and glory to his name. To overshine the negativity and the greedy people and let his true legacy shine through.

Click to see the book

Watch my video below and feel the magic again. Visit the book I made long ago filled with pictures of Michael.

I miss the days when the memory of Michael was about all his legacy and not just about fighting to make an ignorant world see the same as us. I miss the joy Michael and his music spread among us. I miss the days when Michael was an inspiration for us all to be better persons and to make positive changes, and we would do it just to honor Michael and not to achieve or promote anything.

Let’s not forget what Michael was all about. Magic.. Relive it!

  1. netoska
    August 21, 2011 at 23:13

    I had a sixth sense….in fact, as i logged in, there it was, your new post! Welcome back, Zilda! The community of readers has missed you a lot!
    I was turning the pages of your personal photographic tribute, right two days ago and was thinking of all your efforts here in the past 2 years… Keep up the good work!
    Michael will always be remembered as the greatest iconic figure in every culture and the most influential and powerful artist of all times…
    Sometimes things have to be reiterated over and over again, not to forget THE MAGIC, THE GENIUS WE HAVE ALL LOST!

  2. cawobeth
    August 22, 2011 at 08:30

    Hiya Zil… I hear ya. It can be painful facing the negativity, but considering that Michael expressed how much he cares about his legacy, more than once, the world needs to know of his innocence ! Especially for Prince, Paris and Blanket.

    I try to ignore the false fanhood crap.

    Meanwhile, I don’t only continue with innocence advocacy, I need to also highlight his goodness, like you.

    I just finished this.
    Michael’s Words Prevail as the Beauty of Inspiration

    Hope you like it – – – ♥

  3. Mireille JAHIER
    August 22, 2011 at 12:37

    Vous avez raison Michael mérite le plus grand respect, merci pour ces belles photos et aussi pour la superbe vidéo. Je vous embrassent tous !


  4. August 27, 2011 at 19:34

    so well said MS Z I had to smile when I read this blog.

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