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I think that no other artist have won that many awards as Michael did.
Top selling artist, best male, best album, best…….., you name it and he won it. He has set many records throughout his career and won many awards. From the early days of the Jackson 5 to the current day. Michael Jackson has been in a league of his own with his best competition being himself and trying to improve on what he has already achieved.
He truly was The King of Pop
I found a very long list of probebly all the awards he got during his life. All credits go to for making this list and keeping it up to date because even after his “death” Michael still gets awards.

Awards 1970 – 79

Congressional Black Caucus:
The Jackson 5 are made Honorary Members of the Congressional Black Caucus

the Jackson 5 are made Honorary members of the Congressional Black Caucus, an organization representing the African American Members of the United States Congress, with goals as “positively influencing the course of events pertinent to African-Americans and others of similar experience and situation,” and “achieving greater equity for persons of African descent in the design and content of domestic and international programs and services.”

Key to the City of Buffalo:
The Jackson 5 receive the Key to the City of Buffalo from Mayor Stanley Makowski

The Organization of African Unity Award:
For strengthening Afro-Americans, (Jackson 5)

Billboard Awards:
Top Singles Artist of the Year
Top Singles Male Vocalist of the Year

Golden Globe Awards:

NAACP Image Awards:
Best Singing Group (Jackson 5)

U.S. Congress:
Special Commendation For Positive Role Models

Sixteen and Spec Magazine (Annual Gold Star Awards):
Best Singer (Michael Jackson)
Best Single Of The Year, “Rockin’ Robin”

The National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences:
Best Rhythm and Blues Vocals, (Jackson 5)

Grammy Awards:
Best Pop Song, “ABC”

NAACP Image Awards:
Best Singing Group of the Year (Jackson 5)

NAACP Image Awards:
Best Singing Group of the Year (Jackson 5)

Sixteen and Spec Magazines’ Awards:
Best Group of the Year (The Jackson 5)
Best Single of the Year, “I’ll Be There”

Awards 1980 – 89

American Dance Award

American Music Awards:
Special Award of Achievement

Black Entertainment Television:
Award for the Success of “Bad” Tour

Billboard Awards:
Number One Black Artist
Number One Album-Pop/R&B, “Bad”

Bravo Magazine:
Bronze Otto Award

BRE Awards:

Triple Crown Award–King of Pop,Rock & Soul

Video of the Year

British TV Industry Awards:
Artist of the Decade

British Phonographic Industry Awards:
Video of the Year

British Academy of Music Awards:
Best International Male Artist

Brit (British Record Industry Trust) Awards:
Best International Male
Best Music Video: “Smooth Criminal”

Video Pioneer Award

Critic’s Choice Award:
Best Video

Entertainment Tonight:
Most Important Entertainer Of The Decade

Friday Night Videos:
Greatest Artist Of The Decade
Number One Artist of the Year

Forbes Magazine:
Number One Entertainer of the Year

Gardner Street Elementary School:
Forbes Magazine presents the “Gardner Street Elementary School” in Hollywood, Los Angeles with the “Most Famous Alumnus” award; that year, the school, where Michael Jackson attended sixth grade as a child, is renamed in his honor as “The Michael Jackson Auditorium”. He attends the unveiling of the newly renamed institution and makes a speech therein. In return for the honor, Jackson pays the salary for the school’s music teacher, has planted memorial bushes near the playground, also leaving his signature on the wall of Room 8, his old 6th grade school room.

MTV Awards:
Video Vanguard Award, “Thriller” (The Greatest Video In The History Of The World)

National Urban Coalition:
In January, the entertainer is presented with the “National Urban Coalition Artist/Humanitarian Of The Year Award” by “Say Yes To A Youngster’s Future”, recompensing Jackson ’s involvement in supporting the natural sciences field for children.

In March, he accepts the “Black Radio Special Award” at the Universal Amphitheater in California, as a recognition for his charitable endeavors.

People’s Choice Awards:
Favorite Music Video, “Smooth Criminal”

Rolling Stone Magazine:
Video of the Decade, “Thriller”

On September 22, he is offered the “Best of Washington 1989 Humanitarian Award” by the Capital Children’s Museum, for his efforts in grossing monies for the museum, as well as for his altruistic efforts of improving children’s lives.

Soul Train Music Awards:
Heritage Award

1st Annual Sammy Davis Jr. Award
R&B Contemporary

U.K. TV Show:

Goodbye to the ’80’s Award

Vanity Fair Magazine:
Artist of the Decade

Video Software Dealer’s Association:
Favorite Music Video, “Moonwalker”

World Music Awards:
Hall Of Fame
Lifetime Achievement In Music Video
Viewer’s Choice Favorite Video, “Dirty Diana”

American Music Awards:
Favorite Single-Soul/ R&B

Billboard Awards:
Top Black Artist
Outstanding Artist of the Year
Best Live Show of 1988, “Bad”

Bravo Magazine:
Gold Otto Award

Brit (British Record Industry Trust) Awards:
Best International Solo Artist (presented by Bob Geldof)

Cable Ace Awards:
Outstanding Editing in a Musical Special, Motown on Showtime: Michael Jackson, the Legend Continues                                                                      

Ebony Magazine:
American Black Achievement Award

Forbes Magazine:
Number One Entertainer Of The Year

Guild Hall Party:
Presentation of sword to commemorate “Bad” Tour

MTV Vanguard Award:
Outstanding Contribution To Music Video Production

NAACP Image Awards:
Best Male Artist
Best Album, “Bad”
Leonard Carter Humanitarian Award

New York Times Best Seller’s List:
#1-“Moonwalker” by Michael Jackson

Soul Train Music Awards:
Best Singer of the Year
Best R&B Album of the Year, “Bad”

United Negro College Fund:
On March 10, the “United Negro College Fund” recompenses him with Fisk University’s “Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters Degree” – the Frederick D. Patterson Award – at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City, N.Y., honoring the entertainer’s continued commitments to “UNCF”, towards alleviating world hunger, his help of terminally ill children and his inspirational example to the youth of America.

Wembley Stadium: (September 8)
Presented with an award by the managment of the Wembley Stadium for record breaking 7 sell out shows.

In January, in appreciation for Jackson’s contributions to the “Childhelp USA” charity, the mentioned organization in South California creates the “Michael Jackson International Institute for Research on Child Abuse”.


Bravo Magazine:
Silver Otto Award

Rockbjörnen Award: (readers’ poll of the Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’)
Best Foreign Artist


American Music Awards:
On February 25, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie are honored with the “Song of the Year” award for “We Are The World”, the relief single they wrote for the “USA For Africa” project in 1985.

Award of Appreciation

Grammy Awards:
Best Music Video Short Form
Best Pop Performance By a Duo or Group, “We Are The World”
Record of the Year, “We Are The World”
Song of the Year, “We Are The World”

Guinness Book of World Records:
Largest Endorsement for Product Promotion ($15 million for Pepsi)

People’s Choice Awards:
Favorite New Song, “We Are The World”


Grammy Awards:

Best Video Album, “The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller”

Presentation Casement Of Platinum Disc: (UK)
certification for ‘Thriller’ LP

Hero of Young America:

Voted in special poll (World Almanac and Book of Facts, 1985)


Michael Jackson is the first recipient of the “Neil Bogart Memorial Award” (the Neil Bogart Memorial being a fund), presented by Bobby Poe at the annual Bobby Poe Convention. The Bobby Poe Convention was put on for 25 years by Bobby Poe’s “Pop Music Survey”, a radio and record industry tipsheet.

American Music Awards:
Special Award Of Merit
Favorite Male Vocalist-Pop/ Rock
Favorite Single-Pop/ Rock, “Billie Jean”
Favorite Album-Pop/ Rock, “Thriller”
Favorite Video-Pop/ Rock, “Beat It”
Favorite Male Vocalist-Soul/ R&B
Favorite Album-Soul/ R&B, “Thriller”
Favorite Video-Soul/ R&B, “Beat It”

American Video Awards:
Best Long Form Video, “Thriller”
Best Home Video, “The Making of Thriller”

Billboard Awards:
Top Album, “Thriller”

Brit (British Record Industry Trust) Awards:
Best International Artist

The Black Gold Awards:
Top Male Vocalist
Best Video Performance, ‘Beat It’
Best Single Record of The Year, ‘Billie Jean’
Best Album Of The Year, ‘Thriller’

Canadian Black Music Awards:
Top International Album, “Thriller”
Top International Single, “Billie Jean”
Top Male Vocalist
Entertainer of the Year

Crystal Globe Awards:
Exceeding Sales Past 5 Million

Ebony Magazine Award

Grammy Awards:
Album of the Year, “Thriller”
Record of the Year, “Beat It”
Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, “Beat It”
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance, “Billie Jean”
Best New Song Of The Year, “Billie Jean”
Best Male Pop Performance, “Thriller LP”
Best Producer of the Year (with Quincy Jones)
Best Recording For Children, “E.T. The Extraterrestrial” Storybook Album

At the 26th Grammy Awards on February 28, Michael Jackson wins the “Best Recording For Children” award (one of the 8 Grammys in total that he wins at the event), for narrating the “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” film story

Guinness Book Of World Records:
Best Selling Album Of All Time, “Thriller”

Hollywood Walk Of Fame:
Michael receives a star on Hollywood Blvd. becoming the first celebrity to have 2 stars dedicated to him, having received one with his brothers (The Jacksons) in 1980.

MTV Awards:
Best Overall Video, “Thriller”
Best Choreography, “Thriller”
Viewer’s Choice Award, “Thriller”

NAACP Image Awards:
H. Claude Hodson Medal Of Freedom

Best Selling Album, “Thriller”

People’s Choice Awards:
Best All Around Entertainer of the Year
Favorite Video of the Year, “Thriller”

Presentation Casement “37 Gold & Platinum Discs”

Presidential Special Achievement Award:

On May 14, at a ceremony held in the White House, he receives a plate from late American President, Ronald Reagan, acknowledging Jackson’s contribution to promoting the “National Campaign Against Teenage Drunk Driving” program.

Black Gold Awards:
Top Male Vocalist
Best Video Performance, “Beat It”
Best Single of the Year, “Billie Jean”
Best Album, “Thriller”

Billboard Awards:
Pop Artist of the Year
Black Artist of the Year
Pop Album of the Year, “Thriller”
Pop Album Artist
Pop Singles Artist
Pop Male Album Artist
Pop Male Singles Artist
Black Album Artist
Black Singles Artist
Black Album, “Thriller”
Dance/ Disco Artist
Dance/ Disco 12″ LP, “Billie Jean”
Dance/ Disco 12″ LP, “Beat It”

Billboard Video Awards:
Best Overall Video, “Beat It”
Best Performance by a Male Artist
Best Use Of Video To Enhance Artist’s Image, “Beat It”
Best Use Of Video To Enhance Artist’s Song, “Beat It”
Best Choreography, “Beat It”

Number One Male Artist
Top Pop Single, “Billie Jean”
Top Male – Singles Artist
Top Black Single, “Billie Jean”
Top Black Album, “Thriller”
Top Pop Album, “Thriller”
Top Black Male Artist
Top Black Male – Singles Artist

Rolling Stone Magazine Reader’s Poll:
Number One Artist of the Year
Number One Soul Artist
Number One Video, “Beat It”
Number One Producer (with Quincy Jones)

Rolling Stone Magazine Critic’s Poll:
Number One Artist of the Year
Number One Video, “Beat It”
Number One Male Vocalist
Number One Soul Artist

Album of the Year
Single of the Year

International Artist of the Year

Record of the Year

Album of the Year

Artist of the Year

Artist of the Year
Best Male Vocalist
Album of the Year

Most Important Foreign Album

United Kingdom:
Album of the Year
Artist of the Year

American Music Awards:
Favorite Male Vocalist – Soul/ R&B
Favorite Album – Soul/ R&B, “Off The Wall”

Billboard Magazine Year End Charts:
Number 10 Top Black Album, ‘Triumph’
Number 10 Top Black Artist (The Jacksons)
Number 4 Top Dance Artist (The Jacksons)

British Phonographic Industry Awards:
“Off The Wall” Album

Soul Album of the Year, “Off The Wall”

NAACP Image Awards:
Best Singing Group (The Jacksons)

American Music Awards:
Favorite Soul/ R&B Single, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”
Favorite Soul/ R&B Album, “Off The Wall”
Favorite Soul/ R&B Male Artist

Billboard Awards:
Top Black Artist of the Year
Top Black Album of the Year, “Off The Wall”

Soul Album of the Year, “Off The Wall”

Grammy Awards:
Best R&B Vocal Male, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”

Hollywood Walk of Fame:
Jacksons receive a star on Hollywood Blvd.

NAACP Image Awards:
Best Singing Group (The Jacksons)

Awards 1990 – 99

Bollywood Award (Indian Film Industry):
Outstanding Humanitarian Award

On May 1, at the “Bollywood Award” ceremony in New York, Jackson wins the “World Humanity Award” for “Vedic” services favouring people from all corners of the Earth, the award reading: “Though he comes from the young American tradition, Michael is the embodiment of an old indian soul. His actions are an expression of the philosophy of Weda, which asked to work for the people – not for one’s own interests.”

On September 4, the Lifetime Achievement Award – presented “not only to musicians, but to anyone who is doing a great deed for the humankind – is presented to Michael Jackson by Namibian Premier Hage Geingob, at the fourth Kora All-Africa Music Awards in Sun City, South Africa.

Bravo Magazine:
Silver Otto Award

Mix Magazine (Danish reader’s poll):

Best Foreign Male Singer
Best Event Michael Jackson concert at Parken Stadium
Best Singer
2nd Best Dressed Singer
3rd Best Foreign Album, “Blood On The Dancefloor”

On March 11, it is announced that Michael Jackson has been nominated for the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize – alongside 130 other canditates, such as Pope John Paul II and then US President, Bill Clinton. The recognition is later awarded to John Hume and David Trimble in October, 1998, for their efforts to find peaceful solutions to the conflicts in Northern Ireland.

On November 16, in Harare, Zimbabwe, Defence Minister of Harare invites and names Michael Jackson member of the “American Delegation” party that endeavors to preserve the region.

Bob Fosse Award:
Best Choreography In A Music Video, “Ghosts”

Bravo Magazine:
Silver Otto Award
Best Album, “HIStory”
Best Show, HIStory Tour

3rd Best Looking Singer

Brazilian TVZ Video Awards:
Best International Video of the Year, “Blood On The Dance Floor”

Dutch Music Factory Awards:
Best Male Singer
Best Live Act

Live! Magazine Reader’s Poll:
Most Memorable Male Performer
Legend Of Live Entertainment

Popcorn Magazine:

Favorite Male Vocalist

Puls: (Denmark music TV program viewer votes):
Best Foreign Male Singer
Best Show of the Year, HIStory Tour

Soul Train Music Awards:
Video award is renamed The Michael Jackson Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap Video

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame:
Jackson 5 are inducted

American Music Awards:
Favorite Pop/ Rock Male Artist of the Year

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards:
Favorite Pop Male Award, “HIStory”

Bravo Magazine:
Golden Otto Award
Platinum Otto Award, Lifetime Achievement Award (1st Recipient)
Best Male Singer
Best Album, “HIStory”
Best Show, HIStory Tour
Nicest Singer

Brit Awards:
Artist Of A Generation Award

French Film Awards:
Best Video Award, “Earth Song”

On March 30, “The Ark Trust Foundation” acknowledges the singer’s “Earth Song” anthem and videoclip with the “Doris Day Award”, for its vivid illustration of global deterioration and aftermath affecting people, animals and the ecology.

Dutch Grammy Awards:
Best International Male Artist
Best International Album, “HIStory”

Genesis Awards:
Doris Day Music Award, “Earth Song” (given for an animal-sensitive, musical work)

Grammy Awards:
Best Music Video, “Scream”

Irish Music Awards:
Best International Male Artist

Hong Kong Hit Radio:
Best International Male Artist
Best Song of the Year, “You Are Not Alone”

World Music Awards:
Best Selling Album Of All Time, “Thriller”
Best Selling Male Artist of 1996
Best Selling American Artist
Best Selling R&B Artist
Best Selling Artist Ever

America’s Most Favorite Singers Poll:

Michael Jackson is the 10th most favorite singer in America in 1995.

On June 22, at the 3rd Annual VH-1 Awards ceremony, actor Morgan Freeman presents him with the “Special International Artist Award” for record sales and worldwide relief endeavors, at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

Black Entertainment Television:
1st Recipient of the BET Hall Of Fame Award

“The National Asscociation of Recording Merchandisers” rewards him with the “Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award”, the award recognizing efforts to advance social change.

Billboard Music Awards:
Special Hot 100 Award

Billboard Music Video Awards:
Video of the Year, “Scream”

Bravo Magazine:
Golden Otto Award

Brazilian TVZ Video Awards:
Best International Video of the Year, “Scream”

European MTV Music Awards:
Best Male Artist of the Year

MTV Awards:
Best Dance Video, “Scream”
Best Choreography, “Scream”
Best Art Direction, “Scream”

Popcorn Magazine:

Artist of the Decade Award

Best Male Vocalist of the Year

On November 1, President Jerry Rawlings of Ghana presents Michael Jackson with the “Diamond of Africa” award, at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

Poprocky Magazine:

Favorite Male Vocalist of the Year

Smash Hits Awards:
Best Male Artist

Bravo Magazine:
Gold Otto Award

Cable Ace Awards:
Outstanding Musical Special (HBO presentation of Dangerous Concert from Bucharest)

Children’s Choice Awards:
On April 12, he is presented with the “Caring For Kids” celebrity award at the second “Children’s Choice Award” ceremony in New York (sponsored by “Body Sculpt”, a charity promoting anti-substance programs for youth), 100,000 people aged between 8 and 18 years old voting for him; the award honors celebrities devoting time for the youth.

Crenshaw Community Youth & Arts Foundation:
Michael Jackson is also offered the Humanitarian Award by the “Crenshaw Community Youth And Arts Foundation”.

MTV Movie Awards:
Best Song In A Movie, “Will You Be There”

Smash Hits Awards:
Best Male Vocalist

Pop Rock Magazine:
Favorite Singer of the Year

American Music Awards:
Best Pop/ Rock Album, “Dangerous”
Best Soul/ R&B Single, “Remember The Time”
Special International Artist Award for record sales and humanitarian efforts around the world.

On January 26, the musician receives a 200,000-dollar donation from the National Football League and the Sponsors of the Super Bowl at a press conference held at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, as well as 500,000 dollars from BEST Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation.

Bravo Magazine:
Gold Otto Award

In July, The American Friends of Hebrew University presents him with the “Scopus Award”, an award which he declines on November 17, 1993.

BMI Awards:
Most Performed Songs Of The Year, “Black Or White” & “Remember The Time”

Echo Awards:
Best International Artist of the Year

Grammy Awards:
Living Legend Award

Guinness Book Of World Records:
Lifetime Achievement Award for most world records in the world of entertainment

In August, at the “Jack Rapper Awards”, he accepts the “Our Children, Our Hope Of Tomorrow” award.

NAACP Image Awards:
Entertainer of the Year
Outstanding Music Video, “Black Or White”

Soul Train Music Awards:
Best R&B Single, “Remember The Time”
Best R&B album, “Dangerous”
Humanitarian Of The Year

At the  Soul Train Music Awards, Michael Jackson wins a special Humanitarian Of The Year Award.

Grammy’s Legend Award 1993

World Music Awards:

Best Selling American Artist
World’s Best Selling Pop Artist
World’s Best Selling Artist Of The Era

Billboard Music Awards:
Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of “Thriller”, the best-selling album of all time.
Number One World Album, “Dangerous”
Number One World Artist

In February, on occasion of one of his goodwill trips to Africa, Michael Jackson is crowned King Sanwi by King Nana Amon Ndoufou IV – ruler of Sanwi on the Ivory Coast – during vast ceremonies held in the Village of Krindjabo. Jackson returns the honor in early 1995, by hosting the West African ruler in Los Angeles, California, during a halt from the singer’s recording sessions there.

Bravo Magazine:
Gold Otto Award

Gabon, Africa:
National Honor Of Merit Award

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters:
On March 5, he is offered the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, at the organization’s eighth annual Communications Awards Dinner, at the Sheraton Washington Hotel in Washington D.C. NABOB represents African-American radio and television station owners; a month before awarding the singer with the mentioned honor, the organization resolved a boycott against Sony Music Entertainment, citing discriminatory distribution and promotion of Jackson’s Epic album, “Dangerous”. Michael Jackson, himself, would cite similar issues with regard to the company 10 years later.

Rockbjörnen Award: (readers’ poll of the Swedish newspaper ‘Aftonbladet’)
Best Foreign Album (‘Dangerous’, Michael Jackson)

US President G. Bush: (USA)
On May 1, the entertainer receives a new “Point of Light” award from Mr. George Bush Sr., for his perseverent efforts toward deprived children.

Operation One To One Award:
On June 2, the “One To One” award is offered to Jackson by the One To One organization (in charge with creating better living standards for young people), for efforts comitted in helping disadvantaged youth

In July, the book, “Real Magic”, is penned by Psychologist Dr. Wayne Dyer as a means to support Jackson’s children-relief and peace-oriented activities worldwide.

On December 10, at the American Consulate of Japan, Pepsi rewards the singer’s contributions by way of his “Heal The World” organization with a check for 100,000 dollars.1991
MTV Awards:
The Video Vanguard Award is renamed The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Music Video Producers’ Hall of Fame:
“Thriller” video is inducted

On May 6, the pop star is granted the Jane Goodall Institute’s honorary “chair” for his support towards Mrs. Goodall (and her efforts), an advocate of behavioral research on chimpanzees in Gombe, Nigeria, for over 30 years (at the time).

On February 3, Michael Jackson is offered the “Role Model Award” in Japan.

American Cinema Awards:
Entertainer Of The Decade

Emmy Awards:
Outstanding Musical Special, Sammy Davis Jr. 60th Anniversary Celebration
Nominee-Outstanding Song, “You Were There” (tribute to Sammy Davis Jr.)

BMI Inaugural:
1st Michael Jackson Award of Achievement

Broadcasting Music Inc. honors the singer with the first “BMI Michael Jackson Award” for his humanitarian efforts, as well as for his songwriting, recording and performing contributions, at a lunch event in Beverly Hills. It was the first time BMI named an award for a personality other than the presidents of the company.

Boy Scouts of America:
On September 14, he accepts the first “Good Scout Humanitarian Award” for benefits addressed to “Make A Wish Foundation”, “Prince’s Trust”, “United Negro College Fund” and “Childhelp USA”.

Capital Children’s Museum:
Humanitarian Award

Grammy Awards:
Best Video, “Leave Me Alone”

Music Connection:
Man of the Year

Sony Entertainment:
Top Selling Artist of the Decade

Soul Train Music Awards:
Artist of the Decade

Vanity Fair Magazine:
Most Popular Artist In The History Of Show Business

Presidential Special Recognition:
On April 5, 1990, in recognition for his philanthropic commitments, former President, Mr. George Bush Sr., presents him with the “Point of Light Ambassador” award.

On October 23, Michael Jackson and Sir Elton John are awarded the first “Ryan White Award” for outstanding contribution to AIDS programs (award that will be handed over a year later).

Awards 2000 – 2009

Grammy Hall Of Fame: (California, USA)
It was announced on December 19, 2007 that both Michael’s ‘Off the Wall’ and ‘Thriller’ albums will be among the 2008 inductees into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

NRJ Awards: (Cannes, France / January 26, 2008)

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Boston Phoenix and (USA / July 1, 2008)

Michael is named the state of Indiana’s Best Solo Artist of all time.

MTV Japan Video Music Awards: (Tokyo, Japan / May 27, 2006)
Legend Award

Guiness World Records: (London, England / November 14, 2006)

Youngest vocalist to top the US singles chart (aged 11, fronting The Jackson Five)
First vocalist to enter the US single chart at No.1 (‘You Are Not Alone’)
Most weeks at the top of the US album charts (non-soundtrack; 37 weeks for ‘Thriller’)
Most successful music video (‘Thriller’ sold over 1 million units)
First entertainer to earn more than $100 million in a year
Highest paid entertainer of all time ($125 million in 1989 Forbes list)
Most successful entertainer of all time
World Music Awards: (London, England / November 15, 2006)
Diamond Award (for selling more than 100 million albums)

Guiness Book Of World Records: (issue 2006)

Best-selling Album Of All Time: ‘Thriller’ with global sales of over 51 million copies to date
Longest Music Video: ‘Ghosts’ (USA, 1996), with 35 mins

Most Valuable Sculpture By A Living Artist: ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’, a porcelain sculpture created by the artist Jeff Koons in 1988 sold for $5,616,750 at Sotheby’s in New York on May 15, 2001. The piece measures 106.7 x 179.1 x 82.6 cm (42 x 70.5 x 32.5 in).

Most Grammy Awards Won In A Year By A Person: At the 26th Annual Grammy Awards in 1984 Michael Jackson won eight Grammy awards.

Most Valuable Oscar: David O Selznick’s 1940 Best Film Oscar for ‘Gone With The Wind’ (USA, 1939) was bought by Michael Jackson, for $1,542,000 on June 12, 1999, at Sotheby’s, New York.

Honorable Mention – Greatest Distance Moonwalked in One Hour: Adam Hall of San Francisco, California, was over the moon aftering moonwalking through the backstreets of Denver, Colorado, for a distance of 2.41 km (1.5 miles) in one hour on October 22, 2002. A “moonwalk support crew” shadowed 25-year-old Adam in an automobile, measuring his distance with an odometer. The record-setting walk formed part of a longer “Moonwalk for Earth” relay with Ramsey Brookhart (USA) and Joshua Dodd (USA), an attempt to raise awareness of renewable forms of energy. “We live under this brown cloud,” said Hall, “and people don’t seem to understand how much of that comes from burning coal to provide electricity. We want people to know that there are other ways to make electricity.”

AASA Humanitarian Award:

On April 1, Michael Jackson receives the Humanitarian Award from the “African Ambassador’s Spouses Association” in Washington D.C , in recognition for his work supporting a victim-free Africa, through financial support to building and equipping hospitals, children’s homes, houses and schools, including through programs concerning child immunization, HIV – AIDS, education and apartheid.

On April 3, Katja Shabanova, a supporter of The World Wildife Fund in Russia and admirer of the singer, announces via a Michael Jackson forum, on behalf of nine more such supporters (donating money to the fund for restoring a hectare – 3000-5000 trees), that one out of an estimated 70,000 burned hectares of forest in the Altai Region of Russia will be named in honor of the singer; in 1997, 70,000 hectares of forest were burned due to severe drought and high-speed winds, as a result, the Altai Region Forestry Department and WWF developed a program for reviving the forest.

Key to the City:

On June 11, the singer is honored in his hometown of Gary, Indiana with an award for “outstanding achievement and committment to humanitarianism”, and is presented by 2 selected admirers with 5 books filled with messages from his fans and a bouquet of roses, a single white rose in the middle representing the singer, along with the values of “truth, integrity, purity and strength”, whereas the pink roses – “all of the fans and fan clubs that form MJ Unity”.

BMI Urban Awards: (Miami, USA / August 5)
Best song: ‘Butterflies’
(Marsha Ambrosius, SPZ Music Inc., Michael Jackson, Epic Records)

Key to the City: (Las Vegas, USA / October 25)
Michael was honored with the key of the city by Mr. Goodman, mayor of Las Vegas.

Radio Music Awards: (Las Vegas, USA / October 27)
Humanitarian Award (presented by Beyonce Knowles for the first time)

Power of Oneness Lifetime Achievement Award: (Universal Studios Hollywood, Globe Theater, USA / November 15)
presented for Michael’s lifelong commitment to writing, singing, and speaking about the need to take responsibility for the world’s children and making our world a better place

On September 19, it is announced that Jackson has received the second Nobel Peace Prize nomination – among 165 other candidates, including the Salvation Army, United Nations, and Shirin Ebadi who, later, won the award for her efforts for democracy and human rights.

On October 27, at the Radio Music Awards in New York, he accepts the first ever Humanitarian Award, on occasion of premiering the video for charity song, “What More Can I Give”.2002
American Music Awards: (January 9)
Artist Of The Century Award
NRJ Awards: (Cannes, France / January 19)
Best International Male Singer Award

NAACP Image Awards: (February 21)
Outstanding Music Video: ‘You Rock My World’
Outstanding Variety Series/Special: 30th Anniversary Celebration
Outstanding Performance in a Variety Series/Special: 30th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrate the Magic Foundation:
1st Magical Life Award

In May, he is honored with the first “Magical Life Award”, awarded by the “Celebrate the Magic Foundation”, for his efforts in making the world a better place, supporting children and humanity.

Life magazine – Top 100 Rock & Rollers Of All Time: (published March 20)
Michael is listed at #9 on the list.

National Academy of Popular Music/Songwriters: (Sheraton Hotel, New York, USA / June 13)
Michael is inducted into their Hall of Fame.

30th Anniversary Award (New York, USA / July 6)

World Arts Awards 2002:

On November 2, Jackson is presented with the 2002 “World Arts Award” in Vienna, Austria, for global peace and tolerance efforts. The award recognizes individuals for achievements in a variety of areas such as acting, arts, business, media, health etc. The singer accepts the award via a video message.

Bambi Awards:
Pop Artist Of The Millennium

On November 21, he receives the “Bambi Award 2002” in Berlin, Germany, an award given out yearly to people with new visions and uplifting creativity.
Billboard Awards: (Las Vegas, USA / December 9)
Special Billboard Award to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Michael Jackson’s 1982 Epic album ‘Thriller,’ which spent more weeks at No. 1 (37 weeks) than any other album in the history of The Billboard 200.

MJ Day 10: (March 7)
MJ Day 10 Award (presented by Adrian Grant on behalf of millions of loving fans all around the world)

Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame: (March 19)
Michael Jackson is inducted as a solo artist

World Music Awards:
Best Selling Pop Male Artist Of The Millennium
G&P Foundation:

On November 30, G&P Foundation “Angel Ball” recompenses the philantropist, alongside Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor with the “Angel of Hope Award” on November 30, 2000, at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in New York City, for outstanding efforts to the fight against leukemia, lymphoma and other related cancers, the year’s event collecting 4 million dollars for the “G&P Cancer Foundation” in N.Y.

Angel of Hope Award (presented by N-Sync for Michael’s work fighting cancer)

Posthumous Awards And Honors
2009 – 10

Michael Jackson is honored with the “2009 Save the World Award”, in Austria in July, for his efforts to reach out to the less fortunate and give a voice to the vulnerable. Jermaine Jackson, his brother, who sang „Smile” in memory of Michael, accepts the posthumous prize on his behalf and declares: „I’m very proud that Michael enriched the lives of so many people, not only with his music but with his immense generosity. Michael’s message has always been ‘Heal the world’, but he alone could never have accomplished that so it is left up to every one of us to ensure that we do,”, and adds that he was a „wonderful humanitarian” whose „whole existence” was to help others and find good in everyone. Others honored during the gala includes sprinter Carl Lewis, whose foundation supports underprivileged children, and Thomas Henningsen, climate policy coordinator at Greenpeace. Lewis declares on his award acceptance: ”Michael Jackson inspired all of us through his music and through his message – and that’s what’s going to last for years and years to come. We all know the wonderful things he did for so many people and it’s just great that we can continue to honor that.” The event featured live performances of a slew of Jackson songs, such as “Man in the Mirror,” and “Heal the World and an emotional rendition of “We Are The World.”

Soul Train: (USA; October, 2009)
Entertainer of the Year

MOBO: (UK; October, 2009)
Lifetime Achievement Award

Pocono Film Festival 2009: (USA; October 2009)
Humanitarian Award

T.J. Martell Foundation:

On October 28, at the 34th annual Awards Gala of T.J. Martell Foundation, held at the Hilton New York Hotel, Michael Jackson is posthumously honored the first-ever Legend award, for being the single largest donor in the T.J. Martell Foundation’s 34-year history. The celebratory evening was of fund-raising, to support research for cures and treatments for leukemia, cancer and AIDS. The T.J. Martell Foundation was founded in 1975. T.J. Martell, son of music industry executive Tony Martell of Madison, was a young victim of leukemia, and before his death at 21, he convinced his father to promise he would raise $1 million to fight the disease. Since then, the foundation in T.J. Martell’s name has provided more than $225 million for research.

American Music Awards: (USA; November 22, 2009)
Pop Rock Male, Pop Rock Album (Number Ones), R&B/Soul Male and R&B/Soul Album (Number Ones).

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait:

On November 24, in Crenshaw, California, Jermaine Jackson, Louis Gossett, Jr., and numerous VIP cast members from Michael Jackson’s This Is It show, including Michael Bearden, Jonathan Moffett, Tommy Organ, Ken Stacey and Judith Hill attended the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait event, the largest Michael Jackson homage, created and organized by Jerry Biederman and David Ilan, in association with Maryum “May May” Ali and the organization, FAMILI, Inc. (a non-profit after school enrichment/mentoring program). The portrait is supported by Jermaine Jackson, artists, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, George Lopez, Adam Lambert, Mickey Rooney, Vivica A. Fox, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and many others, and the list is growing, the portrait being created by only dots, each dot representing a real admirer. Sixty children from inner city schools walked the red carpet with Jermaine Jackson and VIP cast members from This Is It, and watched a special screening of the film at the Magic Johnson Theatre for Michael Jackson, for the charity event in celebration of the tribute portrait.

Session vocalist and backing vocalist, Ken Stacey, declared: Michael was all about lifting people up, so this is wonderful. Above all, Michael was a man – a man, who took his God given gifts and his dreams, honored them with a drive and determination few can match, and created for the world a gift of L.O.V.E.  His art was his heart!  I pray his story inspires many to reach for the heights of their own potential, and, perhaps, change the world as Michael has.” Music supervisor, Michael Bearden, adds that “MJ loved the kids, and kids loved him. This would have been great to him. MJ was not just my boss, he was my friend. His legacy of music and L.O.V.E. will live forever in my heart and in the hearts and souls of the universe.” Jonathan Moffett, drummer from ‘This Is It, said’: “Michael would be very excited. He was a child inside and so he related very much to children. He had a great passion for kids and the youth, so I think he would be very excited about this gathering on his behalf – and mainly for the children’s’ sake, to let them have a good day celebrating his legacy.” American actor, Louis Gossett, Jr., declared that “I think he would be thrilled – anything for the children. Children need some positive input.”

“His vision and message to the world was always about helping people and he had such a big heart for the children. Watching his life, how he gave to so many charities, constantly helping underprivileged and handicapped children – he just had a really big heart. I am honored to be here to support and let his vision live on.”, American singer, Judith Hill, declares. Maryum “May May” Ali, the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali, worked with Torre Reese, the director of FAMILI, Inc., to bring the Michael Jackson This Is It screening to fruition: “I think this is a wonderful event connecting kids. Michael Jackson was a young African-American boy that had passion and loved what he did. He grew up and perfected what he did. I think this is an excellent tribute to him, and a way to connect these kids with a way of encouraging them to find their passion – to become strong and committed to what they want to do in life, and to try to be the best, like Michael. It is a wonderful part of his legacy. It is great that the artwork is kind of symbolic of Michael transcending everyone and connecting to everyone. These children can be part of that by being a part of this picture. It goes full circle. Unfortunately, a legend has passed, a man has passed – someone who loved the world and children. This tribute is a great thing. For the most part, I hope the kids understand that Michael was connected and had a passion for life and for what he wanted to do. I want the children to find their passion as well”, said Ali.

In an interview, two children who walked the red carpet with some of the cast members of ‘This Is It’ discussed what Michael Jackson meant to them. One young man said: “Michael Jackson meant the world to me because I understand what he was trying to do. He was trying to make the world a better place with all the discrimination and hatred that exists. All he wanted to do was to make everyone feel equal, and the world a better place.” Another young man said: “I want to be a singer and musician when I grow up and Michael Jackson inspired me because he had his own style: the moonwalk, how he did his spins – all of that. He inspired me to go for my dreams no matter what. The media wanted to make him seem like he was a bad person and he’s not. That inspired me and I think he is a very good person.”

Jermaine Jackson endorsed the tribute and had this to say to the present inner city children at the event: “[…] It is so important (to come together), because this time in our life there’s so much going on in the world, and I think you, guys, are the leaders of tomorrow, which I know you are, and you can make this world a better place, so it’s important to love and stay away from the streets. […] There’s a place for tough people and bad people, so we want you to use this time to get the skills and to learn and to educate. […] Just to let you know, we’re in this world to make a difference and Michael’s blessed; at the same time, he had family, and to be born in a house the size of a 2-car garage and one bathroom, and to become the icon of the world, it tells you in life you (have to) stay focused and you want to do something in life that you, guys, have it. You have it. […] It’s okay to be square, that would save your life. It’s not important to be hip, because you’re gonna end up in the wrong circles. So, I’m saying to you that you all have an opportunity to be who you want to be. Look, we have a black President today, but not because he’s black. He was great, he is smart (…).”

National Film Registry, Library of Congress: (USA; December, 2009)
The United States Library of Congress has officially inducted Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” into the National Film Registry, making it the first music video ever to be added to the archives and one of only a few hundred films that have had the honor of being a part of the Registry. “I think it is a recognition of how much they [vidoes] changed the music industry in the ’80s, and we thought it was important to represent that,” said Stephen Leggett, the coordinator of the National Film Preservation Board. “We picked this one because it was most iconic from the era.”

Barbados Music Awards: (Barbados; January 10, 2010)
International Lifetime Achievement Award

On January 23, on occasion of UNCF’s “An Evening Of Stars Tribute To Lionel Richie”, Michael Jackson is honored in a special segment with an emotional performance of “We Are The World”, the biggest selling single of all time, penned by Jackson and singer Lionel Richie 25 years ago. The late entertainer was recognized by UNCF for his long-time generosity and foresight. Over two decades ago, he endowed the fund with a scholarship in his name that continues providing aid to students. “You see, during the 2 years after “We Are The World” was released, Michael Jackson donated 2.1 million dollars to UNCF, to endow a renewable scholarship fund”, actor Terrence Howard told the audience.

Semper Opera Ball: (Germany; January 15, 2010)
Michael was awarded a posthumous prize for his global charity work. The director of the Semper Opera Ball, Hans-Joachim Frey, said “Michael Jackson supported 39 foundations and charity projects, started his own foundation and donated a total of more than 300 million dollars.”

Grammy Awards:

On occasion of the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, at Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on January 31, the Recording Academy honors the late Michael Jackson with a tribute during the Grammy telecast. It featured a 3D mini movie that was designed for his This is It tour of his social conscious song, Earth Song, and seen for the first time at the telecast. The singer’s children, Michael Jackson Jr. (Prince), 12, and Paris Jackson, 11, receive the Michael Jackson Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of their father. The eldest son, Prince, declares on accepting the award:

“Thank you. We are proud to be here to accept this award on behalf of our father, Michael Jackson. First of all, we’d like to thank God for watching over us for these past 7 months and our grandma and grandpa for their love and support. We’d also like to thank the fans. Our father loved you so much because you were always there for him. Our father was always concerned about the planet and humanity. Through all his hard work and dedication, he has helped many charities and donated to all of them. Through all his songs, his message was simple: love. We will continue to spread his message and help the world. Thank you. We love you, daddy.”

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson’s daughter adds: “Daddy was supposed to be here…. Daddy was gonna perform this year…but he couldn’t perform last year…Thank you. We love you, daddy.”

Echo Awards: (Germany; March 4, 2010)
The German Music Awards were presented in Berlin and as a special tribute, Michael Jackson was admitted to the Echo Hall of Fame.

Children Uniting Nations Oscar Celebration: (USA; March 7, 2010)
On March 7, brother of Michael Jackson, Randy, accepts the ‘Angel Award’ presented to him on behalf of the entertainer at the 11th Annual Children Uniting Nations Oscar Celebration, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Sister Maureen ‘Rebbie’ Jackson also participated at the event and had this to say: “When I saw his picture – that was hard, it brought tears. We miss him so much and we know you do too”; “I got very emotional afterward”. But I was very  pleased and happy to be a part of this”, she adds backstage. “Michael was very passionate about children and supporting their causes. Boy, he would have loved this. I’m grateful and thankful to all these people”, she says. Asked on their family life, Rebbie says “We’re just trying to be a family and get ourselves through all of it – it has been so much. I’m just trying to stay positive. But other than that, Michael’s kids are fine. […] (Our mother’s) favorite thing as a grandma is for everyone to come over and play games; especially Pictionary. All the time. Everyone gets involved and we all act silly. She’s a mother every day and always supports the kids”.

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