This is a complete list of all blogs posted on What about MJ?

The authors list in the sidebar can only show 10 at the most, so that is why we made this page.

Hold on to your money
To do list of what we need to do for Michael
Wishful thinking
Supporting Michael
What we need to do for Michael
The Jackson curse (video)
Attention whore or supporter?
Creative genius
Do not feed the paparazzi’s
Correction to In Defense Of The King
All for L.O.V.E.
In defense of the King
Hoax a way of grieving? Re-load
All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust
Why not leave him alone?
Wazzup with you?
The real Dave Dave
Message to all MJ fans from Mr. William
Correct the media lies!
Hoax theories..
Fakers on the internet
Making up for a missing bam?
The Michael Jackson effect
Wake up MJ fans!
1 year passed, now what?
Why Michael needs his privacy
Tough love
Have a little dignity
Setting things straight
The restless soul of Michael Jackson
Unite in support!
Stressors that overshadow respect for MJ
Virtual rape
Michael’s real message
Dead or Alive
Why not leave him alone???
MJDHI aims for The Sun!
Changes starts with YOU!
The “kids” on Twitter
Wazzup with u?
The “magic” behind TIAI
Do you even care II ?
Hate on YouTube
All you need is trust and a little bit o
Do you even care?
Vandalism on Michaels grave
Sunshower at Holly Terrace
There was a time
Friends.. The real ones
Finally some justice?
Stop exploring Michaels kids on YouTube
The problem with open forums
Hoax – a way of grieving?
What do you want to be?
Did i cross the line?
Hidden Agenda
The moonwalk
Family Hunt
Join 1Goal – education for all
Help wanted
Done can not be undone
  1. August 26, 2010 at 12:14

    Miss Zilda your site is wonderful. Thank you so much. You have given me alot to think about. Love as always the arabian nights

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