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All for L.O.V.E.

September 15, 2010 30 comments

Every day it amazes me how everyone is talking about love, respect and justice for Michael.
It seems to me that you all exactly know how to say and write these words, but acting like it, is a whole different story.

Let me start with your love for Michael.Maybe you have read  “Why Michael needs privacy” here on this blog, if you haven’t please do, because you are choking him with your love.
Because of that tremendous love he had to go trough horrible scenario’s, because the press wanted to write their dirty story’s for you. Read more…

Michael’s real message

June 19, 2010 14 comments

We all talk about Michael’s message LOVE,  but what about his real and biggest message Heal The World? He said in TII that we had 4 years to make it right. Some of you are believing that he meant that he will be back in 2012, others do understand his message. It’s about Healing The World, because global warming is a very big issue. Let me first explain what global warming means. Read more…


June 10, 2010 39 comments

Portoguese version
In about 15 days it will be 1 year since Michael left us. 12 long months have passed since that horrible day.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that he is alive or that he died, it’s going to be a very emotional day for a lot of us.
And for some even more, because since the beginning of the hoax people have kept their hopes up, thinking/hoping that he is going to come back, and that he wants  to us teach something.
I have heard a lot of dates since 25th of june 2009, and the speculations are still going on.

He should have returned before Christmas, then on christmas day, then after that but before New Year. He never came back and a lot of people were disappointed, but never gave up hope. So with the upcoming Easter, word was; yes he would return at Easter…..Easter came and went, we all searched for the eggs – but no Michael. Read more…

Have a little dignity

Everybody has fantasies. We all fantasize sometimes about winning the lottery and then buying a big house or a brand new car or maybe a 2nd house abroad, we are fantasizing about a big bank account or about someone you like very much. There is nothing wrong with that, we all do it.

But fantasizing about someone and keeping it to yourself or to write stories about it, making videos and putting them on You Tube is a whole different story. I think it is very disturbing that there are so many videos out there about Michael’s sexuality explicit.
A lot of these videos are made by girls, who are only 13, 14 years old (young). And those who watch these videos aren’t much older than that, or are even younger. Most of the time the video title says it all, you don’t need to watch the videos to know what they are about. Read more…

The moonwalk

May 20, 2010 4 comments

Ask anyone on this planet; “Do you know The Moonwalk?” and I’m sure that they will answer “Ohh Yeahh!”‘
That’s the most famous move in dance history and created by the legendary Michael Jackson. Michael performed this move the very first time in a performance of “Billie Jean”  at the Motown 25th Anniversary. First Michael and his brothers were together on stage and after that Michael went on stage to do Billie Jean, and when he did The Moonwalk the crowd went balistic!  Read more…


May 11, 2010 3 comments

He was the King of Pop who the media loved to hate.
Always a target for the colour of his skin, his sexuality and his lifestyle, Michael was a target who was humiliated almost his whole life by the media
In their efforts to make money and win ratings, the media missed the truth.
During the trials against him one person followed him very close and got excess into the courtroom.
She didn’t stopped investigating after Michael was cleared of all charges, her name is Aphrodite Jones.
She followed Michael during his trials and afterwords she had a feeling that she had to look deeper into this because it seemed like Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor, was on a mission to frame Michael, a personal vendetta
She took a look at the evidence and watched the video of Gavin Arvizo were the police investigators were putting words, a confession, into the boy’s mouth.
After following the trail and see all the evidence from up close she wrote a book about it.
When it was finished she tried to find a publisher but no one wanted to publish it because it was a book PRO Michael….
Can you believe it that, they told her that they only wanted to publish it when it was one AGAINST Michael.
Well she did get her book published and it’s called “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” Read more…

Stop exploring Michaels kids on YouTube

When you browse on You Tube you find a lot of video’s with Michael’s children in it.
As you know Michael was a very private man and when it involves his children he tried to protect him from the media.
Trying to give them a life as normal as possible
Now that we have seen them without their veils and masks it looks like they are as free as a bird and a big target for the media and for a lot of normal people who believe they have the right to put them in video’s and show them to the world on You Tube.
Do you believe that Michael wants this? And what about the children…they are haunted by the media and you aren’t any better
Because as long as you buy this crap and putting their faces all over You Tube you are no better than the tabloids.
Please think about Prince, Paris & Blanket would you like to be haunted like that when you go shopping or whatever….do you??