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Save the children

August 17, 2011 5 comments

My thoughts go to the children, Michael’s three kids. We all know he has had them by surrogate mothers, but still three beautiful kids he loved above all and by whom was deeply loved in return. My thoughts go to them these days, more than in the past.

What is going on with the shameful Tribute planning in Wales is even more embarrassing and shocking to us than any previous statement, interview or tv appearance by MJ’s family members. We are forced to watch tickets high-pricing (for which no refund is given to fans if at least 50% of the estimated celebrities don’t join the show or give up last-minute), to swallow bitter pills and fight like crazy due to great indignation when old glories of rock ( e.g. Mr. Simmons, who else?) twice embarrass us with their past statements or new participation in the above mentioned show. Read more…

Greed over Justice?

July 26, 2011 17 comments

Greed over Justice?
Does money once again triumph over justice? That’s what I’m wondering myself, reading the latest news from the Jackson’s! 25 long months have already passed since Michael’s untimely passing, and the only good news I’ve been reading about him, concerns the wonderful, strenuous campaign clearmjsname2 is promoting on Twitter, Facebook  and on their blog. Read more…

#MJFAM support is needed. Show L.O.V.E.

July 24, 2011 4 comments

2 days ago a mad man detonated a big bomb in the center of Oslo, Norway. At least 7 were instantly killed.
After that he went to a little island about 24 miles from Oslo disguised as a police officer, where a group of 560 teenagers were gathered for a political summer camp. Most of the young people were between 14-18 years old. Read more…

Have you signed up for the #mjsinvincible campaign yet?

July 21, 2011 Leave a comment


The Mjsinvincible  Campaign – mentioned earlier on this blog – has created a blog of their own, and more importantly a “I pledge”-page.
Please sign up now!

It is also very important that you help spread the word about this campaign.
Start by retweeting this blog, it already contains the hashtag in the headline.




#mjsinvincible Campaign – I pledge

July 14, 2011 1 comment

The Mjsinvincible  Campaign – mentioned earlier on this blog – has created a blog of their own, and more importantly a “I pledge”-page.

We at WAMJ will encourage you to visit this blog and support the campaign and sign up on the I pledge-page to show your support:

Read more about the campaign that all MJ fans are asked to join on their blog.
Remember to tweet the hashtag #mjsinvincible and the links to the “I pledge”-page.

Also remember to visit the Facebook group, join it/like it and comment on their wall, because this is what the media will see. Link to the Facebook group:

It takes all MJ fans to make this a success, but together we can do it!

#mjsinvincible campaign

June 23, 2011 21 comments

Right now the fans are launching yet another campaign to show support to MJ. Several other fan campaigns have been successful before, and this is a way the fans are showing that we stand together in honoring Michael’s legacy.

The aim is to bring the album “Invincible” to number 1 on the charts, to show that MJ IS invincible and – of course – to show that we, the fans, still care.
Read more…

Changes starts with YOU!

July 24, 2010 14 comments

You talk the talk. Do you walk the walk?

As you probably have seen we have on this site two blogs that calls for unity and action.
And although it is pretty easy to get you to read these, it is harder getting you to take action.

MJ fans mantra – or one of them – is “Make a change!”. But are MJ fans full of empty words and sayings? Are there no real substance behind all the good intentions?

Is it easier to spam the medias with Elvis and MJ mails, than to seek justice for Michael?

I sure hope not.. please prove me wrong..
This is all for Michael, and it is not even empty words!

Read more…

Help wanted

July 19, 2010 5 comments

Help wanted..

Hello dear readers..

As you may have seen our blogs are translated into several languages so our readers around the world can read our blogs. But we need people who can translate the blogs or some of the blogs to French or Spanish since we don’t have the skills to do that 🙂

So if you feel like translating some blogs then you are more that welcome to contact us here or send an email to

Thank you


Vandalism on Michaels grave

July 19, 2010 8 comments

Things have gone to far.. What kind of people think it is okay to write cute messages to him on Holly Terrace? Don’t they realize that He had a family and that family comes there once in a while to pay their respect to the member they have lost? How do they think the family feels when they see something like that?

Do they think the family likes it?

No, they don’t apparently not in this case is not about Michael, his family or his children.
It’s about them and only them .. They still think they are the only ones who mourn his untimely death and therefore it’s ok to do vandalism at his tomb

Read more…

Correct the media lies!

July 2, 2010 92 comments

Justice for Michael is many things, and I personally do believe he is entitled to Justice on so many levels.

This is specific about Justice for Michael in the media. Maybe you have seen  a campaign on Twitter, where justice is demanded, in form of an apology from the medias and clearing Michael’s name in the media.

They need to retract their old lies and start telling the truth about Michael. Please take a moment and read the rest of this post, because together, we might be able to do something.. Read more…

Michael’s real message

June 19, 2010 14 comments

We all talk about Michael’s message LOVE,  but what about his real and biggest message Heal The World? He said in TII that we had 4 years to make it right. Some of you are believing that he meant that he will be back in 2012, others do understand his message. It’s about Healing The World, because global warming is a very big issue. Let me first explain what global warming means. Read more…

The real Dave Dave

June 13, 2010 73 comments

Portoguese version Dutch version Italian version German version Danish version
[Addition: please read this blog too: Setting things straight]

Okay today i received an email from an anonymous source asking me to post this email this source send to the british tabloid magazine The Sun… This is the real truth regarding Dave Dave.. I was asked to post the letter here..

To Whom It May Concern at the Sun,
I wish to keep my name anonymous at this time because I have information about Dave Dave, a former friend of mine.
After reading the Sun article the week of May 10, 2010 regarding the fans thinking Dave Dave is actually Michael Jackson in disguise, Dave Dave and I had a hard week that ultimately ruined our friendship.
On May 15, 2010 at 10:36 PM I received a text message from him stating he wanted to “talk” and asking me if I ” was home so he can call me.” Read more…

Finally some justice?

May 21, 2010 19 comments

This video has been sent to me a numerous times the last day.. And then I finally found time to listen to it. I think you should listen too.
It seems like Tom Sneddon [further presentation not necessary] falsified some evidence, during the Michael Jackson Trial. Now this is serious allegations, so if it is true, maybe some justice would finally be under way for Michael. What do you think?
Read more…

Sunshower at Holly Terrace

May 14, 2010 13 comments

Pictures taken by Lisa Burks:

Lisa, thank you for sharing with us!! Read more…

The problem with open forums

May 12, 2010 3 comments

Not all hoax forums are wide open for the whole world, but some are and even some of the biggest are.
By having a completely open forum, you invite everybody to read what you have. This includes the people you are discussing, the media and not least random people who searches for something in Google or other search engines.
So you cannot say that all people come in and read by their own free will. But if you make your forum private, so it requires a login to read, then people read because they want to.

And this is the whole essence in this blog posting. Why do you need to display all your “funny stuff” for everybody? I have to be very direct in my wordings, so please forgive me:
Some of the things you write in your open forums are very disrespectful and hurtful for others to read. Other things make you look completely stupid. Is it really in your own interest to do that? Read more…


May 11, 2010 3 comments

He was the King of Pop who the media loved to hate.
Always a target for the colour of his skin, his sexuality and his lifestyle, Michael was a target who was humiliated almost his whole life by the media
In their efforts to make money and win ratings, the media missed the truth.
During the trials against him one person followed him very close and got excess into the courtroom.
She didn’t stopped investigating after Michael was cleared of all charges, her name is Aphrodite Jones.
She followed Michael during his trials and afterwords she had a feeling that she had to look deeper into this because it seemed like Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor, was on a mission to frame Michael, a personal vendetta
She took a look at the evidence and watched the video of Gavin Arvizo were the police investigators were putting words, a confession, into the boy’s mouth.
After following the trail and see all the evidence from up close she wrote a book about it.
When it was finished she tried to find a publisher but no one wanted to publish it because it was a book PRO Michael….
Can you believe it that, they told her that they only wanted to publish it when it was one AGAINST Michael.
Well she did get her book published and it’s called “Michael Jackson Conspiracy” Read more…

MJDHI aims for The Sun!

May 10, 2010 34 comments

Today I was sent a link to an article in The Sun, the british tabloid that is the most tabloid of them all.. and proud of it to.

Besides containing a lot of the stuff going on at MJDHI, like MJ disguising as Dave Dave and the sad story of Dave Dave, Mo & Souza where quoted for several views on “the hoax”..

Really nothing new, we have seen Mo & Souza in newspaper articles before, but this time I just have to let my observations out.
The first thing that pokes me in my eye is the headline.
Is Jacko posing as burns victim?


Mo & Souza represents thousands of MJ fans, when going public like this, and they should know better than this. The headline is a disgrace and disrespectful to both Michael and his fans.

I know we are dealing with a tabloid, but M&S was smart enough to make some conditions for their cooperation with The Sun, who INVENTED the Wacko Jacko term, and the condition of NOT using this name Jacko, was not something M&S thought of.. Read more…

Family Hunt

May 9, 2010 6 comments

The last nearly 11 months the hoax forums have been attacking Michael’s family and close ones… They have been looking for all kinds of clues, slip-ups and other things related to Michael’s death.

Whenever a family member is talking to the camera or doing different interviews they are being analyzed.. From the words coming out of their mouth to their body language.. The hoaxers seem to have favourites Jackson’s members.. The one they “love” the most is Jermaine Jackson.. Actually I have a perfect example of an analyze they did months ago.. Jermaine was on an Australian radio and at one point he says “ MICHAEL WS NOT WITH US WAY BEFORE HE ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT…. I MEAN WAY BEFORE HE ARRIVED AT THE HOSPITAL”

So now the hoaxers believes this was a major slip-up and they analyzed everything regarding Jermaine down to the minimum.. Even his smile was analyzed… Here is what I think about this… Have you ever thought of that Jermaine could be very tired after spending hours in a plane?? Due the time difference he could have jet lag..

What if Jermaine thought of when his plane was leaving or when he should be in the airport again… Read more…