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Save the children

August 17, 2011 5 comments

My thoughts go to the children, Michael’s three kids. We all know he has had them by surrogate mothers, but still three beautiful kids he loved above all and by whom was deeply loved in return. My thoughts go to them these days, more than in the past.

What is going on with the shameful Tribute planning in Wales is even more embarrassing and shocking to us than any previous statement, interview or tv appearance by MJ’s family members. We are forced to watch tickets high-pricing (for which no refund is given to fans if at least 50% of the estimated celebrities don’t join the show or give up last-minute), to swallow bitter pills and fight like crazy due to great indignation when old glories of rock ( e.g. Mr. Simmons, who else?) twice embarrass us with their past statements or new participation in the above mentioned show. Read more…

Do not feed the paparazzi’s

October 4, 2010 19 comments

Lately the Jackson kids were spotted in Las Vegas, walking from a parking space to wherever they were going, and immediately a frenzy amongst the MJ fans started to take off.

I have to disappoint you, you will find no pictures of the kids here.

In hoax forums and other places the pictures were posted and heavily discussed. Where were they? Where were they going? Who was with them? What was on Prince’s t-shirt? Oh probably a clue, you know.. Anyway the pictures were enlarged in different kinds of software to decode any possible leads.. Read more…


September 21, 2010 14 comments

Katherine Jackson must be made of solid steel – or maybe gold! She is 80 years old and she wants justice!
Justice for her son Michael. Justice for Michael like so many of us wants.

“Sweet grandma’s” at that age shouldn’t be fighting in court, normally they would be at home baking and caring for the family, loving the grandchildren, or telling stories from old days.
And somehow I do not doubt for a second, that she also manages to do that, besides all the other things she does. Read more…

Why not leave him alone???

August 15, 2010 46 comments

Why the chase?? Why the search??? Why not leave him alone??

Isn’t it enough that Michael lived his life in the spotlight for 45 years? Why not give him the privacy he pleaded for..

Just think of it for a minute… If he had the privacy he asked for when he lived then things might have been different who knows. But instead the tabloids chased him and wrote about him in their filthy magazines where they loved, and still do by the way, to call him ugly names.. The name Wacko Jacko often appeared.. So I decided to take action and began to write different newspapers and tabloids and tell them to write his name because like all people here know Michael HATED the W.J name.. Read more…

The “kids” on Twitter

May 14, 2010 5 comments

There are a lot of “Jackson kids” on Twitter, I am talking about every one of them having loads of accounts..

In real I don’t believe they do have Twitters. If they had, it would probably be under another name, so you wouldn’t recognize them, but really I don’t think they have Twitters. These are fakers who want to trick you, get lot’s of followers and feel important for a moment. Most of these accounts fades out, because the person behind it maybe realises, that it is hard work to keep the illusion going.

They use some simple tricks to make it look real.. they follow their “relatives”, but rarely the verified accounts of relatives for obvious reasons. They make an account for each of their siblings, and then they tweet back and forth with these “siblings” to make it look like they know each other. They often protect the account, because it makes it look more real. Read more…

Stop exploring Michaels kids on YouTube

When you browse on You Tube you find a lot of video’s with Michael’s children in it.
As you know Michael was a very private man and when it involves his children he tried to protect him from the media.
Trying to give them a life as normal as possible
Now that we have seen them without their veils and masks it looks like they are as free as a bird and a big target for the media and for a lot of normal people who believe they have the right to put them in video’s and show them to the world on You Tube.
Do you believe that Michael wants this? And what about the children…they are haunted by the media and you aren’t any better
Because as long as you buy this crap and putting their faces all over You Tube you are no better than the tabloids.
Please think about Prince, Paris & Blanket would you like to be haunted like that when you go shopping or whatever….do you??