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Fakers on the internet

June 10, 2010 56 comments

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Since Michael Jackson left us June 25th last year we have seen fakes on the internet. We see them all over on Twitter, MySpace, You tube and on “homemade” blogs.. We often question ourselves why they do it but I guess they want to mislead Michael’s fans and get a little fame..   I have several examples on fakes well actually I have many examples but I will only point out a few otherwise this post would be way to long.. Read more…

Hidden Agenda

May 9, 2010 7 comments

I guess you are aware of the hoax video makers on YouTube.. People diggin’ in Michaels life tearing him apart and for every video they make their subscribers are applauding them… What if one of these hoax video maker has a hidden agenda and things aren’t what they seems to be.. What if this person on YouTube is using other people to do some filthy work, while this hoax video maker is playing with peoples feelings.?? Why does it take so little for people trusting another person because of the videos this person makes..  I can’t answer that but i cannot understand why people aren’t sceptical after 70+ videos…

I made this video 2 days ago and i think it says it all

Hoax – a way of grieving?

May 9, 2010 4 comments

Through my videos on YouTube, I have gotten a lot of comments and messages from those investigating or studying the hoax – from now on called hoaxers – about, what it is that makes them go on and on..

Many of them tell me this is their way of grieving, mourning their big loss, finding meaning in everything.

When someone close to you dies, it is devastating and you grieve in a certain way that fits you. I feel tempted to say that the hoax-grief is some kind of mass hysteria, where people inflicts others with their mourning and grief, and this all escalate into something of huge dimensions.
None of them will get out on the other side of this grief, as long as thousands of others keeps it alive.

So how many hoaxers are there? Well the biggest hoax forums has around 3000+ members, and the same goes for some of the most well-known hoax video makers on YT. Then there are those who don’t make videos, don’t write in forums, but just read and watch in silence. Let’s round the numbers up to 5000 hoaxers. Read more…