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Greed over Justice?

July 26, 2011 17 comments

Greed over Justice?
Does money once again triumph over justice? That’s what I’m wondering myself, reading the latest news from the Jackson’s! 25 long months have already passed since Michael’s untimely passing, and the only good news I’ve been reading about him, concerns the wonderful, strenuous campaign clearmjsname2 is promoting on Twitter, Facebook  and on their blog. Read more…

MJDHI aims for The Sun!

May 10, 2010 34 comments

Today I was sent a link to an article in The Sun, the british tabloid that is the most tabloid of them all.. and proud of it to.

Besides containing a lot of the stuff going on at MJDHI, like MJ disguising as Dave Dave and the sad story of Dave Dave, Mo & Souza where quoted for several views on “the hoax”..

Really nothing new, we have seen Mo & Souza in newspaper articles before, but this time I just have to let my observations out.
The first thing that pokes me in my eye is the headline.
Is Jacko posing as burns victim?


Mo & Souza represents thousands of MJ fans, when going public like this, and they should know better than this. The headline is a disgrace and disrespectful to both Michael and his fans.

I know we are dealing with a tabloid, but M&S was smart enough to make some conditions for their cooperation with The Sun, who INVENTED the Wacko Jacko term, and the condition of NOT using this name Jacko, was not something M&S thought of.. Read more…

Family Hunt

May 9, 2010 6 comments

The last nearly 11 months the hoax forums have been attacking Michael’s family and close ones… They have been looking for all kinds of clues, slip-ups and other things related to Michael’s death.

Whenever a family member is talking to the camera or doing different interviews they are being analyzed.. From the words coming out of their mouth to their body language.. The hoaxers seem to have favourites Jackson’s members.. The one they “love” the most is Jermaine Jackson.. Actually I have a perfect example of an analyze they did months ago.. Jermaine was on an Australian radio and at one point he says “ MICHAEL WS NOT WITH US WAY BEFORE HE ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT…. I MEAN WAY BEFORE HE ARRIVED AT THE HOSPITAL”

So now the hoaxers believes this was a major slip-up and they analyzed everything regarding Jermaine down to the minimum.. Even his smile was analyzed… Here is what I think about this… Have you ever thought of that Jermaine could be very tired after spending hours in a plane?? Due the time difference he could have jet lag..

What if Jermaine thought of when his plane was leaving or when he should be in the airport again… Read more…