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Wake up MJ fans!

June 8, 2010 23 comments

This blog might be a little personal, my video “Wake up MJ fans” was made because of some observations I made.
Basically there are 3 messages in the video:
1. Protect Michael from being used by others
2. Protect Michael from disrespectful videos
3. Reach out to each other.

Funny though, because I just read a message on Twitter where someone was asking why I was dividing the fans. Well, I am not, quite the opposite actually..;)

Protect Michael from being used by others

If you read my blog Unite in support, you might have seen the video with an interview with Pearl Jr.
She is the author of a book about the hoax. If you didn’t read my blog yet, I will recommend you to do so, because this is a kind of continuation of that blog. Read more…