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To do list of what we need to do for Michael

This is a follow-up on the blog  What we need to do for Michael

This is for people who care to stand up for Michael Jackson’s innocence and care to take action in the effort to clear his name.

The truth shall prevail yet, we need your support.
There is absolutely no reason for the legacy of Michael. J. Jackson to be tarnished.
Here are suggestions along with many references accessable in one place.

Suggestions for advocacy of Michael Jackson’s innocence :
factual information with your MJ friends regarding his innocence and encourage them to become an advocate of truth.
by blogging to articles that defame MJ, falsehoods
and promote rumors. Include factual refs. when at all possible, to help educate the public about his truth. It’s also Important that we support journalists and others who speak the truth about MJ.
and write to editors, news producers and gov. officials when an issue arises that is especially disrespectful.
for what and who you belive in and address hate with unconditional love.
Simply disagree factually & diplomatically.
Report without responding directly to haters.
Then COMMUNICATE some more.
and continually educate people who believed the media over Michael and The US Supreme Court..
Don’t forget that we must support one-another along the way.

Visit and support/subscribe to MJTruthNow
Here you will find all you need to know about the accusers of extortion attempts, those we stand up to and more.

Support/subscribe to William Wagener’s channel and back his efforts to vindicate MJ by facing
the criminal conduct of Thomas Ssseddon.

Support MJJusticeproject by signing the petition and follow them on Twitter/Facebook for updates

Be more familiarized with MJ’s bio and receive updates of current MJ news.

Support this group of strong MJ innocence advocates.

Be especially aware of these people who have slandered MJ-
Martin Bashir, Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace, Bill O’Relly, Mareen Orth and Oprah Winfrey.

to set-up Michael Jackson google news for updates-
then click “add a section” (upper-R corner)
simply enter his name in the search sections box (upper-R) then “add this section”
see ?

how to REPORT on youtube-

report hate on FCBK-

LINKS references :
Aphrodite Jones –
Geraldine Hughes-
Larry Nimmer-
Charles Thomson-
Michael Jackson: It’s Time For Outlets to Take Responsibility in Covering the Rock Star
One of the Most Shameful Episodes In
Journalistic History
Mary A. Fischer
The Untold Story
MJ Court Transcripts 2005
ETHICS committees-
Excellent reference on ethics
Charters of Freedom “A New World is at Hand”
Committee on Standards of Official Conduct
newer official Gov, ethics committee
Government Accountability Ethics Watchdog
and Abuse of Power
Common Cause | 1133 19th Street NW, 9th Floor | Washington, DC 20036 | 202.833.1200
National Action Network- President Al Sharpton

We can at least do a little each day, in gratitude for all that Michael given this world.
Keep in mind that MJ will not be rightly honored for his humanitarianism until his name has been cleared.
May his truth shine brighter.

Michael’s spirit matters.
His legacy matters
AND truth matters.

Meanwhile, arguing amongst fans, for whatever reason serves no purpose and certainly not in Michael’s light of love.
If we are all communicating factual references about Michael, there’s no argument to be made anyway.
The key to strengthening our common bond of love for Michael is coming together by STANDING FOR HIS INNOCENCE.

*you are welcome to copy/paste any or all of this info. for passing on.
To copy/paste a link
Highlight your address/ bar (very top window that now would read https://whataboutmj.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/to-do-list-of-…do-for-michael/)
Hold-down Left-click of mouse & glide across until it’s blue.
Then press your “back” key. (it will now be blank)
Then highlight the link you care to see.
Right-click on top of it , then L-click “copy”.
Return to address-bar, R-click where it’s blank, then L-click paste.
Then press the arrow to the right/go and the link will appear.
Copy/paste is the greatest feature.

You may have noticed that many sites do not accept links as a part of feedback. In this event, just name your source of factual reference.

When responding to insults and rumors about Michael, it’s better to assume that whoever is uneducated and share facts about MJ; like assuming someone is just having a bad day.
Do not respond to haters angrily ! Hate breeds hate.
We must always address ourselves with dignity & not fall for the instigation of others.
I also suggest that when blogging to distasteful articles that attempt to further defame Michael and/or state falsehoods, that we reply with dignity.
Reacting with insult to injury does not empower our cause.
Sharing facts with love is all we need to do.

  1. October 27, 2010 at 21:48

    This is a beautiful compilation! In every way, in everyday we much strive to bring him justice.

  2. livinofthewall
    October 27, 2010 at 21:51

    Good job Cawobeth! This is very helpfull. Let’s hope that a lot of people are gonna stand up now for Michael and take some action! There is no reason at all anymore, with all these links, to do NOTHING!!! Again Elisabeth.. thank you 🙂

  3. Beatriz
    October 27, 2010 at 23:14

    Thanks for sharing. It´s good to know you´re still helping. MJ would be very proud of you. 🙂

  4. October 27, 2010 at 23:30


  5. cawobeth
    October 28, 2010 at 00:53

    2 typos; sorry.
    Although that’s pretty good for me who is a pretty rinky-dink typer.
    Thanks you guys. It’s so important that we support one-another. I know that for me, I still find facing what was done, and unfortunately continues, to Michael very painful at times. I can’t seem to help myself from becoming upset sometimes and try so hard to re-direct my anger, sadness & frustration. Utilizing the hard, cold facts for standing up to this most shameful & corrupt scenario, helps.

    God willing prevailing of his truth shall also “go down in history” as a great “demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation”.
    And when his innocence is known, God willing, it will shake & wake people up a bit; maybe even restore some dignity back to mankind.

  6. Netoska
    October 28, 2010 at 19:43

    Well done Elisabeth. Your list is an excellent and exhaustive memorandum for us all.i think there’s no need to do all at once,because it takes only a few minutes everyday to offer our help to Michael’s cause.really…Our true LOVE for him can be displayed in very simple ACTIONS..LET’S DO IT FOR HIS SAKE..alone we’re like voices in the desert,but together we can move entire mountains!

  7. Tinkerbelle4mj
    October 28, 2010 at 20:41

    Elizabeth, thank you so much for the list. Now I can see exactly where I need to go. Zilda, great comment! Yes, I believe that we can make the public aware and that this ‘will go down in history as the greatest ‘demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation’. I also become so upset at times, well, I guess the word would be just plain angry, but I know that we must do this calmly and with dignity and with determination. I believe our voices will be heard…and mountains we can move Netoska with our voices as one. Thank you all so much for this forum. Oh, and yes, we must support those in media and gov. and others who speak up for Michael. I love you all…I just wish you really knew how much. ;D Winnie

  8. msdanish
    October 28, 2010 at 22:20

    Well done Cawobeth.. I truly hope people will take some action to clear his name..

  9. cawobeth
    October 29, 2010 at 07:26

    Tinkerbell, I get angry too, but I feel better when I a re-direct my energy by actually doing something to stand up for his innocence. My anger simmers when I am productive & feel that I’m actually contributing to the cause. When I 1rst started doing this, 16 months ago, there was no cause. I just couldn’t believe the word “allegations” was in reports of his passing. I just started learning what blogging is & how. I’m not a big joiner & wasn’t much with the whole fanhood thing, but then I came across Michael’s quote, “There’s nothing that cant be done, if we raise our voice as one!” So, I got with MJTruthNow & a few others and the mission has grown, but not enough, not yet. The J Family is starting to speak up again now but I don’t think they should have to do a darn thing though Taj has been inspiring a lot more people.
    We cannot change what happened to Michael, but we can clean-up a false image of his legacy, buff it up & make it shine, the way it should, by continually re-exposing the facts until we don’t need to anymore.
    When you blog, you’ll see others that are speaking up too. It’s cool to be see what others right & we inspire on-another. AND you’ll see many derogatory comments. Just pass them by. It’s not worth upsetting yourself. We certainly aren’t doing this to upset ourselves. Once in a while I respond, by name, to another blogger, but not often.
    You’re right calm, dignity & determination; key words/key strategies. God, if we can carry on with 1/2 the determination as Michael, to make change, we’re doin’ OK.
    And he…always with dignity and mostly calm.

  10. Tinkerbelle4mj
    October 29, 2010 at 20:19

    Hi friends, I just found a series of videos and favored them on my channel: ‘Michael Jackson Not Guilty Acquittal Vindication Exoneration’ from 2005. There are five parts and I am posting them on my Facebook page…I just accidently stumbled upon them on YT. These videos show media at its worst and features the people we are trying to put emphasis on to admit their wrong doings about Michael. It also shows the people who supported Michael during the trial. Check it out.
    I have also printed the TO DO List and placed it on the side of my computer.LOL At my age, loosing and finding things becomes an adventure. ;D Thank you cawobeth & msdanishgirl, misszilda for your wonderful encouragement.

  11. cawobeth
    November 2, 2010 at 01:53

    Tinkerbell, I am so glad that you’re getting a lot out of this.
    Warning : IT CAN GET PAINFUL
    and yet, we must always remember that despite all the pain Michael endured, Michael was able to heal, continue creating and be a wonderful father.
    This is my favorite MJ vindication vid – – –

    • Tinkerbelle4mj
      November 7, 2010 at 21:40

      cowobeth, Thank you so much for the video…where can I find to add to my favorites?
      Send me info by YT channel inbox. I feel your energy and passion for this wonderful man to have justice. I am with all of you. Love to all…

  12. cawobeth1
    November 24, 2010 at 05:13

    this is the link to the vid.
    Tink, I couldn’t connect w/you from here.

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