By Zilda

Never again, and then again forever..

On august 29, 1958 a star was born in a very humble home in Gary, Indiana. Michael Jackson entered the world, and the nothing never seemed to be the same as before.

At the age of 5 Michael started to perform and sing with his brothers in Jackson 5, and together they became a huge success. As a young adult Michael went solo, and he literally swept the world off its feets. I was born when Michael started performing, and he was somehow always there. We kind of “grew up together”, although none of us really thought about that.

He became a huge and awesome success. And has been that ever since. His story is amazing, he was and still is truly amazing. There will never be another Michael Jackson on this planet, because he was so unique that the word “unique”  really don’t seem to cover what he actually was.
Michael was magic..

Besides being this mega star with millions of fans, Michael always kept his humble soul and his feet on the ground and he was known to be one of the most loving and caring human beings, to have lived on this earth. Many people benefitted from his generosity, and he never asked for anything in return.

Made by Zilda

For 45 years he performed, he entertained you and me, he gave us some of the best music ever and his music was a true revolution in the music industry and a role model for other artists for decades. And still is.

For 45 years he lived his life in the spotlight, haunted by the press and the public who just couldn’t get enough of him. Day in and day out.. Finally he decided to get some peace, and if someone deserves that, he sure does.

Thank you Michael, for everything you gave us! We will treasure it forever, we will treasure and pay homage to your legacy.

Now it is time to give him some peace..♥



  1. Mitzi
    May 20, 2010 at 23:24

    AMEN.. Zilda

  2. livinofthewall
    May 21, 2010 at 08:27

    You digital book is amazing Zilda!! Well done

  3. the arabian nights
    May 29, 2010 at 13:07

    the book is excellent – thank you

    ps is it possible to have an amend function when posting comments i always make mistakes and i would like to go back and amend – thanks

  4. the arabian nights
    June 25, 2010 at 10:20

    God Bless you Michael – sorry that your gone! RIP

  5. Tinkerbelle4mj
    July 20, 2010 at 15:41

    MissZilda, the digital book is fantastic!! I have been trying to read as much as possible from this blog. I really like the positive comments and the thought provoking statements. I want to thank all of you for the real and honest love you have for Michael as a man, just a plain wonderful man who was given to all of us as a gift to grace humanity. My heart breaks sometimes for the trashing that is still going on in the world from the haters…not to mention the hoaxers.
    I love you all and MissZ, thank you for reaching out to me and helping me. At my age I get a bit overwhelmed with this step I have taken into the world of internet connections…Love from Tinkerbelle ;D

  6. constance johnson
    July 23, 2010 at 05:00

    You said it beautifully. I commend you for all that you did with this Zilda. Michael is sadly missed by many loyal and true fans. I love hima sn will always feel that way. I think of him every second of everyday. I think of his children that have had the most important person in their lives pass and now they will never have thost precious first moments with him. I tmakes me cry whenever I get ot have those with my children adn think that Michael all he ever wanted was to have a family and now he will not get to enjoy the funny and important things that will come along. God Bless you Michael for filling my life with so very much love and joy. R.I.P. my beloved angel.

  7. VampKira
    August 26, 2010 at 09:13

    Amazing Zilda….simply amazing! *hugs* So very, very special was our angelic enigma, named Michael. Love Lives Forever

    VampKira- Proud soldier in Michael Jackson’s Army of Love

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