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Planet Earth

Today the most horrible disaster hit Japan, a gigantic earthquake followed by a massive tsunami. Right now less than 12 hours later a 1000 people has been reported dead. 88.000 others are missing.

What is going on with our planet?

Japan are placed in a risky earthquake zone, and being the most high-tech country in the world, especially when it comes to earthquakes, they were to some extent prepared. But probably not for the size of this disaster.

Many buildings caught fire because of the quake, and the following tsunami has made the fires mobile, spreading them and making them more dangerous.
Pictures of the tsunami washing everything away , has filled the medias today, and I bet we all will remember the pictures of cars floating around with the lights on, meaning with people inside them.

I know we all think about those affected by the disaster and pray for them.

Some have talked about a theory about a super moon having something to do with this. Super moon means it is closer to Earth than usual and causing tides to rise and always seems to be followed by big natural disasters. The moon is actually very close to Earth right now, and it is happening only every 19th year. (article written 3 days before the earthquake)

Most likely this disaster has nothing to do with the moon or the pollution or CO2, or all the other stuff, we always worries about. Earthquakes is a regulator in the earth, our planet is mobile and changing all the time, and has always done so.
But I do think the events of today sets a lot in perspective. We have the “normal” disasters on this planet to deal with, and they seem big enough, without us contributing to make others and bigger disasters by living an egoistic life.

Maybe this is the last call for a change. Maybe this is our last chance. Remember that any changes starts with yourself, you don’t have to wait for others to start.

We need to join forces and do something for our Earth and our world, at least if we would like to keep living here. It is never too late, start today. Think about what you give and take on this planet, and how it is effected by it.

One month ago I made this video Planet Earth Poem, and at that time I was talking about writing a blog to go with it. Today was that day.
Michael was very engaged in our planet, and he loved it with all his heart.
This planet is very rare and it contains some unbelievable beauty. Most people don’t notice it, they take it all for granted. So I made this video of Michael’s poem and some beautiful places.
Let’s try and preserve our home. It is the only home we have.

Japan are placed in a risky earthquake zone, and being the most high-tech country in the world, especially when it comes to earthquakes, they were to some extent prepared. But maybe not for the size of this disaster.
  1. Netoska
    March 11, 2011 at 22:34

    Good work,Zilda! The planet is giving us a strong alert:not to ignore its needs anymore! Though these disasters may be only a consequence of a more obvious event,we must do our best to preserve what nature has created throughout the centuries,and which we’re unthankfully destroying day by day. What happened to Japan is the 2nd strongest earthquake after the one in 1960’s. Let our prayers reach the thousands of Japanese people suffering and striving for their lives and future over there! This is a big chance to make that change MJ often spoke about.. Let us be the change the want to see in the world by daily respecting our planet. Surely the International Red Cross will promote a worldwide campaign to help the population affected. I invite everybody to do our best efforts to help them.. We could be THEM,our brothers!

  2. karen
    March 11, 2011 at 23:08

    “I am my brothers keeper”. Donate, pray, love and break down the walls of prejudice. There is so much more going on lately, example would be that New Jersey is flooded. Watching the news brings tears to my eyes. The shift may well have begun, hold tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride my friends…

  3. carmen
    March 13, 2011 at 17:54

    Hi.This is the last time I come here,only for say THANK YOU and GOOD BYE!

    • March 13, 2011 at 18:11

      Is something wrong, Carmen?

  4. carmen
    March 14, 2011 at 14:53

    Hi,Zilda.I’m sorry,I said only two words,this is not polite and I apologize.I don’t know how to say what I want to say,because,you know,my english is not too good and I don’t want to be misunderstood.Last night I came on the blog like always and I was a little puzzled.Except the blog about MJ,the others wich have a lot of comments are about gossip,altercations…whatever.This one,about the apocalyptical nightmare in Japan has only two!And that makes me sad.I don’t know,maybe I am too sensitive and I exagerrate,or I am completely ridiculous,but for a moment I had the idea I was wasting my time on the computer.Once you have asked a question:”you talk the talk but do you walk the walk?”Last night the answer was “no”and that was waked me up,it was like a revelation if you want.I decided I have to DO something because I have enough “bla..bla”(it’s about me I’m talking).I know I can’t simply roll my sleeves and start saving the world.I’m not so powerfull,neither financial nor other way,but I’m sure I can do something.There are people arround me who need help and animals that need attention and I decided to involve myself more than I did it before.It is not difficult to give a hand.Giving a drop of happyness to someone makes your life better and gives you the feelling that you don’t live in vane.Comming back to your question if it is something wrong:no it isn’t.It is just the time to make a change.I want to thank you for everything,youre blog is great and you are a nice person doing a good job.I think this is not an ultimate good bye,maybe I will come here sometimes to read your blog and say “Hi”.It was a pleasure to “meet”you and your team.
    Good bye dear friend(if I may call you so).

    • March 14, 2011 at 21:33

      I am glad to hear that Carmen. And I wish you all the luck in the world with your project 😉

    • livinofthewall
      March 14, 2011 at 21:36

      Hey Carmen, thank you for explaning 😀 I wanna say thank you for reading and commenting on our blog.
      It makes me feel good that some parts that have been written here did make you aware of what you should do.
      It’s nice to know that we can make some sort of change by writing these blogs.
      Taking my hat of for you by doing some for the people and animals around you.
      Michael would have liked that very much!
      I do hope that we will see you around from time to time and letting us know how you are doing!
      ❤¸¸.•*☆☀ L ♡ V E ☀❤¸¸.•*☆ to you Carmen!!!

  5. lisalittleme
    March 17, 2011 at 16:35

    We can’t do anything to prevent disaster but we can help our planet if we really want to. Recycle, special filters on our cars and just do what we can to prevent the green house effect to be more damaged than it already is.

    When disaster strikes like it did in Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan and so many other places we can make a difference by helping and supporting Red Cross and other humanitarian Aid groups. Whether it’s money, clothes or blankets you can make a difference. It only requries 15 minuts of your life to make a difference.

  6. Monika R. - from Poland
    April 15, 2011 at 19:16

    Cyclical changes in the earth there have been for centuries and will be repeated. People need to be strong and ready for mutual assistance. It’s terrible what happened in Japan. I am not able to imagine the size of this tragedy. Wars do not need that country ceased to exist. Some people mix to God and religion, the sins and stuff … I do not explain the cyclical changes in the earth, just that one area is exposed to seismic shocks.
    I think the whole world is able to help the Japanese to rebuild their country.
    The most tragic is that human knowledge has failed towards the construction of nuclear power. Hm … Why not build solar power? Cheaper to maintain and safer for the environment.

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