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History repeating itself at MJDHI

February 17, 2011 33 comments

Or not? These days a heated discussion goes on at several hoax forums and on Twitter, and probably many other places as well.

The reason for this discussion  is that Souza, the admin of MJDHI, has been offered a permanent spot on a magazine. A spot where she is supposed to tell about the hoax and the conspiracies regarding MJ. The owner of the magazine has been reading MJDHI, and is eager to get the hoaxers to use their findings and discussions in his magazine, which by the way is brand new and have no readers nor sponsors yet. So he needs something that really can make his magazine popular and known, he needs PR and he needs a reader base. Read more…

Hold on to your money

October 31, 2010 14 comments

What is wrong with people? By asking this I want to express something I read yesterday on 2 different hoax forums, and I have to say that I am shocked. Here at WAMJ we are writing blogs about supporting Michael and trying to clear his name, trying to reach people and get their help with various projects.

We spend many hours a day tweeting about supporting Michael, and how it only takes 2 minutes to sign the petition and still a lot of people are ignoring this, despite many of them are saying day in and day out, how they want to clear his name and get the justice he deserves.

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Why not leave him alone???

August 15, 2010 46 comments

Why the chase?? Why the search??? Why not leave him alone??

Isn’t it enough that Michael lived his life in the spotlight for 45 years? Why not give him the privacy he pleaded for..

Just think of it for a minute… If he had the privacy he asked for when he lived then things might have been different who knows. But instead the tabloids chased him and wrote about him in their filthy magazines where they loved, and still do by the way, to call him ugly names.. The name Wacko Jacko often appeared.. So I decided to take action and began to write different newspapers and tabloids and tell them to write his name because like all people here know Michael HATED the W.J name.. Read more…


July 31, 2010 49 comments

This blog contains manipulated content used only for illustration purposes! Please vote at the bottom of the blog!

Earlier I wrote a blog called Virtual rape, about the disrespectful videos and pictures out there of Michael. Videos and pictures that almost always has a sexual character. A lot of you felt offended by this blog, you would never do something like that.. Yet more and more seems to fall for this, and this time I will show you some of the pictures. I didn’t do that the last time, out of respect for Michael, but in this blog you will only find manipulated photos of Michael.

No real pictures.. consider yourself warned by now. Read more…

Wake up MJ fans!

June 8, 2010 23 comments

This blog might be a little personal, my video “Wake up MJ fans” was made because of some observations I made.
Basically there are 3 messages in the video:
1. Protect Michael from being used by others
2. Protect Michael from disrespectful videos
3. Reach out to each other.

Funny though, because I just read a message on Twitter where someone was asking why I was dividing the fans. Well, I am not, quite the opposite actually..;)

Protect Michael from being used by others

If you read my blog Unite in support, you might have seen the video with an interview with Pearl Jr.
She is the author of a book about the hoax. If you didn’t read my blog yet, I will recommend you to do so, because this is a kind of continuation of that blog. Read more…

Dead or Alive

June 7, 2010 40 comments

Just how important is it to find Michael Jackson???
Well for many people it’s very important and they do whatever they can to find him.. The hoaxers make video after video digging after everything that can relate  to his death or his faked death as they say..

A month ago I  read something very funny on a hoax forum.. They claimed that Jesus faked his death and that could be the reason Michael did the same, as they say he was/ is a very religious person and if Jesus did it then Michael did the same.. I find it very sad that they spend their life looking for something there aren’t there…

Somehow they went from Michael Jackson fans to someone who wants to find the truth and they don’t care if they find him dead or alive.. So with that in mind I decided to make a video about the subject and I attached a few comments I have found on different forums..

Do you even care II ?

May 30, 2010 11 comments

This is a continuation of  Do you even care? (featured in the bottom of this entry)

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