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Supporting Michael

October 20, 2010 5 comments

Support comes in many ways or forms, but basically I see a tendency to support various matters. You HAVE to support Michael if you are a real fan or at least a person with a common sense, right? It is like a movement.

And the fangroup DOES get results. We see it clearly at the Gardner School were Michael’s name once again proudly shows at the auditorium. This would not have happened, if the fans had not rallied together, and spoken with one voice. Not to forget the people behind this, that actually made it all happen. Well done! Read more…

The Jackson curse

October 17, 2010 2 comments

Attention whore or supporter?

October 12, 2010 33 comments

I am beyond shocked. This blog site is called What About MJ so I ask you dear reader ~what about him?

I was on Twitter last night when Tajjackson3 “comes” in and like always people started to tweet him with this and that, when some asked Taj about the Oprah interview in the Encino house. Within a few minutes, approx. 20 people, tweeted Taj with all kind of questions and of course Taj replied some of them. Some of the questions was about how much some people hated Oprah for what she did to Michael. Some people said that they supported Taj and the entire Jackson family, and that they considered themselves as MJsupporters. Oh really? Read more…

Correction to “In Defense Of The King”

October 2, 2010 33 comments

Earlier I wrote a blog about Michael Jackson’s bodyguards In Defense Of The King,   where I practically praised their book like The Book of the year, and expressed how much I was looking forward to read it. Well things have changed since my latest blog. A lot have changed actually. It all started with a comment on my latest blog,  and this comment was a real eye opener for me, and others as well.

After I read this comment and watched the interview again, it all stood out for me. These bodyguards are not up to something good and right now it doesn’t look like they are defending anyone. Read more…

Wazzup with u?

August 12, 2010 35 comments

The hoax is becoming a mix of so many different things.. the number of relations to MJ grows and grows. People right from Jesus to Elvis and latest Jim Morrison has been linked to MJ’s supposedly death hoax.
The MJDHI’s have been sending emails and tweets to everybody in the media’s trying to get them to write about Elvis & MJ, and in fact some did. The reason why these two persons are linked together, and will make a double return (the double bam) is, according to this snippet of text from the email they sent: Read more…


July 31, 2010 49 comments

This blog contains manipulated content used only for illustration purposes! Please vote at the bottom of the blog!

Earlier I wrote a blog called Virtual rape, about the disrespectful videos and pictures out there of Michael. Videos and pictures that almost always has a sexual character. A lot of you felt offended by this blog, you would never do something like that.. Yet more and more seems to fall for this, and this time I will show you some of the pictures. I didn’t do that the last time, out of respect for Michael, but in this blog you will only find manipulated photos of Michael.

No real pictures.. consider yourself warned by now. Read more…

Correct the media lies!

July 2, 2010 92 comments

Justice for Michael is many things, and I personally do believe he is entitled to Justice on so many levels.

This is specific about Justice for Michael in the media. Maybe you have seen  a campaign on Twitter, where justice is demanded, in form of an apology from the medias and clearing Michael’s name in the media.

They need to retract their old lies and start telling the truth about Michael. Please take a moment and read the rest of this post, because together, we might be able to do something.. Read more…

Fakers on the internet

June 10, 2010 56 comments

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Since Michael Jackson left us June 25th last year we have seen fakes on the internet. We see them all over on Twitter, MySpace, You tube and on “homemade” blogs.. We often question ourselves why they do it but I guess they want to mislead Michael’s fans and get a little fame..   I have several examples on fakes well actually I have many examples but I will only point out a few otherwise this post would be way to long.. Read more…

Did i cross the line?

May 12, 2010 14 comments

Well after the MJDHI affair i felt like something must be done.. I was so angry when i found out that a hoax forum cooperated with a tabloid like The Sun especially when you know how much Michael hated the tabloids.. I tried to make several comments at the MJDHI forum about this and other things but as i predicted my words there didn’t sink in..

Yesterday i read the same article in a Danish newspaper so yes the “news” is all over the world.. If you look a the picture that’s posted in article you see it isn’t Michael Jackson but instead it’s a good friend of Michael, and if i get this right the MJDHI never asked Michael’s friend if it was okay to use his picture…

So in my anger i decided to make another video and it’s now on YouTube.. Since this video have been published earlier today i have received several emails from people all over who feels the exact same way as i do.. Ohh yes i have received other not so polite emails, but it wont stop me from making videos..  So the real question here is: Did i cross the line??

My own answer will be No i didn’t..

MJDHI aims for The Sun!

May 10, 2010 34 comments

Today I was sent a link to an article in The Sun, the british tabloid that is the most tabloid of them all.. and proud of it to.

Besides containing a lot of the stuff going on at MJDHI, like MJ disguising as Dave Dave and the sad story of Dave Dave, Mo & Souza where quoted for several views on “the hoax”..

Really nothing new, we have seen Mo & Souza in newspaper articles before, but this time I just have to let my observations out.
The first thing that pokes me in my eye is the headline.
Is Jacko posing as burns victim?


Mo & Souza represents thousands of MJ fans, when going public like this, and they should know better than this. The headline is a disgrace and disrespectful to both Michael and his fans.

I know we are dealing with a tabloid, but M&S was smart enough to make some conditions for their cooperation with The Sun, who INVENTED the Wacko Jacko term, and the condition of NOT using this name Jacko, was not something M&S thought of.. Read more…

Hidden Agenda

May 9, 2010 7 comments

I guess you are aware of the hoax video makers on YouTube.. People diggin’ in Michaels life tearing him apart and for every video they make their subscribers are applauding them… What if one of these hoax video maker has a hidden agenda and things aren’t what they seems to be.. What if this person on YouTube is using other people to do some filthy work, while this hoax video maker is playing with peoples feelings.?? Why does it take so little for people trusting another person because of the videos this person makes..  I can’t answer that but i cannot understand why people aren’t sceptical after 70+ videos…

I made this video 2 days ago and i think it says it all

Hoax – a way of grieving?

May 9, 2010 4 comments

Through my videos on YouTube, I have gotten a lot of comments and messages from those investigating or studying the hoax – from now on called hoaxers – about, what it is that makes them go on and on..

Many of them tell me this is their way of grieving, mourning their big loss, finding meaning in everything.

When someone close to you dies, it is devastating and you grieve in a certain way that fits you. I feel tempted to say that the hoax-grief is some kind of mass hysteria, where people inflicts others with their mourning and grief, and this all escalate into something of huge dimensions.
None of them will get out on the other side of this grief, as long as thousands of others keeps it alive.

So how many hoaxers are there? Well the biggest hoax forums has around 3000+ members, and the same goes for some of the most well-known hoax video makers on YT. Then there are those who don’t make videos, don’t write in forums, but just read and watch in silence. Let’s round the numbers up to 5000 hoaxers. Read more…