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March 7, 2011

This blog is going to be a little different, because even though it concerns MJ fans and the MJ community, it is not really about Michael. I hope you can forgive me that and will read it anyway.
As many of you know, most of the people at this blog were involved in something “dramatic”, which ended up in deleting Twitters and much more. Since then we have made peace, and that is the core message here.
Making peace, moving on.

But I will tell you about some of what happened, although it is so complicated I probably cannot cover it all, even if I wrote an extremely long blog.
Basically what happened back then, was us being set up by one and the same person. This set up also included VforVendetta and DontplaygamesV and several other people and it was planned long time ago. All the drama was created by one single person, and this person is still going at it, even though the rest of us have laid down our weapons and made peace.

A lot of hurtful things were said, on both sides. A lot of personal info was revealed, on both sides. Everyone in this drama has contributed with a little or a big amount of insults and hurt, so the only way to end it, was to make peace, wipe the slate clean and move on from there.

Some of us did that. But it was a process and a hard one. At one point I really needed some help, and I called you Mjfam, my 1200 followers, that normally declared eternal support for me, you suddenly got very quiet. Only a few really stood up for me. I was disappointed at first, but I don’t blame anyone, because I now understand you just didn’t want to get involved. That is human nature to do so.
But I have never felt so alone.

Today I write this because as I told you earlier, the drama goes on and people are still being hurt. This is not what Michael would have expected from his fans. He dealt with hurt all his life, but he never gave back, he had more important issues to deal with, and more important messages to deliver. I am not taking sides in this matter, but I am saying; enough stop it! Leave your issues behind you and move on!

I think we as a fan community, trying to honor the legacy of a man with rhinoceros skin, should support those that get caught in the games of others, I think we should let the players know that we are not supporting these dramas and don’t want them in our global family.
Most importantly I think we need to stick together and keep our own place clean.

True friendship and genuine caring is the key words in our unique MJfamily. Unity above all. And even though my friendship with these people might never be same again, at least we are no longer fighting one another. Whatever happened in the past, stays in the past and we go from here.

I know several of you have experienced stalking and hurting from other fans, I know because some of you have told me so, and I have tried to help you the best I could. And not feeling completely alone in situations that scares you, is important.

In this case the manipulator seems to be someone many of you know from the hoax on YT, and someone you might not consider being like this, but this game consists of so many aliases and fake personalities, that you would be completely floored, if I managed to explain the extent of it to you. This person promised me to stay out of trouble, and walk away, when I made peace with everyone, but that promise has not been kept.

I got caught up in this drama back then, I am not proud of that, but I want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake. And maybe together we can let our voice be heard and end all this once and for all. Believer or non believer – that doesn’t matter. Abusing people and stalking them is just not okay.

  1. JazzyAmore
    March 7, 2011 at 21:47

    And peace to you too…… Thank you for this, I appreciate the chance to talk to you again…..

  2. Evelien Beekman
    March 7, 2011 at 21:48

    Reading your blog about you felt lonely, I must admit that I felt the same. I just don’t know what to do and think lately. To tweet stuff on twitter sometimes for me is like blowing off some steam. But who cares? Lately two people livingofthewall and prochainefois really care(d). I don’t wanna sound negative, but I always hear my late brother say “Only put your energy in people who deserve it”. Strange that we both feel the same thing? Once more: Do you know your followers?

    • March 7, 2011 at 22:54

      I do not know all my followers, but I know a lot of them. And I am not sure what you are hinting at in your comment. Where you in a similar situation?

  3. March 7, 2011 at 21:59

    @Ms Zilda…You all have my support 100%. I also have been victimized by another name from the hoax community and she also makes YT Hoax videos. I suspect she is also one and the same as your culprit, because in reading the emails you posted from her, the language and manner of speaking are duplicate. That is why I retreated so much, and hardly post anywhere. Whatever I can do to help you I surely will. Hang in there sweetie..you are 1000 times better than this nutjob.

    • JazzyAmore
      March 7, 2011 at 22:02

      @Doreen Would you mind talking to me about what happened to you so we can figure out if its the same woman ? Thank you.

  4. March 7, 2011 at 22:09

    Dont be scared to comment on Jazz’s blog: http://healtheworldnow.blog.com/2011/03/07/a-serious-warning-if-u-know-karenjoymc/

    Or concact her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/JazzyAmore

  5. livinofthewall
    March 7, 2011 at 22:37

    We all make mistakes in our lives, and settin things straight and forgive eachother for making those mistakes is only human. But if you make a promiss to someone you have to live up to that and leave the past the past and look forward to the future. Learn from your mistakes, thats called life. As a member of the MJ Community we have to keep in mind what his message was and try to live up to it and do whatever we can to make this world a better place. Michael would never have wanted that we treat eachother the way some do. I am glad that the drama that MissZilda and I were in has been solved and that we can look to the future with a open mind. Please…take a example of that!

  6. msdanish
    March 8, 2011 at 16:58

    Peace out..

  7. carmen
    March 8, 2011 at 18:07

    Dear Zilda,I’m sorry you were involved in something so dramatic.I’ve had no idea something like that could happen.Some time ago I told you I’m not an expert on computers,I don’t go on Twitter,I don’t even have a Twitter account.I come only here on WAMJ because I like you and what you are doing here.You seem to be a nice person and I’m really sory you got caught in such a drama.I don’t know these persons you are talking about but their behavior and language is something I don’t agree with.A lot of hurtful things were said:from different opinions about MJ to personal things and insults or curses.This is not about MJ anymore,things are degenerating into something I don’t like.A fight between egos it doesn’t honnor MJ’s name,actually it is a shame that Michael wouldn’t expected from his fans.I can only hope that this history will not repeat itself and we can keep our own place clean.God bless you and give you good thoughts.

    • March 8, 2011 at 18:26

      Hi Carmen (and the rest of you)

      Did you also read the blog I linked to in the end of my blog, it is necessary to read that to know what all this about. If not, please do so.. I can see so far aprrox 130 have read my blog but only 30 clicked the link to the other blog.
      As goes for what I was involved in, I have put it behind me completely.

      I am writing this blog because I think you all need to know what is going on, so you can avoid it too, and I know many have asked what happened. Some time ago, I said I would probably explain it, and this what I did here 🙂

  8. msdanish
    March 8, 2011 at 19:21

    Okay so tonight i’ve learned that the same person is spreading lies about me as well..

    Let me make this clear right now.. No i do not have any contact to this person what so ever.. Not on YouTube, twitter or mails.. I will not let this person dragg me down or spread lies about me..

    Today i’ve heard about this persons new twitter account and i do not know about this at all..

    If the person is here or read this blog heres my suggestion to you.. Stop right now. This is getting way outta hands and things are really looking ridiculous..

    I also want to thank the person who made me aware of this, so i had the chance to step up and say Stop..

    Okay i guess that’s all for me now..

    • JazzyAmore
      March 8, 2011 at 19:31

      @MsDanish She said she will NEVER stop this……this isnt just like some regular internet drama….this is real life stalking and death threats on me and my kids from her…….constantly !!!! I am happy to hear you are not involved with her……I guess it would be best to create some sort of peace between the two us now now ????

      • msdanish
        March 8, 2011 at 19:46

        I’m soooo not involved in her drama or her.. I have no clue on why this continues.. I think things have been bad for a loooong time now and things are cooled down..

        Peace is created and peace your way

        • JazzyAmore
          March 8, 2011 at 19:50

          Thanx Pia 🙂 Things are not cooled down for her, she is attacking me and threatening me like never before…..her emails are coming in amounts of 40-50 at a time, at all hours of the night…..

  9. carmen
    March 8, 2011 at 20:52

    Yes,I’ve read the blog you linked,that’s why I talked about the language,and E-mails that scared me…OMG this is going to far…This person is the EVIL itself,better you have nothing to do with her..I’m very sorry for all this.Please take care.

    • March 8, 2011 at 21:12

      Yes you are right, but I think we need to say stop to a person like this. When you are being targeted all alone by someone like this, some support is important.
      We need to help one another, but of course in a way that wont put ourselves in the drama.

  10. karen mcintosh
    March 9, 2011 at 08:14

    I have sat quiet as I PROMISED TO U ZILDA that I would. Did Angela *(JaZZYaMORE) tell u that she first sent me an email cursing at me and threatening me? I have the email and the time that it was sent. I was in MY HOME, MINDING MY BUSINESS…when I received a crazed email in which I was accused of terrible things. Did she tell you that? Did she tell you that I told her that I loved her and tried to make PEACE, but she TWISTED that and called me a lesbian because of it? Zilda, you can see by my twitter that I have NOT replied to any of the threats that Angela (JazzyAmore), her ex (Richandcreamy68) or Denise (TheDroool) has made. And yet you take their side and condone their blog? WHY? They make vids about me, and I don’t retaliate, but I am the evil one? WHY? Last time we talked you told me to “be good and stay out of trouble”, which I have done and now you take that liars side and endorse their blog? I have screen shots of DEATH THREATS from Jazz and Rich, and you endorse a blog against me, after you told me to “be good…) which I have been…….? Because I AM NOT FIGHTING BACK like you told me to….YOU ENDORSE THEIR BLOG….?
    I have screenshots of DEATH THREATS. I have emails where I sit in my home hurting NO ONE. Did Jazz tell you that she constantly googles me trying to find ‘DIRT’ on me, but can find NOTHING, because I have done NOTHING!!!!?????

    • March 9, 2011 at 08:36

      Hi Karen
      No I am not taking sides here, but I want this to end. A complete stop from both sides right NOW.
      The new LMAOAU twitter, who would that be? You or someone with you? If so, you did not keep the promise to me. And no I cannot see your tweets because your account is protected. The extensive use of anonymous Twitters is something you have been praticing a lot, so dont be surprised that the latest is beeing pinned on you too. Telling her that you love her (and I know you did that) and then have a Twitter trashing her, what kind of signal is that sending?

      When I made peace with Jazz, I told you all that if any of you was to continue this drama, I would have to distance myself from it.

      Who have done what and why, I have no idea. No part is innocent here, both sides have been participating. What really surprised me about you Karen, was seeing you admitting that MJBEAUTIFULONE on Twitter was you. With that Twitter you cheered on V and Mauras suicide, and when DPGV tried to make them stop, you supported that too. In my eyes that is playing on both sides

      Please just stop all this immediately. Nothing good comes out of all this.
      Both sides here blames the other for sending death threats and I have not seen any of them, from any of you, and I am not asking for it either. I am only asking you all to stop this.

      But please work it out with Jazz, this is not the place to discuss all these things and if they continue here, I have to lock these comments. Jazz is the one you need to make peace with, not me. All of you need to put any differencies behind you, reset anything from the past and take it from there.

  11. karen mcintosh
    March 9, 2011 at 08:19

    I’m not sitting back anymore. I will make my own blog and post my own emails and screen shots. I’m not quite as stupid as you think. I have been gentle and did not fight back. They threatened me with jail, with death, and physical harm, and Zilda you know it. They did the same to you. If you all knew what I have endured while I have “been good”, you would puke. But it’s time for me to have my say now………..

    • March 9, 2011 at 08:43

      I encourage you to make peace and work it out with them, and you want to do the exact opposite; escalating the war between you two?

  12. March 9, 2011 at 16:56

    Unfortunately, in this world of anonymous identities we are going to find ourselves surrounded by some not so REAL DEALS … It’s appropriate that this new adventure “Behind the Mask” is being launched don’t u think? Seems to “fit”. People in cyberspace “live” behind a mask. Behind the screen they can transform themselves into anything, and if the mind is a bit devious all sorts of bedlam can occur. When you think it through the people who are causing the trouble for others are very sad, sick and most probably lonely individuals. Perhaps in their real existence they are powerless so they utilize the anonymity to feel empowered. If their actions make you stress, cry and finally leave entirely, in their weak existence – they have been successful. When Miss Zilda announced she was leaving, my co-founder and I, Lovelightmagic were very much disturbed that once again, a decent, caring and loving supporter of Michael was going to be run off. Having been embroiled in a few behind the scene dramas and back-stabbed a few times ourselves we could truly empathize. Currently, we have a cretin who has a god-awful MJ hating site that is attempting to make people believe that he is MJJJusticeProject. Beginning of this month we set the alarm and wrote up all his felonious accounts to WARN everyone else. He wrote to our wordpress and left a virus on a link – this a a fact. He has been reported to authorities and from here on out WE will no longer mention him. We will continue to be vigilant in reporting him to YouTube, Twitter and which ever authority is appropriate but we have decided NOT to give him any more or OUR attention publicly. Attention is what he seeks and as this gives him the power behind the mask, we won’t participate in it.

    WE are thrilled that Miss Zilda is back… WE will continue to support her efforts and the continued efforts of ANY organization, club, blog, forum, site etc.. that promotes justice in the media toward Michael.

    MJJJusticeProject — It’s Time to Take a Stand


  13. carmen
    March 9, 2011 at 19:26

    It has to stop all this,we are here for a reason and this is not for threatening,spreading lies..etc.Allow me to be stupid and ask a stupid question:why is happening something like this,where comes all this from?Is “the adventure behind the mask”such a temptation?I’m sorry ,but what kind of ppl. are you Karen and Angela?I don’t know who started all this and I don’t care,but you have to stop it right now.You have to behave like human beings and have a real,noble purpose in your life(they are so many if you look arround!)MAKE LOVE NOT WAR.what are you doing now it is not right,it is not in Michael’s spirit.He is watching you and I’m sure he is very sad because this is not the way to make the world a better place.Please think again and make the change,and start with “the man in the mirror”.It is not difficult,I promise…

    • JazzyAmore
      March 9, 2011 at 22:48

      Hi Carmen, well to answer the question, Im the kind of person who doesnt appreciate death threats, and emails in the middle of the night by someone who wants to kill my kids…Im sorry for responding this way but I really do not appreciate being put into the same category of someone who has harassed me and threatened me for a year now….Your comment today is much different from yesterday…..Thanks for taking the time to speak your mind to me and although I agree with you on most of it, my character should not be brought into question as I sit here mauled and stalked by a lunatic…..Thank you !!!!!

    • Rch
      March 9, 2011 at 23:41

      Carmen i agree with your first sentence,however even in nature it is natural and acceptable that when children and there mother are threatened to fight back. I am those childrens father who has watched this “person” attack for months with no response from Jaz nothing, i was attacked without ever saying a word to any of the ones involved.You have put Jaz into the same category as Karen and I take that as an insult.Telling Jaz to act human, excuse me? Either your ignorant or Karens liason. In any case understand that i am the one up Karens ass.Ill stay there until this woman comes clean and is sincere in her efforts to assure me that she is no longer a threat to the safety of my children and mother.You lady put your two cents in theres mine. Be informed before labling the victom in the same category as the criminal.I am irritated though that the others involved have not been more forth coming in there knowledge of the events.I do appreciate that Zilda has put this blog to clear some air, but she holds back info that would support the fact that Jaz was not fighting back and was sevearly and personally attacked By her karen pia danny and dontplaygamesv.So you ladies that were involved should step it up a little and be more honest about the ring leader and your involvement.I understand that Karen will attack you in much the same way,but then again you chose to get involved and Jaz didnt ask to be harrased and threatened either nor did my children.All of this in the name of L.O.V.E, dont talk to me about MJ,none of you knew him and im telling you, he wouldnt take this shit either.Im so sick and tired of you people bringing MJ into this.He has nothing to do with this,You may be his fans attacking the ones i love but i know he would not appreciate you that have.

  14. carmen
    March 10, 2011 at 14:52

    Hi Jazzy and Rch. I’m sorry if my comment sounds like an insult,it wasn’t meant to be like that.And you are right,I’m not informed enough about this problem.But I didn’t put you two in the same category,actually you did,think about it.If you don’t want to make peace,this is your problem.I’m sorry for trying to encourage you to work it out.If you like this fight keep fighting.I’ll distance myself from this violence.Anger is poison.God bless you.

  15. JazzyAmore
    March 10, 2011 at 15:03

    Hi Carmen !!! Thanx for your apology !!! I have tried to make peace but she wont stop because this isnt about making peace for her, its about actually stalking me, she wont stop…. I dont have time to “like” a fight , nor is that who I am, however, I have the right to defend myself…. where did you hear I wouldnt make peace or liked fighting ?? Im sorry you have that impression, and actually, I am not talking about it for any other purpose but to warn everyone there is a dangerous person in the MJ community but if noone cares , that is their problem…..I tried to warn everyone, Im done doing that……

  16. Denise
    March 10, 2011 at 15:14


    I’ve been following the comments on this Blog also the posting on YT and twitter.
    And once again I have to say. I am highly disappointed in the MJ Fan Community.
    All of you out there have the Audacity to talk about L.O.V.E and say God bless you , Heal the world and so on. But yet NO ONE has the slightest Idea what this is about.
    Everyone out there so far has Judged Jaz only because she refuses to take shit from Karen.You all are Judging Rich only because he is fighting for his Children and their Mother. Guess what the definition is for this,its simple , FAMILY.
    I highly doubt it that any of you are really caring for a fellow Human being.
    You say,We are minding our own business,we want to remain peaceful you are judging them for fighting back and yet in the same sentence you say It’s all for love.
    I HATE it how you all drag MJ into this. I HATE it how you all try to solve everything out without knowing , how some People want to be the big Peacemaker without talking ONE ON ONE to Jaz or RIch or even me.
    All of you out there,who have sat back and just watched look into the mirror and ask yourself if it was the right thing to do,to do NOTHING.
    The next time you talk about LOVE or Healing the world consider yourself as a part of this world and everyone sitting next , behind or infront of you.
    Because we are ALL a part of this world. There is no we are minding our own business. The only thing that will Heal the world is when you start to CARE for one another. Evil can’t be erased with love, Hate can’t be erased with Love.

  17. LoveLightMagic
    March 10, 2011 at 22:12

    Dear Friends at WAMJ blog- yes, I was deeply saddened and disheartened to hear that you had endured such pain on the internet. At the time, Buds and I were going through some things online at the time as she expressed, however, we never let go of your(WAMJ blog) hands. To emphasize what she has stated, we will continue to support you and any other vindicate, tribute site or entity that supports MJ’s legacy and we are delighted to see you all at WAMJblog return. 🙂

    May I gently say this: If you all have agreed to let whatever happened be in the past, then co-exist in peace and let the past BE in the past. Heal your hearts within through love and those who love you. Don’t let the past be an influence to cast aside someone new- it may take some time to see whether a new person is really genuine to you, but please don’t close your hearts to the opportunity to share the love you have inside you. I know online it is hard to discern at times genuineness and integrity and face to face in person interaction is very limited, all I can say is evaluate that with care. ONLY YOU can decide where people stand with YOU. If you are still being bothered, then ignore, block, delete, cease contact and if need, report them to the authorities- whatever authority is appropriate. Said with love…

    In the meantime, I pray for your peace and healing. Love is the only thing that can heal the deepest wounds. It is indeed time though that MJ’s fans unite unconditionally more than we ever have before. Whether on earth or in heaven, MJ would be extremely disheartened, disappointed and with a deep broken heart if he knew his fans are treating fellow fans disrespectfully in any way. You all know that MJ loved everyone unconditionally regardless race, ethnicity, gender, preferences, or other diversity. Said with love.

    I am sorry that you have experienced such heartache online.

    You all here at WAMJ blog are very special people. Your words in this blog has traveled worldwide and whether you know it or not, has had positive influence on others. The love is in your hearts and souls and that I see from here. You all have written things that give others another perspective to think about. When you shine your light, you give others permission to shine theirs. (M. Williamson, I believe said that)

    I’m completely delighted to see you all here at WAMJblog back…. 🙂

    Much love and hugs,

    • JazzyAmore
      March 10, 2011 at 23:22

      WOW Now THAT was an amazing post with alot of beautiful truth to it……..VERY thought provoking and helpful……I adore deep thinkers who offer truth and light to help others without judgement and You, LoveLight , have done that here….I thank U , applaud U and take my hat off to you for this deep, heartfelt post !!! HUGS !!!!!

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