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Stop exploring Michaels kids on YouTube

When you browse on You Tube you find a lot of video’s with Michael’s children in it.
As you know Michael was a very private man and when it involves his children he tried to protect him from the media.
Trying to give them a life as normal as possible
Now that we have seen them without their veils and masks it looks like they are as free as a bird and a big target for the media and for a lot of normal people who believe they have the right to put them in video’s and show them to the world on You Tube.
Do you believe that Michael wants this? And what about the children…they are haunted by the media and you aren’t any better
Because as long as you buy this crap and putting their faces all over You Tube you are no better than the tabloids.
Please think about Prince, Paris & Blanket would you like to be haunted like that when you go shopping or whatever….do you??

  1. elizabeth- cawobeth
    May 11, 2010 at 15:42

    I’ve been addressing this issue for the last cpl of days. It really hurts to see so many videos of these kids. There was even a recent web-cam video of Blanket !
    It’s don now thank God; because had the media got hold of it, it would have caused a big problem for Mrs. Jackson.
    I could maybe understand if there was one about the kids but it’s really gone too far. I can’t speak for Michael yet, I believe this is what Michael DOESN”T want !

  2. cautious
    June 17, 2010 at 00:03

    I suppose we are going to see another petition to stop Michael’s children being in the media.

    Being realistic – Michael is not here, if he was, then his children would continue to be hidden or sheltered as he wanted. But he is not here and his mother or the rest of the family are caring for these children.
    Michael sacrificed a lot. From childhood to the day he died. He had to live like one living in his own shadow, which meant his children had to follow suit.

    I dont think Michael would really mind that their faces are uncovered. He was the one who petitioned for children and talked about what he did not experience as a child. I think he would be content. The children are not being exploited.

    What you have to understand is Michael triumphed in music, an ambassador to what he would say was his calling. But the normal things were denied due to this ‘calling’ and fame, so he really had no choice in the way in which he lived. I dont think he would have wanted his children to not experience ‘childhood’ and swapping pain for ‘joy’ and ‘freedom’. The children will be fine, they are cared for by the family and not strangers or put in care.
    It is really a difficult time until the case against Dr Murray , etc is over.

    The media will do as they always do report lies or try to heighten the situation for their own purpose, i.e. turning the Jacksons against themselves, instigating division with the household etc.

    • the arabian nights
      June 17, 2010 at 00:19

      interesting comment

    • June 17, 2010 at 00:41

      I have to say I do think the children are being exploited on YouTube.

      Some of the videos are compairing their pictures to others, by hoaxers, because they try to find “their real parents” – or what bloodline they could origin from. This is pure speculations and can only start rumours that are in no way documented and highly disrespectful to these children.

      Other videos shows them at the few public event they have participated in, and analyses every word that comes out of their mouths, practically calling them liars. I am sure you know these videos.

      Or there are channels collecting all kinds of videos and pictures af these children, only to become a popular channel and boost their own viewer counts.

      I am sure Michael wouldn’t like to see his children used in these ways.
      Just my 5 cent..;)

  3. cautious
    July 3, 2010 at 16:18

    The exploitation I don’t agree with for his children; MJ was also exploited throughout his entire life unmasked, but my previous comment stands.

    It is the media again and you know what people like to do with the videos, I seen them and ignore them because it hurts.

    Remembering the true legend and artistry of Michael Jackson.

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