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Wishful thinking

October 23, 2010 25 comments

Sometimes we wish so hard for something to be true, it will prevent us from seeing the reality as it really is. If we are very stubborn in our wishful thinking, we might even call it denial. In some cases deception.

Michael Jackson left us in June 2009. 16 months ago. Still some are convinced he is alive and might even come back.

To those that believe this, I have to ask; did you ever grieve or mourn the loss of Michael? If you did, I wonder why you are so convinced that he might still be around. Read more…


September 21, 2010 14 comments

Katherine Jackson must be made of solid steel – or maybe gold! She is 80 years old and she wants justice!
Justice for her son Michael. Justice for Michael like so many of us wants.

“Sweet grandma’s” at that age shouldn’t be fighting in court, normally they would be at home baking and caring for the family, loving the grandchildren, or telling stories from old days.
And somehow I do not doubt for a second, that she also manages to do that, besides all the other things she does. Read more…

Why not leave him alone???

August 15, 2010 46 comments

Why the chase?? Why the search??? Why not leave him alone??

Isn’t it enough that Michael lived his life in the spotlight for 45 years? Why not give him the privacy he pleaded for..

Just think of it for a minute… If he had the privacy he asked for when he lived then things might have been different who knows. But instead the tabloids chased him and wrote about him in their filthy magazines where they loved, and still do by the way, to call him ugly names.. The name Wacko Jacko often appeared.. So I decided to take action and began to write different newspapers and tabloids and tell them to write his name because like all people here know Michael HATED the W.J name.. Read more…

Wazzup with u?

August 12, 2010 35 comments

The hoax is becoming a mix of so many different things.. the number of relations to MJ grows and grows. People right from Jesus to Elvis and latest Jim Morrison has been linked to MJ’s supposedly death hoax.
The MJDHI’s have been sending emails and tweets to everybody in the media’s trying to get them to write about Elvis & MJ, and in fact some did. The reason why these two persons are linked together, and will make a double return (the double bam) is, according to this snippet of text from the email they sent: Read more…

Making up for a missing bam?

July 12, 2010 72 comments

Word is that a video with recent pictures of Michael has surfaced, and was shown to some video hoax makers by a so-called “trusted source”. Trusted by whom you might ask..

One of the video makers chose to tell about this video, and although none of them can provide any evidence of this video, or has the actual video in possession, it has become a great subject of discussion. I refuse to believe that these hardcore hoax investigators, don’t even have a screenshot to prove that this video is genuine. Read more…

Hoax theories..

June 30, 2010 49 comments

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This hoax has presented us for many different theories, debates and rumours. In the end that is what it is; theories, debates and rumours. Nothing has been proven 100% – not even Michael being alive, besides in our hearts and minds, that is.

The rumours cover everything, right from who is involved in this hoax to what the purpose of it all can be. The insecurity and many possibilities it represents, appeals to many different kind of people. The majority of the visitors on hoax forums is females between 18 and 24 years of age. Statistics can be interpret in many ways, but the hoaxers are for sure very young. Statistics about age is retrieved from Of course there are both younger and older members as well. Read more…

Virtual rape

June 19, 2010 11 comments

365 days have almost passed since June 25th 2009, and for most of us, it has been a very emotional time.
1 year.. A lot of fans still believes he is alive, and some of them are convinced, that he did this only to give us a message and for us to find him.

There has been a lot of suggestions to what he might be trying to tell us by leaving, but don’t forget Michael’s real message. Heal the world. That was his message and only that. If you would like to pay tribute to Michael, this is what you have to do. Heal the world. Read more…

The Michael Jackson effect

June 12, 2010 41 comments

“The Michael Jackson effect” is supposed to mean the instant love or interest a lot of people gained for MJ, after June 25th 2009. I interpret this like a lot didn’t care about him or paid attention to him before, and instantly started “caring” after this date.

It is true that many new fans suddenly surfaced after this date. People who never really paid much attention to MJ before. I have seen many introductions in forums by these people, telling that something happened to them on that date and since that they have been MJ fans.

The hoax community divide MJ fans into groups; there the true fans, the fans, the beLIEvers and non believers. And there are probably more groups.

A fan is a person with an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for something or someone.. The word fan is a shortened version of the word fanatic, which means “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion”. Read more…


June 10, 2010 39 comments

Portoguese version
In about 15 days it will be 1 year since Michael left us. 12 long months have passed since that horrible day.

It doesn’t matter if you believe that he is alive or that he died, it’s going to be a very emotional day for a lot of us.
And for some even more, because since the beginning of the hoax people have kept their hopes up, thinking/hoping that he is going to come back, and that he wants  to us teach something.
I have heard a lot of dates since 25th of june 2009, and the speculations are still going on.

He should have returned before Christmas, then on christmas day, then after that but before New Year. He never came back and a lot of people were disappointed, but never gave up hope. So with the upcoming Easter, word was; yes he would return at Easter…..Easter came and went, we all searched for the eggs – but no Michael. Read more…

Wake up MJ fans!

June 8, 2010 23 comments

This blog might be a little personal, my video “Wake up MJ fans” was made because of some observations I made.
Basically there are 3 messages in the video:
1. Protect Michael from being used by others
2. Protect Michael from disrespectful videos
3. Reach out to each other.

Funny though, because I just read a message on Twitter where someone was asking why I was dividing the fans. Well, I am not, quite the opposite actually..;)

Protect Michael from being used by others

If you read my blog Unite in support, you might have seen the video with an interview with Pearl Jr.
She is the author of a book about the hoax. If you didn’t read my blog yet, I will recommend you to do so, because this is a kind of continuation of that blog. Read more…

Dead or Alive

June 7, 2010 40 comments

Just how important is it to find Michael Jackson???
Well for many people it’s very important and they do whatever they can to find him.. The hoaxers make video after video digging after everything that can relate  to his death or his faked death as they say..

A month ago I  read something very funny on a hoax forum.. They claimed that Jesus faked his death and that could be the reason Michael did the same, as they say he was/ is a very religious person and if Jesus did it then Michael did the same.. I find it very sad that they spend their life looking for something there aren’t there…

Somehow they went from Michael Jackson fans to someone who wants to find the truth and they don’t care if they find him dead or alive.. So with that in mind I decided to make a video about the subject and I attached a few comments I have found on different forums..

Unite in support!

June 5, 2010 9 comments

It’s all for L.O.V.E.. have you heard that phrase before?
It’s something we say time and time again, and no doubt we mean it. And mean it well. But do we all practice what we say?

Michael Jackson fans all over the world, needs to unite in support of Michael, right now. No matter what their beliefs are. There are people out there trying to make a buck on Michael, not caring about anything but themselves, and what they can gain from all this.

They want the fame. They want the spotlight.  They want money.. Read more…

Do you even care II ?

May 30, 2010 11 comments

This is a continuation of  Do you even care? (featured in the bottom of this entry)

Read more…

Why Michael needs his privacy

May 16, 2010 25 comments

As the huge star and celebrity Michael is, he has all his life struggled with all the attention he got. Walking down the street, looking at windows was not an option, because it required a huge number of security around him.

In the book Moonwalk, Michael in his own words, describes fan crowds as being something of the scariest he ever experienced. They would rip his hair, grab and claw him, and he soon learned that the most important thing to protect was his eyes, for these chicks had nails.

Passing through a fan mob like that, would leave him with scratches, bruises and in physical pain.

Maybe these fans thought that their screaming and clawing attitude was a tribute to Michael, maybe they couldn’t control themselves, but Michael surely was scared to h… by this. Read more…

Done can not be undone

May 15, 2010 2 comments

Not much more to say..

Do you even care?

May 13, 2010 14 comments

Do you even care, MJDHI?

Yes, I know I have asked this question before, but I am asking it again due to the last days media hype. You know what I mean..

Have you thought about how disappointing it must be for Michael, to see those of you, who even declared that your mission is to support him, believing you did an awesome job by posting your most stupid hoax theories in the worst tabloid ever..?

How can you even think he even approves of that?

This brings me back to the video “Do you even care?” that I made some time ago. This video is provocative, I know that and it is meant to be that. If it is not, you are not listening..

In the video I am asking if you are trying to smoke him out? Well, are you? I have read several comments on MJDHI, to the Mo&Souza-stunt in The Sun, where you said; “this will probably bring him back faster”. And some of you, a lot of you actually, thinks that this is only the beginning. You need more media time..

Are you trying to smoke him out? Because it sure looks like it.. Read more…


May 10, 2010 3 comments

So last night i was on a mission.. A mission to pay a hoax forum a visit trying to let them see what they are doing to a man, a legend and a loving father… So i read through a few threads there and stumbled over one and boy this thread was absolutly disrespectfull… The debate there was wheter or not Michaels beloved mother Katherine was a good parent to Michael and his siblings and if she could manage the skills of being a loving grandmother to her grandchildren..What i read in this thread shocked me and i couldn’t believe my eyes.. Read more…

Hidden Agenda

May 9, 2010 7 comments

I guess you are aware of the hoax video makers on YouTube.. People diggin’ in Michaels life tearing him apart and for every video they make their subscribers are applauding them… What if one of these hoax video maker has a hidden agenda and things aren’t what they seems to be.. What if this person on YouTube is using other people to do some filthy work, while this hoax video maker is playing with peoples feelings.?? Why does it take so little for people trusting another person because of the videos this person makes..  I can’t answer that but i cannot understand why people aren’t sceptical after 70+ videos…

I made this video 2 days ago and i think it says it all

Family Hunt

May 9, 2010 6 comments

The last nearly 11 months the hoax forums have been attacking Michael’s family and close ones… They have been looking for all kinds of clues, slip-ups and other things related to Michael’s death.

Whenever a family member is talking to the camera or doing different interviews they are being analyzed.. From the words coming out of their mouth to their body language.. The hoaxers seem to have favourites Jackson’s members.. The one they “love” the most is Jermaine Jackson.. Actually I have a perfect example of an analyze they did months ago.. Jermaine was on an Australian radio and at one point he says “ MICHAEL WS NOT WITH US WAY BEFORE HE ARRIVED AT THE AIRPORT…. I MEAN WAY BEFORE HE ARRIVED AT THE HOSPITAL”

So now the hoaxers believes this was a major slip-up and they analyzed everything regarding Jermaine down to the minimum.. Even his smile was analyzed… Here is what I think about this… Have you ever thought of that Jermaine could be very tired after spending hours in a plane?? Due the time difference he could have jet lag..

What if Jermaine thought of when his plane was leaving or when he should be in the airport again… Read more…

Hoax – a way of grieving?

May 9, 2010 4 comments

Through my videos on YouTube, I have gotten a lot of comments and messages from those investigating or studying the hoax – from now on called hoaxers – about, what it is that makes them go on and on..

Many of them tell me this is their way of grieving, mourning their big loss, finding meaning in everything.

When someone close to you dies, it is devastating and you grieve in a certain way that fits you. I feel tempted to say that the hoax-grief is some kind of mass hysteria, where people inflicts others with their mourning and grief, and this all escalate into something of huge dimensions.
None of them will get out on the other side of this grief, as long as thousands of others keeps it alive.

So how many hoaxers are there? Well the biggest hoax forums has around 3000+ members, and the same goes for some of the most well-known hoax video makers on YT. Then there are those who don’t make videos, don’t write in forums, but just read and watch in silence. Let’s round the numbers up to 5000 hoaxers. Read more…