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If God ever cries..

Birkenau, dividing the prisoners into two groups, death to the left, life to the right.

This blog will be very different and yet it is directed to the fans of Michael, or at least some of them. The ones that preaches respect and craves for the truth.
I watched a video some days ago and I must say it affected me in a huge way. And I don’t mean a positive way.

The video was about Hitler making fun of a hoax video maker, that is up for ridiculing on YouTube these days. Making fun of others, bullying others is serious enough and shouldn’t occur among grown up people, but the methods used here is so pathetic.  I will show you the video in the bottom of this blog.

Some MJ fans commented and said this video was “f*cking epic” or “the funniest thing” they had ever seen.

Excuse me, but since when did Hitler and all the events he stood for become a joke?

Furthermore as a MJ fan it is almost a default setting that you have to talk about and ask for respect. Respect for Michael, respect for his legacy, respect from the media, respect from the public and respect for one another. Where is the respect for the 11 million people Hitler murdered, and the descendants to these deceased Europeans ? What happened to the “All for L.O.V.E.” concept widely used among these fans?

I will take the liberty of telling you a little about what went on in some of the death camps Hitler facilitated, during 1940 – 1945. A very quick history lesson. It seems as if some of you might not know about these events.

Auschwitz II – Birkenau

Auschwitz I was the biggest of the death camps, located in the south of Poland. There were several other extermination camps like e.g. Bergen-Belsen or Treblinka, but I will focus on some of the Auschwitz camps.  When the prisoners exited the trains, that they were transported on (those that survived these transports), they very often walked directly to the gas chamber. Of course they didn’t know that in advance, they were told they were going to get a much needed shower. Anyone that was not useful was picked out in the crowd and sent there. Old, children, sick, weak..

Children on their way to the gas chamber at Birkenau

The women’s hair was shaved off and later used to make various textiles to sell, like rugs. When the camp was liberated by the Soviet Red Army in 1945, 7000 kg of hair was found and that was only a fraction of the total. Gold teeth and fillings were pulled out of the mouths of the dead bodies with pliers, and sometimes, skin with interesting tattoos were removed, treated like leather, and crafted into items such as lampshades.. They used other prisoners to do the dirty work such as shaving, cremating and handling the bodies.

A greek jew who was occupied with dragging the bodies from the gas chamber to the furnaces tells this: “We found people clinging to one another, everybody desperate trying to breathe, even though it meant crawling on top of all the dead. The easiest way to get them to the crematorium, was to use a walking stick around theirs necks and drag them. Because of all the old people who were killed, we never ran out of walking sticks.”

Birkenau victim

Doing this kind of work without making trouble, was very often the difference between dying or surviving in these camps. In Auschwitz I the ashes of the Christians (or some others) was put in urns and sold to the families for 200 Mark. But only if you were a Christian.

When the first Auschwitz camp became too crowded a second one was built, only 2 kilometers away in 1942. Auschwitz II, or Birkenau, as it was called, was installed with the most effective extermination system to date, since the gassings in Auschwitz was so successful. Birkenau could host 120.000 prisoners.
To save time, they had the railway tracks lead directly into the camp site. That way the prisoners only had to cross the tracks to get to the gas chambers. Josef Mengele, known as The Angel of Death, was operating in Birkenau, where he performed some cruel experiments on twins, like surgery without  anesthesia. He was also the one to pick the living and the dead from the just arrived crowds of prisoners from Europe. Death to the left, life to the right, 80% of these he pointed directly to the left to the gas chambers. He loved his job, and was very often seen whistling a piece of classical music, while directing people to the right or left.

1.1 million people died in Birkenau in the 3 years it was operational. That is a daily average of a little more than a 1000 people a day.

Those not killed in the gas chambers died of starvation, forced labor, lack of disease control, individual executions, or medical experiments. But even so, some managed to survive these camps. One of them later became my aunt by marrying my uncle.

Lining up for the gas chamber at Auschwitz

These are the wounds of Europe, the lost parents, brothers, sisters or grandparents. 6 million jews and approx 5 million others. They must never be forgotten.
Making fun of Hitler is tasteless, immature and pathetic, because although he might seem like a funny character to some, he represents something so cruel, that most people today lack imagination to picture it. It is called Holocaust.
Some will probably say; “well so many years passed, so now we can do this.” In that case I will have to ask back; when is it then appropriate to make pathetic jokes about the people dying in WTC? How many years will have to pass before that is legit?

The answer is; never. It will never be appropriate.

Just recently an muslim Imam visited Auschwitz, and he later told that seeing the camps changed his perception, of what happened. He also said; “If God ever cries, it will be over this. For 6 years people worked on killing others as effectively as possible.”

Making fun of the most tragic moment in human history is simply not okay.
The second world war was very real and very scary, but for some of you it is probably only something you have seen on film.
This is the video that made me write this blog: EDIT: The channel has been closed by the user, so the video is no longer available. This is the same video, just different subtitling: http://t.co/12GHFIp

I have some more pictures you should see, click on them to enlarge. All the pictures in this blog is bigger than shown here.

A shed full of bodies at Birkenau found by the Soviet Red Army in 1945

Open air burning of bodies when capacity of the furnaces was to small

Some of the furnaces in Auschwitz I

Gas chamber in Auschwitz I

Some of the shoes found in Auschwitz I

2000 kg hair from Auschwitz I on display

Victims of Bergen-Belsen, another death camp

Two women pointed to the left at Birkenau

The total death toll for the Holocaust / death camps are estimated to look like this:
Jews     5.9 million
Soviet POWs     2–3 million
Ethnic Poles     1.8–2 million
Romani     220,000–1,500,000
Disabled     200,000–250,000
Freemasons     80,000
Slovenes     20,000–25,000
Homosexuals     5,000–15,000
Jehovah’s Witnesses     2,500–5,000
  1. Laura
    November 19, 2010 at 17:16

    What can I say except to be completely concordant with what was said by you?
    Is shocking to know how many people who claim to be pacifists, are then far and that many of them have not yet realized what actually happened.
    Perhaps some, still believe the theory that the Holocaust never happened.
    O “maybe” many still want to!
    I have friends who have lost family members in Auschwitz and still cry.
    God only knows how to give it Justice.
    Some of the “so-called” Michael’s fans pronouncing the word it’s all for LOVE, but then, amused
    themselves seeing these videos leaving rather “blasphemous” comments, perhaps should be simply ignored also because Michael itself will be in schock to ear that.
    Them, not only are not Michael’s fans but even fans of peace, love and God-fearing.
    We have to fight for justice and peace in the world and that all human beings on this earth can live their lives with dignity, which is the dignity that God has given to each of us but that “some” human beings for the “power” they hold, want to take away from them.
    Thanks for this article.
    A big hug and lots of peace and love

  2. mailie
    November 19, 2010 at 17:42

    Mon Dieu, que certains hommes sont ignorants…Nous ne voulons plus jamais ça, en prendre conscience du mal qui a était fait est une preuve d’humanité…Le monde a été meurtri, et il faut garder cette histoire dans nos mémoires, la transmettre de générations en générations, pour ne pas oublier…et s’unir d’une seule voix pour dire STOP, plus jamais…de souffrance comme celle-ci…

  3. November 19, 2010 at 18:18

    My father, Bud, witnessed this egregious assault on humankind as he was a liberator in WWII- A soldier by name, but he was merely a naive 19 year old farm boy from Texas with very little world knowledge. After the war, he had nightmares every night of his life due to the atrocities that he witnessed. The inhumanity of man toward man should never be tolerated nor should it ever become some form of a joke.

  4. carmen
    November 19, 2010 at 18:29

    Oui,mailie,plus jamais de souffrance comme celle-ci!

  5. karen
    November 19, 2010 at 18:44

    This turns my stomach. I cannot look at these pictures. My grandfather escaped from East Berlin. He came to America and became a farmer. Every night, when he was elderly, he would sit in his farmhouse by the window and watch for air assaults that never came. Or maybe he was remembering the ones that did before he left his homeland. Any comment on this historical tragedy should be made with the uttermost respect for the ones who suffered and died. People are so cruel…

  6. Beatriz
    November 19, 2010 at 18:50

    People who made the video must meditate and accept this was a very bad idea. I´m glad there are still people who reject such kind of horror.

  7. lisalittleme
    November 19, 2010 at 20:14

    When I visited Auschwitz back in 98′ it was a big shock for me. Just to imagine what all these people went through and not only in Auschwitz but in all the other camps as well is beyond devastating to think about. I saw peoples hair, teeth, suitcases, toys, clothes, babythings etc etc and today when I close my eyes and think back to that day I was there touch me so deep in my heart.

    Then after seeing Vendettas video and read Michaels fans commments I was in shock. I have no words for Vendetta or the fans commenting on Vendettas video. Clearly they have no heart, they have a huge lack of empathy and they have NO idea what happened to these people and what kind of cruelty they had to face everyday.

    These are my words. To the people cheering Vendettas video you should really be ashamed of yourself.

  8. November 19, 2010 at 20:44

    It’s not funny at all. How is DEATH of millions of innocent people to be considered funny?? The Sept 11, 2001, World Trade Center & the Hijacking of four airliners all with innocent people on board or working in the buildings, unfortunately, all met their fate that faithful day. My friend too, A NYC EMS Paramedic, also died that tragic day. I still cannot believe it! That tragic day, changed history as we know it. It is all too real & unbelievable.

    My Aunt was faced with this horror. If you were Catholic or not a communist than this death camp would be your fate. One day, my Aunt who was pregnant was preparing breakfast for my Uncle, he had only two bites of food, when there would be a knock at the door & two communists would then take my Uncle away to a concentration camp. (I never met my Uncle, all before I was born). It affects my Mom to this day, because my Aunt was ready to give birth, she could not go & visit the camp, so my Mom would go. It would be about half block away. When the baby was born, my Mom showed in her arms to my Uncle the baby was born. My Uncle pointed to my Mom, “like you or like me”, “a girl or a boy”. My Uncle never-ever saw his baby boy. One day the food dishes came back uncleaned & then my Uncle was never seen again! We don’t know how he died, or where his body is, probably in a mass grave. Hopefully it was fast. It affects my Mom, still to this day, she gets all teary eyed & choked up, more than my Aunt–though she too suffered alot. Now, both my Uncle & Aunt are together in Heaven for all Eternity. I feel my Aunt is living the life she should have lead here…there, in Heaven. They are together forever & will never part.

  9. SB
    November 19, 2010 at 22:32

    How can anyone who likes MJ in the very least find this awful piece of history the least bit funny? I am so ashamed of my fellow man!

    November 20, 2010 at 01:27

    that video they made was an absolute dissgrace
    that man tried to wipe out an entire human race
    there is nothing funny about this that i can find
    its time people started to use there mind
    i once spoke with a man who was at the libration of a camp from hell
    BELSEN is the name i will tell
    very little he would say
    but he was haunted from that day
    he told me he would never forget what he saw
    with tears in his eyes he would say no more
    and all thru the years his pain was there
    i cannot imagine carrying that everywhere
    they say time will heal and this can be true
    but the horrors of war stay with you
    and they put that video out on remeberance day
    thats not LOVE thats hate i say
    a mask of hate they hide behind
    why are some still being blind

  11. November 20, 2010 at 10:30

    I have been very upset since I had seen that video. Upsetting to see such a topic in jest and to see some supporting it…OH MY. I have no words. It has made me cry profusely. Have people become so desensitized that they are unable to see that anything against humanity can grow into more insensitivity, lack in compassion that something like that can happen again? Has history taught nothing? :*( If we do not see that any tolerance to bullying or behaviors of its kind over time can lead to such horrific events in the future, how can we even hope to have a better world in the future? Really think about that.

    I agree with all here- and am very disheartened.

    “The inhumanity of man toward man should never be tolerated nor should it ever become some form of a joke.”- Budsgirl11954

    thank you, MissZilda, for speaking out on this topic. Your light shining allows others to shine theirs, even when they cannot find the words to speak. So much love to you.

  12. netoska
    November 20, 2010 at 15:58

    World War II is one of the most shameful chapters in the history of mankind,not only for the involvement of different countries into a world conflict, but ALSO for the Holocaust.What’s the need to compare different topics with the Holocaust? Unluckily, the video we’re all talking about has been removed by the user,and i couldn’t watch it. So i can only imagine what it was about from the other video(the one with different subtitles).Nevertheless,the very thought of trying to figure it out, makes me sick. Are we in front of a group of adults or just teens, 20 something ppl, with not only a low educational profile,but similarly respectless,shameless,lacking in sensitivity??? Instead of reading unuseful forums regarding the hoax(quite a MUSTread on twitter)why don’t these ppl start reading HISTORY?
    If you look back at your own family history you will surely/probably find out at least one relative who personally experienced them. How many ppl recall those dreadful events with tearful eyes,in thousands pages of books? Read Primo Levi’s “if this is a man”, “The Truce”, “The drowned and the saved”, read Elisa Springer’s “Il silenzio dei vivi”…read Anne Frank’s “Diary”…
    Zilda made me cry with this blog,and i think that she was feeling very emotional too during its writing.Now,i would like to talk with some of that video commentators…COME OUT PEOPLE!!! Tell us something more about yourselves…tell us what makes you feel so proud,happy,amused…oops….you all disappeared? why?

  13. livinofthewall
    November 20, 2010 at 21:26

    Yes Netoska the whole channel has been deleted…I’m not saying because of this emotional blog that Zilda wrote but it does make you wonder. I was “lucky” to have seen the video you havent missed a thing….And then when you think of it that it was made because soem hoaxvideo maker presumably has told lies about some things involving Michael and her personal life. That gives these vendictive people the right to underline Hitler in a movie and let him speak about the hoax and this moviemaker….The “fans” who commented this in a positive way should be ashamed of themselfs and do have to read some history books instead of watching noone sayingvideo’s about a hoax or the ones who make them…My parents were little when the war started. As most of you know I am Dutch so it effects us very deeply. My parents told stories about my grandparents, how the provited hidingplaces for the jews….It’s awefull to hear all those stories but it is reality and it can NEVER be forgotten!!!

    • Netoska
      November 20, 2010 at 23:07

      Some years ago i personally met mrs Springer,an Austrian Jew who married an Italian after the war.She survived deportation to Auschwitz,lived in Italy and only after her husband’s death,she decided to write down her horrifying memories,helped by her own son.She started a national campaign to promote The Memory of the Holocaust.She was a very small old woman,kind,elegant and with beautiful blue eyes..those eyes and her voice i will never forget,as well as her ID number tattooed on her left arm.. My grandpa and grandma used to tell me their stories about WW2 when i was a child.I perfectly knew that those tales were not the product of their fantasy,but true stories..life was hard,even harder to hide people whose only wrong doing was to belong to a different religious creed..But they were proud of having helped saving innocents’ lives. And i’m proud of my relatives,grateful for having taught me a great lesson of humanity.May God bless them..I will go and visit Auschwitz by the end of Jan.2011…i will pay my respect to the milions of victims who lost their dignity,future,hopes & lives there…and it will be the most emotional moment of my life..

  14. HelloDearFriend
    November 20, 2010 at 21:39

    Thank You So Very Much For Addressing The Concern Of This Distasteful Video. I Was Left Aghast After Viewing it. I Find It So Incomprehensible That A Spoof Of This Nature Was Created And Received Kudos, Applause And Encouraging Commentary From Many Of It’s Viewers… Shameful.
    I Truly Think That Many Have Lost Their Way…
    Love To You And Peace Within Miss.Zilda.

  15. November 21, 2010 at 00:06

    Thanks for sharing your expriences, your comments are so overwhelming to read. I will share something very special with you, forgive me in advance, because this could be a long comment..

    My fathers family origins from the danish side, just across the border to Germany, my father was 7 when the war broke out, so he experienced a lot very closely.

    He used to tell me a lot of stories, how he had climbed in the crashed bomber planes and how the resistance – which included my grandfather – blew up railway tracks and made other actions. How the german soldiers camped in the school yard, and how the gestapo tried to catch my grandfather. Once they stood outside his door, he fled over the roofs and escaped.

    They lived so close to the border, that when my father stood at the beach he would look right over at Flensburg City. He often came there, because this was the route the allied bombers from England used to fly, and he thought that they were cool to watch. The air defense in Flensburg would then start a fire against these bombers in the sky, but most of the times they would not hit anything.

    My father and I used to go on holidays at his old childhood town, and he would drag me around all these places pointing out this and that.
    Every year 😉

    One day approx. 4-5 years ago, we were invited to coffee at one of the locals there. “There is someone I would like you to meet”, she said. And in comes this very old man, mid-eighties or something. He presented himself in danish with a german accent.
    He then told the story about how he as a 17 year old, very frightened german boy, was forced in the army. He got stationed at Flensburg, where his job was to operate the air defense. In other words, he was one of those gunners in Flensburg shooting at the bombers, that flew over my fathers head, as he stood on the beach. That was very surreal..

    He talked about how he had no choice but to fight for Hitler, saying no had the most awful concequences, he talked about how he hated every moment of it, scared to death, and whenever possible, how they missed the bombers on purpose, even though they would get shot if they got caught in missing on purpose. All the time he wished himself over at the allied side of the war.
    When the war was over he was caught and sent to a soviet prisoners camp, where he spent some hard years. Afterwards he moved to Denmark to live for the rest of his life.

    We talked most of the night and his story was so awful, so painful, but absolutely not unique. What a life! As an old man, approaching 90, he still couldn’t sleep. His eyes were full of tears all the time he talked, he was so full of remorse every day of his life, for anything he had been part of during those years, even though he had no choice, and no matter what he did, it wouldn’t go away. Imagine living with those demons so many years.

    That night I learned a lot. Because his story would fit most of the german people and there were victims on both sides. They had no choice and Hitler killed a lot of them too. This war were Hitlers, noone elses. And that makes Hitler even worse and nothing to joke about.

  16. November 21, 2010 at 06:41

    Thank you MissZilda in your sharing your experience with these individuals. I know, it makes me cry too. So much love to you.

  17. cawobeth1
    November 24, 2010 at 06:55

    How repulsive a thought. Since the vid has been removed, I feel as though God spared me. I cannot handle stuff like this too well.
    I remember as teenager, a teacher showed us actual footage of the camps; hair of the prisoners made into lampshades and other horrid occurrences.
    I was absolutely devastated.
    As said, knowing how Michael is about love, how could anyone… ? …

  18. Mitzibaby78
    November 24, 2010 at 23:00

    I have not been on this blog in awhile, so by being “greeted” with this disgusting information about this video, I was beyond appalled. The video can not be viewed by me as the account has since been closed.Thank you Jesus.. Who the hell thinks that Hitler is a comedian?? @cawobeth1.. I too was shown a movie in grade school called “Hitler’s Ovens” I will never forget how sick I was as a child to see that, and to think it was not a Hollywood production. I am disgusted with people in this world today. Not too many are about loving their fellowman. Like I said once before, it is an “all about me” world. Z.. thank you for the information, many young people need to see and hear all about this horrible time in history.

  19. Jorge
    April 1, 2011 at 08:38

    Las imagenes son desgarradoras…no quiero imaginar el dolor que ha dejado en muchas almas estos acontecimientos. No hay palabras para describir lo que he sentido mientras leia este blog…
    Dios, si existes, se justo. Amen.

  20. sione
    May 6, 2011 at 04:12


  21. Trevor
    May 12, 2011 at 15:56

    The images do shock, but also remember that the allies killed millions too, many burned alive. They used bombing raids. In Japan hundreds of thousands died from radiation illness after the USA bombed it with nuclear bombs. About 3 million German civilians were burned alive or killed in other ways by the Allies. some Germans were just clubed to death. In one report I read from an allied paratrooper, three German infantymen surrendered and were taken into custody and then murdered in some bushes as the command had no facilities to take prisoners. That is one reason why the Germans fought so bitterly towards the end. These other horrors of war are not so widely reported.

    • eve
      January 7, 2012 at 23:10

      So does one make the other less heinous. Do you have a vested interest in attempting to devalue the issue at hand which is the killing of 11 million people by the Third Reich? We are talking about the premeditated systematic murder by a certain group. We are not saying that war is pretty. Somehow I cannot help but think that you have your own agenda which compells you to refocus because of your personal prejudices.

  22. forevertrueblue
    May 12, 2011 at 23:37

    in war always the innocent suffer we must learn from the past and find a better future one with peace and love for all this world is big enough for everyone the land is rich enough for everyone we must learn to share we must learn acceptance greater tolerance just~ IMAGINE~ one love one heart~

  23. September 13, 2011 at 05:32

    “Lining up for the gas chamber at Auschwitz”

    That’s not Auschwitz, you liar

    “Birkenau victim”

    That’s not Birkenau, you liar

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