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The Michael Jackson effect

“The Michael Jackson effect” is supposed to mean the instant love or interest a lot of people gained for MJ, after June 25th 2009. I interpret this like a lot didn’t care about him or paid attention to him before, and instantly started “caring” after this date.

It is true that many new fans suddenly surfaced after this date. People who never really paid much attention to MJ before. I have seen many introductions in forums by these people, telling that something happened to them on that date and since that they have been MJ fans.

The hoax community divide MJ fans into groups; there the true fans, the fans, the beLIEvers and non believers. And there are probably more groups.

A fan is a person with an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking and enthusiasm for something or someone.. The word fan is a shortened version of the word fanatic, which means “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion”.

What does it mean to be a MJ fan? For some it is enough to just enjoy and treasure the music he gave us, for others it means owning objects like some of his personal belongings or merchandise from events is important.

Being a fan often means your daily life is influenced by this interest. A lot of your time is devoted to this, and you often participate in fan clubs, fan events or anything related to MJ.

Like the hoax. The hoax could actually be categorized as one big “fan club”, where everything is focused on MJ and what happened on that day in June 2009. For these fans – hereafter called hoaxers –  finding the truth is essential.

They are convinced that the media reported events from that day, is not accurate, and something else happened.
Simply accepting that he is gone, is not an option for the hoaxers. They are convinced that MJ wants them to investigate the events of June 2009, but if they actually do find the truth, what are they going to do with it?

It won’t change anything, he is still gone and I doubt he will return, just because this group of people finally solves the puzzle. In the meantime all other fans, who has come to terms with the fact the he is gone, in one way or another, has to put up the hoaxers talk about anything they find. This goes on everywhere, forums, Facebook, Twitter – you name it, and no matter is too private to be published in videos or forums.

The fans who accept that he is gone, are paying tributes to his memory or trying to carry on his legacy. Coming to terms with whatever happened, does not mean they don’t care and are not missing him or grieving. It just means that they accept and respect the fact that he is gone.

Standing outside the hoax group and watching what is going on, it is easy to say that they must be in some sort of denial. Because no matter what evidence is presented, about him being gone, they don’t believe it.
Official documents are declared false, little things like a revision date for an official document is used as an argument that this has to be fake.
Revisions of official documents are common, and only used to revise an official form and how it looks. Nothing to do with the actual information’s filled in the form.

At some point, I read in one of these forums someone asking; “Why don’t we just ask Jermaine what happened?”
Good idea, except for the fact that if he told these hoaxers something they would not like to hear – and the chances for that would be around 100% – they would just dismiss his answers as being another lie. So is there any point in telling you hoaxers the truth?
No matter what anyone tells you, you are not going to believe it, unless it is something that fits within your premade beliefs.

Being a fan often means being slightly or more obsessed by something. I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I find the hoax mentality obsessed. They HAVE to expose anything, they NEED their daily fix of hoax videos and private matters from Michael’s life. They live on this. It is like food for them.
They keep saying it is for love and for Michael, but truth is they can’t live without, they are doing it for themselves. And they will never find peace within themselves, before they realise this.
This of course also goes for the other kinds of MJ related obsessions, described in Tough love and Wake up MJ fans.

What worries me greatly is what is going to happen next? I mean they still talk about the Elvis hoax 30-something years after his death, is the MJ hoax going to be like that?

Have you worked out a plan how to wrap up/finish this hoax, in case you one day realise you can’t find the truth you can accept? Are you just going to leave in silence? Leaving all your disrespectful stuff out there? Or are you going to clean up after yourself?

What about the fans/hoaxers that are so emotionally attached to this? Did you think about their wellbeing if the hoax suddenly ends? The hoax has become like a very large ship, that just can’t be stopped like that. The owners of the hoax forums bears a responsibility for their members and the information’s they hold.

In the meantime the other fans tries to keep a picture of their beloved gloved one, but I think it is hard, when he is being stripped for any kind of dignity and magic he had.

What image of Michael Jackson will be left when you are done?
Ask yourself what kind of fan you are and are you the type of fan you want to be?

  1. SB
    June 12, 2010 at 19:36

    “The Michael Jackson Effect” is a pretty good name for whatever came over me last June. I didn’t understand it but I felt as if I’d lost a little brother, it was that real. My kids didn’t understand it either,lol. I became totally fascinated by his life and the mystery around his death. I’ve spent hrs on the Net poking around to learn more. I love a lot of his music, esp. Dangerous and Invincible.
    What ever happened to him those last few yrs was wrong, but I can’t do anything about it. I thank God for this blog. It got me away from the hoaxers and all the craziness. Somehoe Bamsday is just disrespectful to the person he was. It sounds so immature.
    He gave so much to the world and the world gave him so much hurt and misunderstanding! All I want to do is honor his legacy.

    • June 12, 2010 at 20:46

      Thank you.;) We are happy if we make a difference ❤

      • Mitzi
        June 12, 2010 at 22:59

        @SB you have stated my exact feelings. I was like you becoming overwhelmed with all of the info put out on the net. I then came to realize it was quite silly and gave up on the hoax. MJ will always be the best entertainer, artist,and humanitarian ever. The people that created this blog, MJL forum and the you tube site are amazing. We have become a little family. Isn’t BAMSDAY just the dumbest thing you ever heard. They (the hoaxers) took one word that Michael said and blew it up…….

    • msdanish
      June 12, 2010 at 20:57

      Well first of all i want to thank you for stepping out the hoax search because this is the last thing people needs, seeing others digging in his life and private stuff… Second i want to tell you that we write a lot here and we try to write about subjects no one else wants to know about.. Either because they hurts or because they somehow are not important.. But we think they are very important and that’s why we do this…

      Last i want to thank you for being here with us… Thank you for your comment.. It means a lot 🙂

  2. June 13, 2010 at 00:38

    Mitzi :

    Isn’t BAMSDAY just the dumbest thing you ever heard. They (the hoaxers) took one word that Michael said and blew it up…….

    Just like they did with L.O.V.E.
    Michael spelled out LOVE in TII – no dots, but now it has become “his message”

  3. karen
    June 13, 2010 at 13:54

    This may not be the place for this but I need to finally vent…I have been through every phase that you are referring to as being a ‘fan’. I gave myself one year to figure out the truth as it pertains to me. The date is fast approaching and I am ready to let it go. I have always been a ‘backseat’ fan and years ago, when it seemed like all he wanted was his privacy, I respected that. I left him alone. That is what it seemed like he wanted and that is mostly what he got from alot of fans. So time went by and He took it to mean that we didn’t care about him anymore. I feel like the object that you accidently threw away because you didn’t think you really wanted it anymore, you go back and dig around to find it realizing that you really do want it. You can’t have it both ways. Either you want the fans or you don’t. You can’t just put something in the fridge for a later day because when you go to get it, it has gone to rot. It’s a two way street out here, you have to meet me half way. I feel like I’ve been driving around in circles with no way to get off of the loop. If your gone, your gone and stop with the hoax game… It’s not funny anymore. I will always love MJ and that doesn’t change just because you’ve chosen to be gone. But there are people out there that are desperately seeking you and to string them along really isn’t fair to their psyche. If your angry at someone, then be angry at them but don’t take it out on everyone else… If your message is LOVE then it’s been terribly misunderstood by many. This isn’t love…I only see that it is a way to keep money rolling in to support the lifestyle you chose for yourself. I was a sucker and bought This Is It… I expected more from you. I also see your presence in commercials, tv series and movies. So I know you’re out there and I’m glad you found another creative outlet and other singers to sell your ideas. I completely own up to the fact that it is my fault for the way I have become obsessed with your ‘death’. How I feel is my doing not yours…but this hoax thing really needs to stop. I’m saying goodbye to it on June 25. You want a new life to create new things, then do it and let the past be the past…

    • msdanish
      June 13, 2010 at 14:16

      Uhmm i kinda understand what you’re saying, but to me it seems you’re blaming MJ on the hoax…
      MJ didn’t start the hoax, the fans did and I remember one hoax video maker saying in her fist vid ” I knew he didn’t die and now it’s up to us to find the truth”.. A lot of people chosed to follow the hoax path and by doing that they didn’t respected his privacy or his life at all.. They did what Michael hated the most.. They are tearing his life apart and to me that is not respect… I’m glad you decided to step out the hoax search… 🙂

  4. SB
    June 13, 2010 at 17:48

    I have to ask what you mean by “I see your presence in commercials, tv series and movies”? I’ve not seen his presence in anything but YT videos by hoaxers, and it wasn’t real. I’m not being mean-I’m trying to understand your frustration and pain. I’ve had a lot myself this last year.
    Michael did not leave as a publicity gimmick, if he is alive, and I pray that he is. He left because he and his family were in danger-real physical danger! He would not do this to his kids if it weren’t absolutely necessary!!!!
    He told us fans he loves us in TII. Sorry you were dissapointed in the movie. I don’t think it was his choice. Weird things were going on and still are.

  5. karen
    June 13, 2010 at 18:35

    Several movies recently, tv series ‘Fringe’ had alot of things in it that had an underlying intent. One episode is titled ‘Jacksonville’. The show itself is about two worlds colliding and the main character learns the truth about his father. There are lines in the script that make references to things MJ was into. Commercials-the ‘Five Alive’ drink which is owned by Coke you can see his face in the fruit above the words on the carton and the Sony commercials of course…
    Music-even Justin B. is like a combination of Donny Osmond looks and MJ’s music lyrics. Alot of rappers. Will.I.Am on American Idol wore a similar outfit that was penguin style with an armband. Alot of dancers in are doing MJ and Janet style of dancing with which ever singer is pop at the moment.
    Craig Ferguson occasionally says something that pertains to MJ without saying his name. The were/are friends. You don’t need to hear MJ’s name to know that he is either helping write the show or has people who don’t want him to be forgotten.
    As far as blaming MJ, yeah…kinda…The fans didn’t start the hoax, the media did when the ambulance was backing out of the driveway. The reporter assumed it was MJ because MJ has a history of playing this joke. Then when they were reporting at the hospital, the media assumed that MJ was in a coma, another assumed he was dead. The reporter assumed and reported that it was MJ’s body being brought across the walkway to the helicopter. All of this was assumptions with no confirmation. He’d played the media in the past by playing the ambulance joke and they played him back, so he faked his death to get back at the media…it’s like his game didn’t go the way he wanted it to, so he decided to walk away like a spoiled child. His own nephew said “they call him ‘uncle dodo’ because he does stupid things”. Even Debbie Rowe said ‘there are many Michaels. There’s my Michael and there’s the one the public sees.’ Others have said that MJ was the best actor they’ve ever seen. Another person said that if you wanted to see MJ, you had to make an appointment…even his family. Now that’s cold. Another person said that He throws people away like garbage and his kids freeze in his presence. I didn’t want to believe any of it.
    In the beginning, I felt he may have been in danger and prayed alot for his safety and his kids. But when on a morning show, one of the brothers commented that MJ was in safe keepings, I had a feeling that a message was being sent to not worry, that this was just MJ as ususal.
    As far as the movie TII goes, I wanted to see the real MJ, the anger, the frustration, the genius behind the creative process. I saw clips of…I don’t know what that was…
    There’s so much crap being said, that if he wanted to, he could make it all stop but he doesn’t. He wants to see how this plays out. He wants to know the fans still love him.
    After his death, I commented many times to leave the man alone and let him be in peace no matter where he is. I know for a fact that he is alive and NO I’m not telling how I know.
    I’m tired of the game, I’m tired of the hoaxers, I’m tired of feeling sad that he felt the need to do this. I’m tired of wearing my heart on my sleeve and saying prayers for him. I’m tired of defending him because I feel he’s sitting behind all of this laughing like only Joker Jackson can…All the way to the bank.
    With that said…I’m sorry for the rant but it’s been a year and I feel like I have aged ten from all of this.

  6. Mitzi
    June 13, 2010 at 20:30

    I can understand your feelings and I agree with the frustration part of it. Yes I have noticed alot of commercials also using his music as their theme. Why?? maybe just cause it’s good music. I however, don’t think that it is MJ that is creating all of this chaos. A few people started to question his death and started to make video’s and call it a death hoax. Most of the world does believe he died and I think Yes, he did plan his death and wants the world to think he IS dead. But, I don’t think the hoax bullshit was him. I truthfully do NOT think the TII movie was his idea… I think it may have been an afterthought of the producers (not MJ). I think the funeral, was staged. But I still feel that there is a VERY good reason for all of that. Therefore no he can’t make this stop. I can’t say that I know for a FACT that he is alive, but I have seen some pretty good information that I believe and I will say I THINK and FEEL that he is alive. I also am and have been tired of this stupid hunt. This is why I will 100% back up Zilda and Pia on there video’s about leaving him alone.
    Yes, He has made alot of money “posthumously” but he is after all Michael Jackson. His music did and does still ROCK. And he has been in the headlines constantly since his Thriller days. And yes he did admit that he created some of the stupid shit such has the hyperbaric chamber story,but like I said before, I feel that he did not plan this chaotic mess. I really do hope you can find some peace in all this. You said YOU do know for a fact that he is alive. But do you know WHY he wants everyone to believe he is dead?? I don’t and unless he has told very close people to him why, no one else does either. I am not disputing or arguing with you..after all you have a right to your feelings. I am just giving my feelings.

  7. SB
    June 13, 2010 at 20:32

    Yeah I saw the ‘Five Alive’ spot. Can’t relate the other things but that’s not saying you don’t. There’s another hearing for Murray tomorrow-wanna bet nothing will happen again? Re Justin B.-he has great hair:) but he’ll never be another Michael-cute, but it’s just not there-although young girls adore him. I get that.
    One of the brothers said on a morning show that MJ was safely tucked-away? Wish I’d seen that-but I don’t know why. Am I making any sense to you? Sometimes my mouth works before my brain is engaged.
    Boy you’re right about all the crap being said!! It comes from all sources, well most. I like this blog and a couple others that try to leave out the crap.
    I talk to a gal in LA. She was at the courthouse the last time for that non-event. I asked her if she thought Michael could be alive. She responded that she saw Katherine’s face up close and the anguish she saw said the he’s gone, definitely. Just one more opinion.
    Karen, if you decide to walk away from this I hope you can! I have trouble leaving something once I’m emotionally invested. You have to take care of your own sanity. I’ve been wondering about mine.

  8. karen
    June 13, 2010 at 21:20

    I have to say that I’m addicted and I’ve been trying to slowly wean myself from the YT and researching. That’s why I gave it until the 25th of this year. I feel like I’ve been in some kind of cult with the death hoax thing and I’m trying to break free.
    I think he faked his death so he’d stop getting sued everytime he took a breath. Someone always wanted something from him. I also think he did it to see if the fans still cared. The more his name is out there, the money to be made and/or I also think it was to reinvent himself and totally break free to move on to a new creative process in film.
    And yes, I know he’s Michael Jackson the King of Pop. I just wish for once he could be Mike. I know he said he can’t and that he tried but people won’t talk to him like a real person because they’re so caught up in the fact that he’s MJ. But as I’m sitting here watching Stevie Wonder sing MJ’s song on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from 2009 and Stevie is crying, you can’t tell me that MJ didn’t have real friends. I just wish I could’ve been Mike’s friend but then again…our personalities are alot alike and we’d probably knock heads on alot of subjects.
    With that said, I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone with my comments. I really do love Mike in a way that I’m not sure I understand. As the days get closer to the 25th my anxiety level is going up especially since Fuse channel has new MJ documentaries this month. Just more of a reminder that he’s ‘gone’. Sorry if this sounds so off the wall…just having a bad day, somedays are worse than others…

    • Lindsey
      June 15, 2010 at 23:21

      Something about everything you have said here is really speaking to me. It’s funny it’s like I could have written your comments myself. Well except for knowing anything for sure when it comes to MJ. Cause I don’t! The rest rings true. So I guess instead of chiming in with the rest of these comments on if you are “right” or not, I just wanted to say that you are not alone in the way this all makes you feel. There are other people who fear they have developed an addiction for the truth about MJ! What happened? Although it sounds like you are closer to the truth than most.
      To me the real motivation of “why” he did this means everything as to how I feel about it. I’m not anti-hoax. So I feel uncomfortable commenting here in this blog in the first place. I have set no dates to walk away for myself. I just really sympathize with where you are in all of this. If I had another means with which to send you this message I would have taken it. Whatever you decide..don’t judge yourself. There is too much judgement here. When it comes to this topic, you don’t have to apologize to anyone for how you feel. You have to find a level of involvement that makes you happy and doesn’t make you go crazy, but don’t let anybody tell you what that level is. I do send love to you. I send it to all of us that have dedicated any part of ourselves to waiting to see what the truth is. Just remember NO JUDGEMENT! Even of yourself.

  9. SB
    June 13, 2010 at 22:12

    I for one am glad you were able to ‘vent’ with these people. Notice that not one condemned you for the frustration that most of us feel.
    Like you, I really love Mike in a way I don’t understand. I wish I did understand!!
    I think he has a lot of real friends too. He’s just so darned appealing! Also sexy!!

  10. Amanda
    June 15, 2010 at 07:53

    just wondering… if you hate it so much, then why do you talk about it constantly… you only have people who already agree with you commenting… I don’t think you’re gonna change anyone’s mind… so that kinda means your just talkin ish… sorry so blunt…

  11. June 15, 2010 at 08:27

    Amanda :

    just wondering… if you hate it so much, then why do you talk about it constantly…

    Guess you mean the hoax? Well, someone has to tell you how disrespectful it is. It is hard for many fans to just stand and watch you rip him apart. And you are not right about not changing anybodys minds, it actually happens that some hoaxers suddenly sees it.

  12. cautious
    June 15, 2010 at 19:33

    The hoaxers, jokers and liars will do what they do for one thing – sensationalism.
    Those who never knew Michael (as a fan )will believe it until they find out the truth. I have to admit that since his death there has been many misreported information about Michael but look to his videos – interview, concerts, time spent with family (home videos) you will in time build up the correct image about Michael Jackson because it speaks for itself. There are also many who it has been though to be ‘friends’ who have disrespected the person of Michael.

    I never believe the hoaxs – MJ is dead in body but not in spirit. His legend will live on – even by those we dislike at the moment (Sony,the execs for his estate, Dr Murray, AEG etc) but the more the highlight of Michael Jackson the more people will know the truth and admire him more.

    It is not over.

  13. the arabian nights
    June 15, 2010 at 23:51

    sad but true

  14. June 16, 2010 at 00:50

    I for one is happy to see all kinds of “believers” here.;) You are all welcome!

    Believe in whatever you like, the one thing we are trying to make people understand is: If you believe he is alive; respect his privacy – if you believe he is dead; respect his memory.

    And some of you are close to be eaten up by the constant hope, that either he will come forward at any moment or someone will find the ultimate proof of what happened.
    But if you really want peace, just let go. If he is returning, he will still do so without you being an active hoaxer – and believe me, that is a headline you won’t miss, and if he is not returning just accept that – you have to at some point – and move on with your life. ❤

  15. karen
    June 16, 2010 at 04:19

    Now that I feel better than the other day, I honestly hope there is no comeback. I have this vision of him being happy and safe somewhere doing his love of films as a new person. But I also have this underlying intution that there is something physically wrong with him. I commented on YT to people watching Mr. Goldpants video, that what if MJ had something wrong with him. A stroke, MS, or something else? Would they still love him and find him sexy? What if his appearance changed entirely, would they still be there for him? Would they still care? One person told me to just ‘shut up’, they don’t want to think about him that way. But the fact is he is not the same as he was 20 years ago, none of us are. I have been full circle with this death hoax thing or game or whatever it is. I have had more emotions in one year than I have had in my entire life and I don’t know why. On one hand, I want to wrap my arms around him and protect him. But on the other hand, I’m totally on my last nerve at the thought of this being a game to keep us buying the merchandise. All of these people who were his ‘friends’ and business associates are all talking like their truth is the only truth and everyone of them is contradicting the others. Which is why I have to walk away from the whole thing, it’s making me hurt in many ways. I wish I could hear his voice on the phone or whatever, or see one of those goofy disguises again but I know that it’s just wishful thinking. But I guess there will be no more of that, or videos. I really hate that Janet made a great song, ‘Nothing’ and the hoaxers played with it and made it sound like MJ. Now they say it really is MJ made to sound like Janet. You just can’t catch a break from them…

    • Lindsey
      June 16, 2010 at 05:33

      You have something that most if not almost all other “hoaxers” don’t even have. That is the absolute knowledge that he “IS” in fact alive. I sympathize with all your emotions about how the last year has been making you feel. My comment above was directed to you. Having said that, do you think walking away from the “game” as you call it will change you? Do you think you won’t think about it on your own? How will walking away from YT fix that do you think? I was having a very difficult time with his death and that is when I found the MJ family on YT. I don’t get the vibe that you describe about “hoaxers”. My experience with them has been a positive and loving one. Not many people can be accurately lumped into a large category of people. I see things done by some that believe and I don’t agree..but that’s where it ends for me. What is the point of judging someone’s opinion or the way they feel about something?
      If you can find real peace now thinking of MJ in the way you stated above than more power to you and it looks like you cracked the code of all this. Something in you made you ask the questions in the first place. So how do you just ignore that part of you? Maybe you can..maybe you will. I hope for you that you do. If you are ready to walk away then good luck. I mean it. I wish you that and more. Having walked a mile in similar shoes I am not able to myself.

  16. karen
    June 16, 2010 at 15:39

    Linsey, I love MJ…really, my heart just aches. I seriously, deeply don’t want to stop. But the YT thing and the researching consumes too much of my time and yes, I know it’s my fault. But I feel like if I don’t leave it alone, I’m going to lose it completely.
    I’m not walking away from him. If I had my way, I’d not only walk I would run to him. But there are other things and people in my life that need my attention right now, one of which cannot care for himself completely and another one who is very, very young and pregnant. I wish things were different in many ways and I’m sure in time things will change. Right now, grandma K. just needs to focus on what’s in front of me.(age is just a number…50 is the new 30)
    I know I get caught up in the whole thing and get tick off at other peoples comments. I have a stubborn streak, I tend to get my opinion out there when I shouldn’t. I need to work on myself for awhile, get back to being me…
    MJ alive…yes…but why me? I don’t feel like I’m anyone special to deserve any attention. There’s nothing tangible that I can do to help the man…I’m nobody of influence…
    Well, that’s enough for today… or the tears will start…thanks for listening and giving meaningful feedback. I appreciate it…really…

  17. Lindsey
    June 16, 2010 at 16:12

    thank you for the reply. My heart goes out to you and your family. I know how time consuming it is to keep up with loved ones and the “hoax”. You sound like a wonderful person putting those that need you in front of yourself. Please just don’t lose faith that this will all turn out okay. You don’t have to follow it day by day to still need to hear the same positive outcome we all want. For me it doesn’t mean he has to return. We would be no better than those that made him dissappear if that was all we wanted from him. I don’t have to tell you that cause you know. I can tell you do. Sounds like you need a Mikey break. When you get some rest and you miss MJ don’t go and watch anything related to the hoax. Watch the oldies but goodies. All his interviews where he continuously amazed us with his love for the world and endless generosity towards those that needed him. Watch him light up a stage again and again. Remember his smile could light up a room. We all have different sides to us all. You know that he could not be a “nice” guy all of the time. No one can do it 24/7. Who knows what effect living in a fishbowl can do to a person really. I have no proof like the rest of us, but I think his reasons for doing this are bigger than him. I know he liked illusions and magic and shock value but he is giving so much to do this. His family and friends are having to go through so much to pull this off. I don’t think he would do it as a game. Even if he comes back, I don’t think his reasons will not be very serious ones and somehow life threatening. Why am I telling you this since you already know it? I just want you to feel less resentful about the whole thing. I want you to able to leave this time in your life to regain yourself back and take care of your family and have less angst and regret about the last year. I think anything that evokes such pure and often uncontrollable emotional responses should not be dismissed or ignored. Despite some’advice to just “get over” your feelings in regard to Michael and this business of being alive, only you know the best way to do that. Only you know if YOU can. I am sending you the strength you need to get through the next week and half of acceptance and remembrance of someone you obviously adore. Then after the 25th the continued strength and perserverence to walk away. God bless you Karen

  18. Mitzi
    June 19, 2010 at 17:26

    Next Friday, June 25th on the 1 yr. anniversary of Michael’s “death”, ABC is airing a 2 hour special. Karen Faye,and some others will be interviewed. While watching the clips of the upcoming special, I started to get those sick feelings again. Just remembering what a roller coaster ride this has been. I don’t know if I am going to watch it or not. I’ve been in a good place now with all this and I’m afraid that I might be letting this be my center again. I will work on myself for the week and decide if I want to see it or not.

  19. the arabian nights
    June 19, 2010 at 19:57

    celebrate michael’s life but let his spirit go

  20. SB
    June 19, 2010 at 21:29

    The Michael Jackson Effect-I sure have it and am trouble letting go!! I’ve posted above. I love and appreciate your blog. Some days are pretty ok-others just hurt!
    Please fans who are writing things in blogs and forums that would either make Michael blush or hurt him deeply if he could read them.
    I you’re a fan, any kind, please don’t hurt his legacy anymore. As Michael himself wrote “I’ce been bleeding a long time now>” Please let his spirit go-I’m trying so hard to do that. Remember his legacy-there’s so much of it!

  21. Mitzi
    June 20, 2010 at 18:34


  22. karen
    June 21, 2010 at 00:37

    Happy Father’s Day my Monet…thinking of you…

  23. karen
    June 23, 2010 at 22:21

    Linsey, thank you for being here and being so understanding. You know, when people go off on a rant, it doesn’t mean they’re unstable or ready for the looney bin. It’s just frustration built up over a long period of time. As you said, you can’t be nice all of the time. I do try. But I know that I have a flawed personality and a broken soul that is trying to heal. I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend to be. I have recently learned to forgive someone in my life and so I am asking for forgiveness to anyone who read my rant and feel that it was hurtful. I had deleted my MJ youtube and facebook accounts and then deleted this one. After some self reflection, I decided to come back here, if that’s okay with everyone. This is an inspiring place to be and I enjoy reading everyone’s points of view.

    • June 23, 2010 at 23:17

      That’s okay, Karen – glad to see you again. I dont think your rant was hurtfull, just very heartfull if that is a word. It came from your heart and it needed to get out. I am glad it did. First step in healing is to be honest to yourself ❤

  24. Mitzi
    June 23, 2010 at 23:32

    That is what we are here for, to listen, understand, and discuss. You appear to be a very caring person. Maybe you are a little sensitive to some things MJ. We all are at times. Coming here, hopefully you will find some comfort. Go to the forum, we are a great group there too. I have 2 people in my private life that I have not come to a settled relationship with. Takes time and lots of bravery. Maybe I can get there. So see, we all have some skeletons to deal with. Stay with us buddy.

  25. Bidoska
    June 26, 2010 at 15:13

    i just think we should all respect everyone’s way of dealing with the disappearence of MJ.
    Either believers or non-believers it doesn’t matter. I just think there should be no confrontations between them.
    I, for instance don’t allow anyone to tell me what to see or think. I think for myself.
    All i would like to see is mutual respect dispite the difference of thoughts. Common sense is a tool we should always use throughout our lives. So if you don’t agree either with believers or non believers just let it be.
    Why waste time trying t open people’s mind? It’s been a year so from now on it’s up to eah one to take their step and either let it be or continue their belief.
    Just enjoy life and do not seed confusion just becaue some people are still believing the hoax.
    Heal the world is also about respect.
    With my words i don’t mean to be harsch or disprepect anyone , it’s just my opinion.
    To the non believers i say: he won’t be forgotten and the pain doesn’t disappear just like that. But i know that people will with time lift their head and move on.Respect the believers there’s no need for hate.

    To the believers show respect for non believers and don’t look too much into everything. You know what you know and if that makes you fell good then great. just don’t try to convince anyone . The vids and statements are out there for who wants to see.


    • June 26, 2010 at 15:27

      Thank you for your comment.. I might have read your comment all wrong, but it really sticks out to me that in your comment and personal view on this, I hear you talk about respecting believers and non believers – I prefer to call them MJ fans though – several times, but no where in your comment I see you talk about respect for Michael and his family.

      This blog is about respect for Michael and his family. It is not about respect for us, because we think different than those fans that believes in a hoax. But of course we do need to respect one another as well.
      We are not trying to tell you what to believe in here, but sometimes we have to show some of the theories about Michael from a different angle. All we want is respect for Michael.

      Michael did this to make us believe he is gone, or he really is gone, I am going to respect his wish, and treat him like he IS gone.
      If you believe Michael is alive, respect his privacy – if you believe he is gone, respect his memory

  26. Bidoska
    June 26, 2010 at 16:37

    I agree. And i do respect MJ and hiswishes that is why i’m not trying to dig and find out why or how he did it. It doesn’t really matter to me. If in fact he is alive , i hope he has the peace and privacy he deserves. I haven’t ever been a fan of anyone. But one thing i do respect no matter if it is a known person or a common citizen it’s privacy.
    And yes everyone should respect Mj and his family and give them space.
    Through the last year i read a lot i’ve seen a lot. I have my opinion about all this but that doesn’t mean that i have to bash or stalk anyone you know?

    MJ has had a hughe lack of peace and privacy through his life , maybe it’s time now for everyone respect that.

    Maybe i’m not expessing myself very well and for that i apologyze.

    • June 26, 2010 at 16:46

      That’s okay, we had it cleared up, and I agree with you. 😉 Yes in the last year we have seen and heard a lot.

  27. August 5, 2010 at 15:40

    What has a lot to upset the “fans” those who love Michael, for his music, its kindness, for all that he made for the children and the other associations…. It’s not, “that” his death. At first she has was sudden and at the dawn of his big long-awaited return, it’s in the way he died, an impression that even for that he has still suffered.
    Because beyond the description which I puts you above. You should not forget that he has so sudden many attacks of Scandal newspapers, the stories with Sony and especially the trials for pedophilia. And that, to see him leaving in these conditions, has was unbearable.
    Don’t judge these Believes by saying that it’s selfishly, you cannot write this kind of thing. It’s not everybody who wants his return, if really this death was a hoax, it’s frustrating not to know if really he died with all which was to tell or not. Difficult has to explain this feeling. I what I want dead or alive it’s whether he’s finally in peace. But how know?
    Everybody says goodbye has his(her,its) way, she can be awkward and badly understood(included) for certain persons.
    But don’t judge the “fans” of Michael, believers or not, for a long time or recently. Michael had not of age old for me, I am him for 1982, 28 years of happiness with this artist, I was not lucky to see him in concert,Not the means and put back has later…. In later …… he was “immortal” for me, no age, no track at the time(weather), I am to deceive, because he was that a human being and his death was very hard, it’s it always. Thank you for having read to me understood or not.Respect and love for Michael Jackson, for the man and for the artist
    One “fan” French

  28. CLEGG777
    February 24, 2011 at 01:42

    Fantastic, thought provoking article x All true, all relevant, hopefully it’ll make a little difference to a few minds, I know it has mine x

  29. CLEGG777
    February 24, 2011 at 01:46

    Fans…. ALL fans have to look out for their own mental and psychological wellbeing, and guard themselves against dangers of either these obsessive consuming conspiracy theories, or by the sadness grief or questions surrounding the death and especially Murray’s trial.
    This is a testing and vulnerable time… please everyone, do look after yourselves, if you feel your daily lives being affected it’s time to pull back.. switch off the computer, and take a break from it all. Don’t be overwhelmed or over-consumed.

  1. June 25, 2010 at 15:09
  2. June 25, 2010 at 15:29

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